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teacher’s day celebrations

I find this quite disturbing. For the first time in my schooling time in ACS there was a missing figure between bespectacled men, tudung-clad women and not to forget those with interesting hairstyles. Encik Burong left us a few months ago and his thin soul is nowhere to be seen (why can’t I let him go in peace???). Yes, I have to come to terms that my ” favourite” PE teacher is gone,bringing his pack of cigarrettes with him. HAHAHA.

Teacher’s day celebrations in my school always cram groups of people who have nothing in common in a very small hall to celebrate the school’s educators.YES, they are the teachers.I do find this very disturbing: pupils from both schooling sessions end up in a small hall.Heck, we don’t have enough space to cram the morning session in the hall let alone adding small kids into the equation.Fortunately,a lot of people decided to skip the event, bringing a sigh of relief to me. Kudos for those who did not attending the event.

I actually tried to do something to two teachers i  tormented this year. I wrote an essay on two popular figures in ACS: Tan Hack Sek and Pang Yat Huah. They are the clear winners of ”Teacher Idol” organised by The Star but the people at The Star thought that they didn’t deserve the makeover that was clearly theirs for the taking.Why didn’t they win??? Is my essay not good enough?? Well, only God and The Star knows. However, i think I know why I lost. First, I’m the only student who wrote about them. The Indian lady had 2 classes submitting their nominations. Second, they are married. Charles Ng (I think that he really deserves it) is a wacky bachelor who has  everything that Pang and Tan had except a wife!! Third, they place greater emphasis on “younger” talent. which means I’m too old to have my hard work to reap rewards. The Malay dude won because a TWELVE-YEAR-OLD girl (with or without her friends who are of the same age) wrote an essay about him.Why did he win?? He has a wife, kids and the looks.Sigh. But the greatest factor (I think) of my loss is the fact that i submitted my essay by e-mail. The Star featured entries which were visually attractive. Give me a break!! I only got 3 ‘A’s for art projects throughout my life and those 3’A’s were achieved by asking Yvonne Har, Ling Yuan Wen and Hoong Miew Jie to help me (they did everything, i just wrote my name at the back of the page). It is so unfair. I was not born to do arts.Heck, my artworks were thrown away by my mum before they had the chance to be displayed on the fridge. I once gave a homemade birthday card (it was a sincere gift from the heart) to a girl and we didn’t talk to each other for quite some time.Either she’s STUNNED by my sincerity and was left speechless everytime we met or HORRIFIED by the artwork of the card. I have a gut feeling that it was due to the horror and not the sincerity.

Returning to the subject, it went well. I was the only student who received a hug from a teacher when I gave her a gift (a mug and a tupperware) sponsored by the school under the ‘Koperasi SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan’ label. Later, we were entertained by performances by the Form 6 Society. It strikes me that most of them (nerdy people) are actually very creative. They belted out ‘belaian jiwa’, a chinese song by Michael Wong if I’m not mistaken (that dude which performd it was very good), ‘my love’ (Clarence Wong dedicated it to Mr Leong but it could have been dedicated to his love interest KPH. His body language was HILLARIOUS and he gave a flying kiss to God knows who), ‘lips of an angel’ and ‘kian’ (stupid Mawi’s song) performed by an Indian student. Yipork performed like a member of a boyband when he sang ‘welcome to my life’. The vocals were not that bad but it IS a rock song and he looked like the homosexual dude from Westlife with his body language. Anyway, I could be on stage performing but I thought that Yipork should be given a chance to SHINE.

At the end of the day, all of us had a great time. The teachers do not have to teach and the students do not have to learn. Teachers are like candles which consumes themselves to light the path ahead for others (I borrowed it from a banner which was displayed at our school) so we have to respect them. However, if they did something which breaks their professional etiquette, let’s just say that we should put the candle flame out and switch to Phillips light bulbs which last thousands of times longer.