God of War 2: where i get my (current) inspiration from.

yes!!! finally i have finished playing God of War 2. after 2 weeks of annoying people around (samuel, daryl, chiaching, yipork, jacob and i think many more) with dialogues, music and stuff from the game, i found myself triumph against Zeus, the King of the Gods (greek mythology). suddenly, i feel empty. the thing that had me change my name on MSN messenger (Kratos: Ghost of Sparta) and the address of my blog (antkillingghostofsparta) is over.

warning: spoilers ahead (i think??!!)

i play as Kratos, a Spartan warrior who became God when he killed Ares (the original God of War in Greek mythology). the cinematics of the game is breathtaking. although is is not as good as the Final Fantasy movie in terms of graphics, it did capture the attention of people who watched me playing the game. the game starts with Kratos downsized by Zeus after he went down to Earth to help his fellow Spartans to fight a war. then, you start slashing your way in the game until you come across a rampaging Colossus of Rhodes where Zeus gave Kratos the Blade of Olympus. Unfortunately for Kratos (and me!!!), it took away his Godly powers and Zeus stabbed him with the blade, killing him and the Spartans involved in the war in the process. as he went to the underworld, his past memories flashed past him: from the time where he received Blades of Chaos from Ares to the time where he killed his wife and daughter. luckily, Gaia, ever-present Mother of Earth told him that he could kill Zeus by the help of the Sisters of Fate. he was healed and made his way to the surface of the Earth and went on a journey to seek an audience with the Sisters of Fate (a phrase used by many of the characters in the game…how cool is that??).

along the way, he met with other Titans (a group of superior beings who fought and lost a war against Zeus and his heavenly brothers) such as Gaia’s brother (who tried to eat baby Zeus at one point) and Atlas and received items to help him in his quest for revenge. along the way, he got to know more about Zeus’s and the Titans’ past. Zeus’s dad, Cronos, feared that one of his sons will come and destroy him so he put all of his children in dungeons and the babies on the way (if he received such a prophecy, why bother in making MORE babies??) to be SACRIFICED. with the help of Gaia and an eagle, Zeus survives and killed his father. but Zeus who was filled with bloodlust and power wanted to control the mortals and wield the Blade of Olympus to end the Great War (a war between the Titans and Gods) and sentence us to darkness”said Atlas (or something like that..the game came with no subtitles). wow, Zeus is actually cold-hearted and betrayed Gaia who saved him. fast-forward and i met with other characters from the Greek mythology. i killed Euryale (a fat being who can turn people to stone..she is actually Medusa’s sister..Medusa was killed in the previous game) and tore Icarus’s wings to be made mine (he died when he falled into the lava..if he had wings, he could fly to safety). when i made my way to the Temple of Fates to seek help from the Sisters, i received various items such as the Amulet of Fates (a device to control time), Rage of the Titans (which receive an upgrade from Kratos’s dead wife) and plenty more.

when i actually met the Sisters, let’s just say that my character is too arrogant to say “please” and my blades went through various parts of their body (most notably their heads). then, i killed a big, fat being (she is one of the Sisters) with a lot of breasts and a bald patch in the middle of her head to gain access to my thread of life and returned to the time when Zeus tried to kill me and engage in battle. i was very close in killing Zeus when Athena jumped in the way and the Blade of Olympus (i was wielding it) stabbed and killed her instead of Zeus. F***. then she revealed that i am Zeus’s son and what battles lie ahead of me.“if the whole of Olympus would stand in my way, then they shall all die”. that was what Kratos told Athena before she died. later,Kratos went to the time (he nows control time) where the Titans walked on Earth and brought them to the future. the last cinematic shows Kratos and the Titans climbing Mount Olympus to reach Zeus. THE END BEGINS.that was the last thing i saw before i was shown the credits.

sigh. i have to wait for God of War 3 to kill Zeus. i admit that i was addicted to the game but face it, who won’t? you get to kill people for fun and the puzzles are super complicated. also, it is the ONLY game where my sister would sit beside me and LOOK at how i play the game. the game actually kept my sister’s mouth SHUT (usually she will nag about her wanting to play the PS or watch television) throughout the whole time (although there were sudden shouts of disgust when i displayed brutal ways of killing the enemy). that means that the game is very interesting. haha. i WILL LOOK FORWARD to the RELEASE of God of War 3. my only hope is that it will not be released only on PS3 because if that happens, i will have to find RM2500 (excluding the game) and persuade my mom to buy it. did i mention PS3 is available at Toys Boys in Sitiawan???


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sachinDAantkillr on June 4, 2007 at 10:09 am

    daryl..there is actually a character in Greek Mythology called Kratos…however, the storyline of the game does not reflect the Greek mythology’s Kratos…i would like to correct my mistake,daryl..sorry

  2. Posted by Big Head Boy! on June 5, 2007 at 6:04 pm

    screw you!
    haha!..finally your days of godofspartagodofspartagodofsparta-ing is over..
    btw you are the irritating wan la..

  3. Posted by sachinDAantkillr on June 6, 2007 at 4:27 am

    dei…like i said…after 2 weeks of annoying people around..it means me la…big head..u think i don’t know who annoy who a??

  4. Posted by Big Head Boy! on June 6, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    miss que..
    your nipples i shall demolish!

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