sweet 16 birthday parties

it’s one of those rare days where my whole family excluding my dad (he’s working outstation) sat down and watch a television show together. we watched My Super Sweet 16, a show about rich kids having their extravagant 16th birthday party televised by MTV. i really think that this show is aired just to make me (and others like me who can’t afford a birthday party like theirs) JEALOUS!!! well, they have succeeded (i don’t usually get jealous). sometimes i wish their parents will be bancrupt in the space of next 2 years so that those spoilt brats could not afford to go to college or a higher institution of learning or even pursue the degree of their choice. and then they will sit down and cry thinking about the money they spent (those birthday parties cost an average $200 000..that amount of money can give me the chance to pursue medicine in India) on their lavish birthday instead of being put to good use (for example: a college education!!!!).

suddenly, my mum told my sister, “next year i’ll throw a birthday party for you like them,want or not??”. i was shocked. after a few seconds, my common sense struck me. there is no way my mum will throw a party like that. my mum is being sarcastic to my spoilt sister. so that’s where i got my sense of sarcasm from, my mum. i was laughing at my sister.

i wonder if anyone in Sitiawan wants to have a grand sweet 16 party. you might want to take my suggestions into account.


well, since the Malaysian law prohibits those who are under 18 to frequent clubs (although many underage boys and girls have visited them as frequent as they go to school), we can’t have a birthday party at the clubs like those people on MTV do. there are the usual places: KFC, McDonalds (but it is kinda small if you wanna throw a grand birthday party). but the best place in town to hold a grand birthday party is Marybrown. why, you asked?? simply because there are no people eating there. that’s why you can invite 50-60 people because there is a lot of SPACE (with tables and chairs of course) to fit them.


those people at MTV had the ‘hard-hitters’ or the ‘main players’ of the music industry a.k.a huge superstars to hold a gig at their party. you don’t need to have Kanye West or Three 6 Mafia or even Bobby Valentino to perform at a party in Sitiawan (mainly because we can’t even afford to pay their stylists, let alone the performers) . all you have to do is get Alan Teong to sing at your party. yes, he can sing ‘kenangan terindah’ (i still don’t get the song but many people love it) over and over again. if you want, you can ask him to sing other songs with Chiaching and Daryl or Yvonne and you don’t have to pay them (i hope so). if you are not into them, then maybe you can ask the Chinese Orchestra of Nan Hwa  (this one you really have to pay..and it’s quite expensive) or the ACS Military Band (but i’m not sure whether they’ll play at birthday parties..usually they play at funerals) to play for you.


those brats had Mercedes or BMWs for their birthdays. why settle for one per person when you can have 10-20 cars at one time!!! Hot Wheels cars, i mean. for RM4.90 each, you can have a lot of cars and the total cost of 10 cars is only a microscopic fraction of the price they pay for their ride. if you prefer bigger cars, i suggest the Maserati (the name of the company, i guess) models. they have the replicas of whatever sports cars you dream of : Ferraris, Benzs or Porsches. you can find it at the back aisle of the toys department in Fajar, oops, The Store (they have changed their name). it’s located beside the Barbies. if you want a REAL car (if you can afford it), get one at Merdeka Enterprise (they sponsored my basketball team, so i have an obligation to advertise for them)  or Public Auto sdn.bhd. if you are filthy rich, get a Viva or a Myvi or a Proton.

grand entrance

well, they came to their birthday parties on Rolls Royce Phantoms or limousines or carriages ala Cinderella. erm, maybe you just wanna come in your own car. if you wanna have animals as your mode of transportation, erm, come in kereta lembu lah!!! Sitiawan very hard to find carriages pulled by horses la. you go around with a car also considered you are well to do. imagine those who ride bicycles to get to their destination or even walk. you could rent a taxi to bring you to your birthday party if you cannot find a BMW to rent.

well, i don’t think you will take my suggestions because they do not make sense. my ideal birthday party,to me, is having a small party with a close group of friends. first choice for me is surely my Romp-It gang. or maybe throw in a few of my girl friends into the equation. i don’t like  birthday celebrations at school. every time a person had a birthday celebration at the school canteen (of all places), surely there are boos from other students who do not want to share the happiness. yeah, don’t have it at school (especially recess time). have it at Lumut Waterfront (like our previous Romp-It outing when we celebrated our Director Berani Mati, Ang’s birthday) or at your home or any other restaurant.

since i didn’t celebrate my birthday last year (i didn’t even had cake) due to reasons only i know, i am HOPING that my dad will get me PS3 or a 3G handphone. but i will definitely won’t get it. haha. i love to dream. or i could ask my dad to bring me to 1 Utama to visit Malaysia’s first DC Universe store to purchase The Dark Knight’s items (Batman RULES!!!!) or maybe get myself a replica of the Batmobile. did i mention i want to have VAIO ???


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alan on June 16, 2007 at 1:46 pm

    finally found ur blog…nvr celebrate my birthday b4.yea best way to celebrate is to gather at mcD with few close bunch and some girlfrens and talk crap….tats the way i wan it la…hehe..

  2. awe c’mon. filthy rich? Myvi or viva? if i get a proton or perodua or any malaysian made car, i wont be driving it and surely i wont be showing my face in public.

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