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mother of all (my) weird dreams!!!!

it was night. i took my girl, ******* on a date. she said that she wants to go to Ayer Tawar for dinner. very well. i drove her there in a black car and we had a good time. then, on our way home, i stopped near an oil palm estate (how stupid of me!!) and made out. as our tongues entagle with each other, someone knocked on my window. “ma lai kia (malay boy in hokkien), bastard!! you come out!!!” it was her friends. they were jealous i think. as soon as i came out, i was hit with an umbrella and i was knocked out.

when i woke up, my body was tied up. i felt pain in my @$$. it was as if something was in my anus. it was long and hard. “before you die, do you have any last words?” . then he lit a match near my @$$ and ran away. “yes, i do. i’m not a malay boy. i’m mixed. my dad is aaa……..”


i was blown off to bits. as my soul ascended to heaven, i saw my girl crying and shouting in mandarin before she was taken away. goodbye, my love. i later realised that the thing up in my @$$ was a dynamite stick. no wonder he lit something and ran away. as soon as i reached the “top floor”, i saw a familiar figure waiting at the gates. “you cannot enter the gates to heaven for i, Kratos, forbid you”. “what do you have to do with me getting to heaven?? i thought you are on a mission to kill Zeus??” “insolent fool, i sent him to the darkest pit ever imagined. whole of olympus is in my hands. i control every single god and i shall decide who goes to heaven and who doesn’t. want in?? defeat me in battle” holy crap. i took a sword and charged at him, but i was killed before i could reach him. when i was taken by the undead hands of Hades, suddenly i heard a voice.

“you must not concede defeat, warrior. you are the great Sachin. dying like this and head straight to hell is not how someone as great as you should accept”. “yes, my child. even if you die, you have a right to go to heaven.” . “who are you???”. “i am Gaia, ever present mother of Earth, and this is my grandson and former ruler of Olympus, Zeus”. “Gaia??? Zeus??Kratos??? i thought you guys exist in video games??? i shouldn’t have played God of War. “. “unfortunately, we do exist. you have read it before on wikipedia. greek mythology do exist. my son has thrown me and my grandmother to the darkest pit ever imagined, the Dark Realm. only you Sachin, with the large amount of “spirit energy” can stop Kratos. but you need the help of the Siblings of Fate. find them and return to the time before Kratos killed you and kill him.”.

when i woke up, i was in a strange land. i stood up and look at a signboard nearby. “ACS Realm” was the name of this strange land. i walked ahead until i reached a gate with a banner, “together we make ACS special, together we make ACS great” . what place is this?? i soon went to the temple on the first floor of a three-storey building. when i reached a room called “bilik disiplin” , i went in. then i saw….

“greetings, i am Krishnsmy. you can call me K. i am one of the Siblings of Fate. before you proceed, you have to answer a riddle. if you fail, you have to stay here and clean my room for eternity.” . i was flabbergasted. the figure with a large belly was not kidding. i saw a hairy figure nearby cleaning his room. “very well. bring it on”. “you are very brave. no wonder you are a Deputy (one of three leaders of a race of warriors called Prefects). here is my question: what is short, has a purple stash of hair on its head and a voice where very few people want to hear every single day??”. holy crap. how am i going to answer that? i don’t want to be like that hairy monster who has cookie crumbs all over his body and clean the filthy room. but then, i realised. i know the answer. “its a Swee-eng (a heavenly type of beast).” “well done. you are a good warrior. as a reward, you can have the Anglo-Chinese Rattan”. he gave me a long stick with black tape on its ends. i have a weapon now. i can beat Kratos. then i proceed to a cubicle nearby: PENOLONG KANAN H-E-M.

“haiya. why are you so late?? you think i got no other work to do?? i have to make announcements you know.”. “oh no!! you are a Swee-eng!!!” . “yes, and i’m the greatest one of all. i’m Khoo Swee-eng (the prefix Khoo- denotes great power) “. i don’t have enough power to defeat a Swee-eng let alone a Khoo. what shall i do if she wants to engage in a battle? “don’t worry. i won’t kill you. even if you are a Deputy, you don’t have enough power to kill me. i’m actually a good person. answer my riddle and you will meet H-O-T, the one that controls time. fail to do so and you will end up like my servant over there.” she points to a bony figure standing beside a PA system, holding a micrphone and uttering weakly, ” Perhatian, perhatian kepada semua pelajar. lembaga ko-kurikulum. lembaga ko-kurikulum, satu perjumpaan …….”. no way, i have to answer the riddle or else i have to stand beside a ‘kiam hu’ for eternity. i’d rather go to hell. “what is the colour of my hair???”. “what?? that is the question?? it’s….” . oh no, she has disappeared. no. crap, i should have paid attention. i do not KNOW the colour of her hair. what should i do??? then i saw a mug and a tupperware. both of them are of the same colour. could that be her favourite colour??? then,i saw a bottle of hair dye on a cupboard that matches her tupperware. “red!!!!! it’s red!!!!!” . then she re-appeared and gave me a hug. “wow, you are great. you can see the colour of my hair. i’m too short for people to see me. they don’t notice the colour of my hair. as a reward, i shall give you a Fancy Spectacles.” “a fancy spectacles. wow. they do not allow it back where i came from.” . “take it. it’s useful. it gives its wearer vision of one’s weakness and shoots projectiles. it’s a combination of Raditz (dragon ball character) and Cyclops (x-men) eyewear. moreover, it’s fancy. it looks good on you.”

thank you Khoo. i make my way into the office of H-O-T, the one that controls time. when i entered, there was rap music playing : “this is why i’m HOT.this is why, this is why, this is why i’m HOT. this is why i’m HOT and you’re not. this is why i’m HOT. this is why, this is why, this is why i’m HOT. this is why i’m HOT, my name is H* O** T**n and the initials spell H-O-T!!! this is why i’m HOT………..”. the music was hot. i think i heard it before. it’s by some rapper named Mims if i’m not mistaken but the lyrics are changed. then i approached a bespectactled man sitting on his desk. there is a mock cheque pated on his wall. “H-O-T, sir. i’m Sachin. i want to go back in time when Kratos killed me.” . “ok, what land are you from???” . “i’m form 5SC1” . “ok. *he stamps something on a sheet of paper and signed it and recorded it in a hardcover book* .when you reached there, please ask someone to sign and give it back to me. it’s a MC which stands for My Clearance. there are the initials H-O-T on the background so it cannot be forged. remember to give it to me when you return.” . “ok.”. then i was transported back into a time vortex and returned to the time where Kratos was about to kill me. before i engage in battle, i asked him to sign the MC. “it’s for reference. if something happen then i can claim Takaful Insurance” . then i used my Fancy Specs and shoot projectiles of rays towards him. Kratos was shocked and had no idea on how to block it. he was hit by the projectiles and he was paralysed. then, i analysed his weak point (which turns out to be his white @$$) and gave him a hard whack with the AC-rattan. he did not have the time to scream as he died instantly. i returned to ACS and give H-O-T the signed MC. as a reward by Zeus, i got back my life and i returned to the time where i went out with my girl. in order not to go through that again, i took her to Lumut instead of Ayer Tawar. she was pissed!!!

*i woke up before i could actually find out what my girlfriend would do. but then again, it was the weirdest dream i’ve had. its weirder than the one on the three engineers (which only hoe siang and justin knows. wanna know?? ask them. i forgot about it) or about me attending Han Shin’s wedding with the Oreo (biscuits) president. i practically stuff myself with Oreos that can feed an african village. to Dr Shariibuu Setev and family, i’m deeply sorry for your loss (Altantuya) and would like to apologise if my dream actually offended you as it has a close reference to how she passed away. sorry. don’t worry, i hope that b*stard (Razak Baginda) goes to hell. let’s  hope he’s convicted and put on death row. if that does not happen, then there is something wrong with the justice system in Malaysia.*


sweet 16 birthday parties

it’s one of those rare days where my whole family excluding my dad (he’s working outstation) sat down and watch a television show together. we watched My Super Sweet 16, a show about rich kids having their extravagant 16th birthday party televised by MTV. i really think that this show is aired just to make me (and others like me who can’t afford a birthday party like theirs) JEALOUS!!! well, they have succeeded (i don’t usually get jealous). sometimes i wish their parents will be bancrupt in the space of next 2 years so that those spoilt brats could not afford to go to college or a higher institution of learning or even pursue the degree of their choice. and then they will sit down and cry thinking about the money they spent (those birthday parties cost an average $200 000..that amount of money can give me the chance to pursue medicine in India) on their lavish birthday instead of being put to good use (for example: a college education!!!!).

suddenly, my mum told my sister, “next year i’ll throw a birthday party for you like them,want or not??”. i was shocked. after a few seconds, my common sense struck me. there is no way my mum will throw a party like that. my mum is being sarcastic to my spoilt sister. so that’s where i got my sense of sarcasm from, my mum. i was laughing at my sister.

i wonder if anyone in Sitiawan wants to have a grand sweet 16 party. you might want to take my suggestions into account.


well, since the Malaysian law prohibits those who are under 18 to frequent clubs (although many underage boys and girls have visited them as frequent as they go to school), we can’t have a birthday party at the clubs like those people on MTV do. there are the usual places: KFC, McDonalds (but it is kinda small if you wanna throw a grand birthday party). but the best place in town to hold a grand birthday party is Marybrown. why, you asked?? simply because there are no people eating there. that’s why you can invite 50-60 people because there is a lot of SPACE (with tables and chairs of course) to fit them.


those people at MTV had the ‘hard-hitters’ or the ‘main players’ of the music industry a.k.a huge superstars to hold a gig at their party. you don’t need to have Kanye West or Three 6 Mafia or even Bobby Valentino to perform at a party in Sitiawan (mainly because we can’t even afford to pay their stylists, let alone the performers) . all you have to do is get Alan Teong to sing at your party. yes, he can sing ‘kenangan terindah’ (i still don’t get the song but many people love it) over and over again. if you want, you can ask him to sing other songs with Chiaching and Daryl or Yvonne and you don’t have to pay them (i hope so). if you are not into them, then maybe you can ask the Chinese Orchestra of Nan Hwa  (this one you really have to pay..and it’s quite expensive) or the ACS Military Band (but i’m not sure whether they’ll play at birthday parties..usually they play at funerals) to play for you.


those brats had Mercedes or BMWs for their birthdays. why settle for one per person when you can have 10-20 cars at one time!!! Hot Wheels cars, i mean. for RM4.90 each, you can have a lot of cars and the total cost of 10 cars is only a microscopic fraction of the price they pay for their ride. if you prefer bigger cars, i suggest the Maserati (the name of the company, i guess) models. they have the replicas of whatever sports cars you dream of : Ferraris, Benzs or Porsches. you can find it at the back aisle of the toys department in Fajar, oops, The Store (they have changed their name). it’s located beside the Barbies. if you want a REAL car (if you can afford it), get one at Merdeka Enterprise (they sponsored my basketball team, so i have an obligation to advertise for them)  or Public Auto sdn.bhd. if you are filthy rich, get a Viva or a Myvi or a Proton.

grand entrance

well, they came to their birthday parties on Rolls Royce Phantoms or limousines or carriages ala Cinderella. erm, maybe you just wanna come in your own car. if you wanna have animals as your mode of transportation, erm, come in kereta lembu lah!!! Sitiawan very hard to find carriages pulled by horses la. you go around with a car also considered you are well to do. imagine those who ride bicycles to get to their destination or even walk. you could rent a taxi to bring you to your birthday party if you cannot find a BMW to rent.

well, i don’t think you will take my suggestions because they do not make sense. my ideal birthday party,to me, is having a small party with a close group of friends. first choice for me is surely my Romp-It gang. or maybe throw in a few of my girl friends into the equation. i don’t like  birthday celebrations at school. every time a person had a birthday celebration at the school canteen (of all places), surely there are boos from other students who do not want to share the happiness. yeah, don’t have it at school (especially recess time). have it at Lumut Waterfront (like our previous Romp-It outing when we celebrated our Director Berani Mati, Ang’s birthday) or at your home or any other restaurant.

since i didn’t celebrate my birthday last year (i didn’t even had cake) due to reasons only i know, i am HOPING that my dad will get me PS3 or a 3G handphone. but i will definitely won’t get it. haha. i love to dream. or i could ask my dad to bring me to 1 Utama to visit Malaysia’s first DC Universe store to purchase The Dark Knight’s items (Batman RULES!!!!) or maybe get myself a replica of the Batmobile. did i mention i want to have VAIO ???

shadow career/career shadow: a project by the Rotary Club of Sitiawan

career shadow/shadow career (i don’t know which is the correct term) is a project by the Rotary Club of my small town, Sitiawan. as an Interactor, i feel that i should grab the chance to learn more about one of my ambitions: to be a doctor!!!!! who gives a damn about being called “doktor haiwan” (vet)?? they are doctors too, right??? without them, your pets will receive no medical attention. i think they deserve respect. but attending to animals is not what i have in mind. i want to be a surgeon like Preston Burke or Derek Sheperd of Grey’s Anatomy (minus the sex in hospital or affairs that come with them…all i want is their skill…they have a 2-million-dollar-contract with Seattle Grace cool is that??). so i put a tick on medicine and lawyer (you are supposed to have 2 options…i marked lawyer just to “Chui” air-con). but God has other plans.

one day, Weijian called and told me that he has just finished his career shadow with Rtn.Ling Leong Chong (boss of LINGBENA). i was scared. weijian had the same primary option as me :medicine; and he didn’t got it. terrified, i asked Daryl. he told me to have a word with Rtn.Val Allan and gave me his contact numbers. thank you very much, Daryl. the next morning, i called Rtn.Val. speaking to him is like speaking to myself: polite, clear, patient (except for the “bless you”-s at the end of the conversation). the highlight of our conversation is :”you said your name was Sachin?? hold on for a minute. let me try to remember your face. (after 10-15 seconds)……….sorry, i could not remember your face…” “it’s okay”. hahaha. i didn’t mind. to be honest, i did not do anything good to be remebered for. i would not mind if he said he does not know my name. who wants to?? through an unexpected twist of events, i end up becoming a shadow for Rtn HarMingEe (PKM boss).

the first thing he taught me when i entered his shop is “the customer is never right”. he gave me an example: an indian man (pity him) had problems with his computer. he could not access the internet. “apa pasal saya tak boleh connect?? bila saya try sana ada tulis Error 69…err..691 atau 692.” “yala. itu tulis nombor pun ada cakap apa sakit ma?”” you tengok a. saya connect kasi you tengok.” error 691: a connection could not be established because the password/username is invalid. you tengok. apa pasai?” “awak punya password atau username salah. lagi awak save. tiap-tiap kali you tekan, tiap-tiap kali salahla. type lagi sekali” and it was true. he typed the wrong password. “you see. you must show the customer what is wrong. or else he will say you add something funny to the computer or you try other sorts of stuff. you must show that you are always right” wow, he had a point there.

well, he taught me a lot of stuff. he told me that in the field of repairs, you must not wear a suit. “you wear expensive suit then clean printers or repair sure get dirty. no need to wear”. it’s true. he even told me that with computers, you must not use force. “don’t use force. sure rosak one. look, every part of the CPU got screws or clips. take them out gently”. and i got to learn about jumpers, motherboard, RAM, and how to deal with some cases of problems concerning computers. Aunty Jenny also taught me stuff. “in the field of service, you must learn how to deal with fussy customers. if you did a bad job and did nine good jobs out of ten, they will remember the one bad job and screw you wit it (she didn,t say anything about screwing. she said it in a longer nad more polite way. but it means the same). so, you have to learn how to deal with them. PR skills are important. that’s why you have to study hard. if you are smart in this field, you can make money. there is no limit to the charge on service”. wow, she was right. i took a peak on their invoice and they made more than RM16000 on that particular day.

for lunch, Rtn Har took me to Sitiawan’s best fast food joint, Restoran Bei King. i’m not kidding. the food arrived approximately 5 minutes after placing our order. i was stuffed and he kept forcing me to eat more. i made a friend there. he is one of PKM’s workers, Jason. although he speaks slower than LingKeeCheong, he speaks clearly. under that nerdy look lies a cool dude. “hey, do you play games?? i tried to play Quake 4 on my PC but it cannot support it. so i upgraded my computer and changed the graphic card. if you plan on upgrading your video card, i recommend nVidia 256 MB RAM. if its lower than 256, it will not run the best games”. he is a nice dude. he taught me about the jumpers. if  you don’t know the password for the BIOS system, you adjust the jumpers to remove it. see, that dude is a cool man. and he is a nice one too.

Ian, Chiaching and gang came and tried to disrupt my “work” but they failed. Ian just came and watch me (and laughing) but he learned some new stuff. Rtn.Val and Rtn LimKeeMun stopped by and i had a chat wit Rtn Val. LeongChickSeng aldo made a brief appearance but he did not notice me. when i’m supposed to go home, he arranged a transport for me. Rtn Har is a nice boss and a good man.

i can actually see myself work there during the holidays if it wasn’t for the presence of a combination of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and carcinogens (a.k.a cigarettes). Rtn Har didn’t smoke that much when i was there (the 1st 3 sticks only lasted 10-15 seconds each whereas he enjoyed his fourth but his friend enjoyed 3 sticks in his shop ,making me having difficulties in breathing). but still, he offered me an to be his apprentice on Sunday mornings. i’m still thinking about it.

the working life is very challenging. like Aunty Jenny said, we need good PR skills and education to make it in the working world. thank you Rotary Club of Sitiawan for giving me this oppurtinity and PKM for their lessons

china maids: what’s the fuss??

i read about the news concerning china maids and was surprised by the feedback offered by the public. a majority of the chinese commmunity (especially women) said that the introduction of china maids will break families because most chinese men (60% of them are senior citizens) have mistresses from the mainland. what a joke!!!

not all china ladies come to malaysia to look for sugar daddies and ruin marriages. heck, not all of them are willing to become “chicken” in our country. they are forced to by various evil people and syndicates. all they ever wanted was to lead a happy life in malaysia and perhaps send money back to their homeland. however, they could not have proper jobs because their passports are kept by evil people. so, as the saying goes, “sex sells!!”

it surprises me that only reggie lee (that guy is talented and he brightens up my wednesday,friday and sunday mornings with his comic strip in The Star) and Chong Sheau Ching (she writes the column “Stories for my Mother”) took a swipe at the mostly chinese community’s narrow mindset. how come Karthirasen (he writes on Sunday Times), Gavin Yap (also on NST) and my favourite columnist Mary Schneider (“But Then Again” on The Star) never wrote about it?? well, maybe they will write about it someday.

think about it, adulterous men will do it with any woman be it indonesian, thai, vietnamese or chinese. hey, it doesn’t matter what meat you give to a hungry dog, it will eat it. so, housewives out there who are afraid of your husbands having “extra co-curricular” activities with your china maids (if you have one) then i suggest meeting with a marriage counsellor/pastor/priest/a high ranking person in one’s religion/face to face with your spouse and find out what is the problem and how to fix it. if all fails then i think you should seek a good divorce lawyer.

by the way, did i mention about malay men having an affair with their indonesian maids? chinese women all over malaysia, you are not alone. you have the same fear as all the other women in the Malaysia (and even the world!!!). it’s only that if we do not accept indonesian maids, we will have a shortage of maids. what about indonesian maids who run away with “aliens” (pendatang tanpa izin) or Pakistani hunks or even Bangla casanovas?? how come there were no calls from the public to deport and never accept maids from indonesia??

i believe that non-muslims in the country will be better off with chinese maids. for starters, most of them are not muslims: which means that they can enjoy whatever food you have unless they are allergic to it without being concerned about its “halal-ness” (is there such a word??). second, they do not fast during a period somewhere in November and December which means that they have energy to do the chores as they do not fast during the days leading to hari raya aidilfitri. like Chong said in her column yesterday (4th of June,2007), they need not to be trained to cook chinese cuisine and could be a good Mandarin(or other dialects in chinese) tutor to your children or to yourself. indian children who go to chinese schools can improve their language if they speak to their chinese maid at home. furthermore to the chinese, you can actually communicate with them using your mother tongue and celebrate CNY/mooncake festival/other chinese celebrations together.

if you are so worried about your husband being active in “extra co-curricular” activities with your maid, show him that you are more worth it than your maid. you can clean/cook/wash better than your maid and show that you can do it (but that means you don’t really need a maid). you can be a good maid but the maidcould not be a better wife. always be by his SIDE and he’ll never end up in your maid’s or other women’s bed(SIDE). trust the man that you marry and work to keep the marriage. if he screws up to a point of no return then make sure the last thing he sees is your back(SIDE).

if there was a notion of bringing indian maids to malaysia, my dad will be the first to sign up. if that really happens, guess i have to eat chapati at home daily. did i mention about the free Tamil lessons?

God of War 2: where i get my (current) inspiration from.

yes!!! finally i have finished playing God of War 2. after 2 weeks of annoying people around (samuel, daryl, chiaching, yipork, jacob and i think many more) with dialogues, music and stuff from the game, i found myself triumph against Zeus, the King of the Gods (greek mythology). suddenly, i feel empty. the thing that had me change my name on MSN messenger (Kratos: Ghost of Sparta) and the address of my blog (antkillingghostofsparta) is over.

warning: spoilers ahead (i think??!!)

i play as Kratos, a Spartan warrior who became God when he killed Ares (the original God of War in Greek mythology). the cinematics of the game is breathtaking. although is is not as good as the Final Fantasy movie in terms of graphics, it did capture the attention of people who watched me playing the game. the game starts with Kratos downsized by Zeus after he went down to Earth to help his fellow Spartans to fight a war. then, you start slashing your way in the game until you come across a rampaging Colossus of Rhodes where Zeus gave Kratos the Blade of Olympus. Unfortunately for Kratos (and me!!!), it took away his Godly powers and Zeus stabbed him with the blade, killing him and the Spartans involved in the war in the process. as he went to the underworld, his past memories flashed past him: from the time where he received Blades of Chaos from Ares to the time where he killed his wife and daughter. luckily, Gaia, ever-present Mother of Earth told him that he could kill Zeus by the help of the Sisters of Fate. he was healed and made his way to the surface of the Earth and went on a journey to seek an audience with the Sisters of Fate (a phrase used by many of the characters in the game…how cool is that??).

along the way, he met with other Titans (a group of superior beings who fought and lost a war against Zeus and his heavenly brothers) such as Gaia’s brother (who tried to eat baby Zeus at one point) and Atlas and received items to help him in his quest for revenge. along the way, he got to know more about Zeus’s and the Titans’ past. Zeus’s dad, Cronos, feared that one of his sons will come and destroy him so he put all of his children in dungeons and the babies on the way (if he received such a prophecy, why bother in making MORE babies??) to be SACRIFICED. with the help of Gaia and an eagle, Zeus survives and killed his father. but Zeus who was filled with bloodlust and power wanted to control the mortals and wield the Blade of Olympus to end the Great War (a war between the Titans and Gods) and sentence us to darkness”said Atlas (or something like that..the game came with no subtitles). wow, Zeus is actually cold-hearted and betrayed Gaia who saved him. fast-forward and i met with other characters from the Greek mythology. i killed Euryale (a fat being who can turn people to stone..she is actually Medusa’s sister..Medusa was killed in the previous game) and tore Icarus’s wings to be made mine (he died when he falled into the lava..if he had wings, he could fly to safety). when i made my way to the Temple of Fates to seek help from the Sisters, i received various items such as the Amulet of Fates (a device to control time), Rage of the Titans (which receive an upgrade from Kratos’s dead wife) and plenty more.

when i actually met the Sisters, let’s just say that my character is too arrogant to say “please” and my blades went through various parts of their body (most notably their heads). then, i killed a big, fat being (she is one of the Sisters) with a lot of breasts and a bald patch in the middle of her head to gain access to my thread of life and returned to the time when Zeus tried to kill me and engage in battle. i was very close in killing Zeus when Athena jumped in the way and the Blade of Olympus (i was wielding it) stabbed and killed her instead of Zeus. F***. then she revealed that i am Zeus’s son and what battles lie ahead of me.“if the whole of Olympus would stand in my way, then they shall all die”. that was what Kratos told Athena before she died. later,Kratos went to the time (he nows control time) where the Titans walked on Earth and brought them to the future. the last cinematic shows Kratos and the Titans climbing Mount Olympus to reach Zeus. THE END BEGINS.that was the last thing i saw before i was shown the credits.

sigh. i have to wait for God of War 3 to kill Zeus. i admit that i was addicted to the game but face it, who won’t? you get to kill people for fun and the puzzles are super complicated. also, it is the ONLY game where my sister would sit beside me and LOOK at how i play the game. the game actually kept my sister’s mouth SHUT (usually she will nag about her wanting to play the PS or watch television) throughout the whole time (although there were sudden shouts of disgust when i displayed brutal ways of killing the enemy). that means that the game is very interesting. haha. i WILL LOOK FORWARD to the RELEASE of God of War 3. my only hope is that it will not be released only on PS3 because if that happens, i will have to find RM2500 (excluding the game) and persuade my mom to buy it. did i mention PS3 is available at Toys Boys in Sitiawan???

Lina Joy: Is it fair??

why am i blogging about this?? well, i find that this issue is causing quite a stir in malaysia. i recently found out about this when i attended Mr.Patrick’s tuition when he told me, “Lina Joy lost the case. These jokers are really smart. They put two Bumi judges and a non-Bumi so the verdict will definitely go 2-1.”.“Huh??What??Who is Lina Joy??What happened??” “You didn’t know??She’s a Muslim who’s trying to convert to Christianity.It’s a foregone conclusion in this country.” wow! i didn’t read the papers for 3 days and something of this magnitude happened. as soon as i reached home, i ran through thursday’s paper.well, to me it’s a conspiracy.

whatever happened to one of the terms of the formation of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu when Tunku and the gang went to England to sign that damn piece of paper: walaupun agama Islam ialah agama rasmi namun rakyat bebas mengamalkan agama masing-masing (although Islam is the official religion of the country, the people are free to practice their religion of choice)? you have my pity Lina. well, the saga started by she wanting to change her religion to christianity. the National Registration Department (NRD) told her that she should get a certificate of apostasy. to do that is like getting a piece of meat from a hungry pack of lions in their den:virtually impossible. if she goes to the syariah courts, she will be charged with various “crimes” according to the Islamic Law. However, Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, International Movement for a Just World president, called for a reform of syariah laws.“the Quran does not prohibit a person from or punish a person for leaving the religion. the crux of the problems is the unwillingness of the syariah courts to entertain applications of the Lina Joy type.”(adapted from The Star).

the non-Bumi judge in his 56-page report (how the hell could he have written that long??perhaps he used a size 32 font??) said that it violated basic human rights. yes, evry one in the world has the right to choose his own religion. you can’t force a cat to bark,right?? sadly,our country can entertain Lina’s application.if Lina would to win her case, imagine the possible mass conversion of Muslims around Malaysia which Nik Aziz (PAS party leader who is a MORON. concerts at Kelantan seperating girls from boys and to make things worse, a performance by Mawi; is his idea of an ideal concert) would not be to pleased.

Lina,since you have been married, why don’t you apply for a PR somewhere where your conversion is accepted and live happily ever after. even your mum supports the court rulement. if she loves you, i’m sure she will accept your conversion. you can always return to Malaysia to visit her after you get your PR. this is not an ideal country for you to live in. spread your wings and fly,butterfly (a line from Mary,oops,Mariah Carey’s single, Butterfly. Mary Carey is the porn actress who wants to be a governor in U.S)