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SMK Methodist (ACS) Sitiawan 35th Interact Installation Night

*for sure-lah to interact with other girls from other school as well as from my school*

“why do you want to join the club?” mr ravi asked again. “to serve the school” i answered.

the answer for that particular question is standardised. it’s like the answer of 1+1 (which is equal to 2). there is no other answer. why did i not join the club earlier? i did not have to go through the interview process before (thanks alvin but sadly i didn’t join). that was one of the dumbest things i did: delaying my Interact-ing days.

Installation night was one of the main events of the year. it’s equivalent to Prom but due to some teachers who are not so open-minded (girls will come to the prom wearing clothes that ‘tutup aurat’…what are we guys supposed to see?), our school could not organise it. i remembered the first IN i went. i was the MC with the beautiful Yvonne Har. this year, it’s all about Pres. Int. Jennifer Chen.

jennifer-and-i.jpg from “lil miss jennifer”, she turned to “miss j-chen”. with a makeover that will turn many heads, she is installed as the new President. yup, i pay the most attention to her ‘President’s time’ than any other president (who wants to look at a tall mutant who supports Liverpool??).

hahaha. like what mr HOT said: she has blossomed. i would like to put it as evolution. i look at my friends and found that many of them have evolved.

winnie-har.jpgtake for example: winnie har. from a childish girl, she has grown up physically and mentally (although i’m not sure of the mental part). FASHION TIP FROM WINNIE HAR: wanna look more mature?? get a SEXY guy to stand beside you during photo sessions.

yiwen.jpgthe smoking hot ling yiwen.

yes, she was smoking. put me in a room with her in that dress for at least an hour and i’m sure i will drool. how not to? the black dress compliments her assets so well. i would kill to get a girl like her. sadly, the quest to become her number one man is equal to the probability of Malaysia qualifying for the World Cup: IMPOSSIBLE.

yvonne.jpgYvonne Har and I. what is the common thing between 2 SEXY people in the pic above (i think i just gave you the answer)

yvonne too has evolved. from a chubby (sorry for pointing out this) girl to a sexy vixen, her well-proportioned curves turn heads around.

evelyn-and-i.jpgevelyn ong and i

evelyn, you are the sweetest girl i’ve met. she willingly bent herself lower just for me to have a photo with her. i am short and she’s the first (tall) girl to bend down for me (instead of me tip-toeing). love you lots. MUACKSSSS!!!

iraja.jpgdatuk irajabathi and his cute secretary

the night seems bright as first with “datuk Irajabathi” and his cute secretary greeting me. but when all seems well….

jacass.jpgwho needs SamyV (name has been changed to prevent me from going to jail…think who to blame for ‘bumbung bocor’ to guess) when you have the GREATEST IDIOT, Teoh Jacson in sitiawan. don’t be so kuai-lan with me. do you want to start a war you could not win? let me give you what’s coming. i am like Zeus and you are just a mortal Spartan. oh wait. he could not have the slightest idea of Greek Mythology. erm… you are like a small ant compared to my BIG, GAY HANDS and i WIPED out a colony of ants two years sgo with minimum difficulty (pity 3A1 students…evryday have to smell Ridsect and witness my brutal killings). not even the Har sisters combined with Pn.Hung can stop me. tell me, what are your chances??


after all my time as an interactor, Rtn Val Allan mistook me as a Muslim. “teacher, wait. let me introduce you to a very good muslim interactor (me) “. “sorry, sir. i’m not Muslim”. he was shocked and quickly apologised. then he continued talking to the new teacher advisor.

after the hard work, sweat and tears (not forgetting STATCH!!!), was it worth it? of course because i get to do what i wanted to do when i joined the club


i get to INTERACT with girls from other schools (thank you Ruth for obliging to my request..thank your friends as well)



altered frequency: one of the must-watch local acts around

“sachin….go watch la…very nice you know!! they won the BEST NEW ARTISTE at AIM (Anugerah Industri Muzik….the Malaysian version of the Grammys)…go la”

“waiha j-cyn…wanna cheat me?? the flier states that they were NOMINATED, not they won it…”

yes, my sharp eyes never seemed to fail me. Altered Frequency, an unknown local act (at least for me) is playing a gig at Wesley Methodist Church at the 22nd of July (it was yesterday) and the church-goers (another term invented by me) diligently spread the word around: by mouth and green fliers. i had my doubts about going to church since i’m a non-believer and my previous experiences (i’ll never forget the bald uncle’s stare at me when i exited the church when the Koreans were singing…it’s not like i wanted to…i have Cheah’s tuition to attend to). approximately 3 hours before the concert, justin peter joseph a.k.a lembu asked me to accompany him to watch the concert. what the heck, let’s just go.

“welcome!!!” a smiling Ruth echoed. wow, four cute girls were greeting me. yes, Tiffany was there with her winsome smile.”wah, your concert got receptionist??” i asked. “no lah…they are ushers..hey sachin, the drummer got wear Batman’s utility belt” said chiaching. “say what?? that’s cool…”.

nice to see you in church, sachin” said yvonne har while shaking my hand. yes yvonne, it’s always nice to see you anywhere (the best is in my dreams…..*evil grin*). “khanecksha!! what are you doing here??” a childish voice asked me. what do you expect me to do, winnie har?? propose to you?? for sure-lah to watch the concert.

the concert started with two members of AQ (short form for Altered Frequency) MC-ing. there was a contest to win free CDs. all they had to do is state the 14 states of Malaysia (surprisingly a 19year old dude and a small kid failed), pronouncing the alphabet backwards (that also fail..i did that almost everyday in kindergarten..Mrs Jeba and Miss Chan, you should teach them) and do a beatbox. it was hillarious. Megatron a.k.a Min Sern (they fail to pronounce his they called him Megatron) won it with a pretty good beat.

then it started. the band started jamming and the whole church started jumping around. it was a typical rock concert. they were very good. no wonder they were nominated for an award. the drummer was hitting the drums like there was no tomorrow while the guitarist and the bassist were doing their thing. my favourite part was when both of them battle it out among themselves with the bassist winning the battle (that’s my opinion). it was fun. i rate them as being in the upper echeleons of the music industry of malaysia (it is very,very high..they can make it internatinally) with Reshmonu, Pop Shuvit and Estranged. maybe their music was more inclined towards Christianity and didn’t receive much airplay on radios.

later, the lead singer who is a pastor started preaching. he really did connect with the young generation. he was preaching about “a big change in a little fella” adapted from Luke 19:1-10 (it was the story of Zachias…i hope i got his name spelt correctly). then the whole church started to pray and do their thing while i kept silent and watched them. it’s really good to see these people really passionate about their Faith. i really have high respect for them. however, some were disrespecting the church and made noise and playing around with their handphones.

i can’t help but to ask the drummer where to get the Batman belt. “haiya…this one get in KL…every member has a superhero belt: superman, spiderman…our second album is coming out soon..hope you’ll get it..”. i’ll get it for sure

i feel like an old man

“could you tell us, why do want to be a prefect??”

that was the question that was asked to all those who were selected to attend the Interview. of course i couldn’t tell the answer (to you readers)because i went through the interview remarkably well (if i were to tell you, many people will become prefects in SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan). i could still remember the people in the air-conditioned room :lim chang yung, joyce tan, ding wern yew, mr.(HOT) ho oon tian,mr.K, “the sharpshooter” encik Zaharuddin and mr ling kee cheong.

time flies very fast indeed and i found myself officially retired as the DEPUTY HEAD PREFECT II (hehe, let’s just say that i do wanna let the whole world know) last wednesday. suddenly, my shoulders feel lighter as one heavy responsibility is lifted. i now have the ”license to fly”.

my career as a prefect started when i was in form 3 (hehe, actually it was in form 2 but the afternoon session prefect board is what you call child’s play/small fishes in longkang/tap water trying to be wine/etc..etc….i do pity our head prefect at the time, glenn “boy of fortitude” foo, prefects like me are ill-disciplined and we usually ponteng kelas a lot to “do duty”…however, he did a fantastic job and the afternoon session’s discipline was somehow kept at optimum level..*remember miss sim???*). i had a lot to learn and i thank these people because without them, i wouldn’t be where i am today.

the first person i want to thank is IVY HAR CHIA LING, elder sister of winnie “childish” and yvonne har. though we only went for duty together for 2 weeks (those two weeks were very special to me indeed), you found the time to expose me to what prefects actually do in this school (and you confirmed one of my fears :submitting chits to wrongdoers). “do you know that we have a chit quota of 2 per month??”. “what??”. you too are the *ahem* cutest senior i have ever worked with (i developed a mini-crush on you…that’s why i am very shy to talk when we do duties together). hehe…next is ALVIN CHAN, YOUNG SU LING AND ALYSE who did CSI morning duty with me on monday  morrnings. that was the best duty i did in my career as a prefect. the jokes,advice and laughs (not to mention breaks) we had shared together were priceless. you guys have made my monday mornings (during the period when we did our duty together) very enjoyable *i hate monday mornings*. JOYCE TAN, you will have a special place in my heart for you have helped shape me into what i am today (not into a hyperactive pervert, i SHAPED myself into that): a leader. all those advice you gave me were priceless and you helped me the most during my “formative period”. LIM CHANG YUNG & DING WERN YEW, it’s really fun working under you. no pressure was felt when i did my duty as a prefect (notably because of the abolishment of the chit quota during your term…haha).

SARAVAANAKUMAR a.k.a SK ,nice working with you. our ‘ajaran sesat’ really was the highlight of my journey. the things we did together (note that there were no physical contact between our bodies in the things we did together) will be memories i treasure. DING LAY CHOOI, TAN CHEE ENG& CHEONG WAN LYE, thanks for your support all the way. i really appreciate it.

i do remember when i was called by the “queen”, her majesty KUAN PEI XUAN, to be informed about my inclusion into the main board. i really do have nothing against her. she is merely doing her job in a systematic way (or strict to be precise). “i want you to be the AJK SPOT CHECK . however, i want you to be serious as you have a STRONG reputation for being playful. do you understand??” “yes!”. wahahahaa. the legacy of SACHIN has begun. OO CHIN KAI, my predecessor was in charge to brief me in what i should do. i thank you, chin kai.

it is kinda ironic about my appointment as AJK Spot Check. i once brought a CD to school and lend it to ramanan. even more ironic is chiaching (who has problems submitting chits..for 7 months, he only submitted 2) was appointed as AJK Merekod Chit and ramanan (who claims to drive to school once) was appointed as AJK Pas Kenderaan during that year.2005 to be exact. that was one of the most ironic things that happened in my life.

hehe, not forgetting to mention, the list of prefects that worked with me throughout my time as a prefect, thank you for your support especially my form 5 batch.yep, i know that samuel will have something to say. please leave your comment as samuel and not as nakamura or something like that. i do know who you are.

to the next board, reenosha and co, goood luck!!!!!!

of naked men and prostitutes

there were green fliers on every single door in Koh Institute a.k.a tuition centre. i did not really took the time to read it until i made a phone call with the new pubic phone. *pelajar-pelajar diminta meminta kunci ke kelas tuisyen……….blablabla…..ini adalah disebabkan oleh pesakit sakit jiwa yang bogel yang membuang air besar di dalam kelas……..blablabla*..i was stunned.was it that guy? the one that is known to us as Psycho?? MHS drifter?? NanHwa visitor?? i spent the next 10 minutes thinking about the probability of one of us (glenn,me,ian and mingsern) getting sodomised/raped/etc by him.

then, i realised that Psycho is defenseless. i heard that he was taunted, teased, made fun of but he did not retaliate (thank God!! imagine what would happen if he did). i felt bad about making fun of him. what if i was Psycho?? what if i could not defend myself? what if the taunts were neverending?? i just robbed him of his right to live happily.

God put them in this world for something and it is not to be made fun of. i think that he wants His creations to appreciate life and what they have but unfortunately, it didn’t work (i dare not say His plan backfired!!) as most of us tend to laugh or ridicule them. it is not right. they were not asked to be in this situation. everybody has the right to live happily.

earlier in the week, hoesiang and i were discussing about prostitutes. hoesiang told me he knows a prostitute’s child who studies in my school. according to how i see it, she is a single mum who is uneducated. without an education is equal to without an occupation. so, she has to sell herself to put food on the table and make sure her children has a proper education. that my friends, is a dedicated mother; someone who sacrifices herself for the better of her children.

i watched Oprah and found out that 93% of prostitutes in Asia are forced into it. so wanita MCA out there who are reading this: those ‘dragon ladies’ are forced to dig your husbands’ pocket to feed their poor family and fend for themselves!! some are forced into it at a young age and do not know what else to do except for prostituting themselves. so, instead of making a BIG fuss about banning China maids, what about making HUGE fuss about protecting their rights? heck, what about the ‘bocor’ case involving our sexist MPs? i believe that we should SACK them!!

many people see them as social delinquents but what many people do not realise that they themselves are included into the group: smokers, drug addicts, womanisers, promiscous idiots, ROAD HOGGERS (especially in Kuala Lumpur…where the hell did you get your driving license???!!!! KL’s JPJ must have a lot of “coffee” to quench the thirst of an African village). i’m not a hypocrite: i’m a SOCIAL DELINQUENT and i’m not afraid to admit it. why can’t we accept them for who they are?? are we too perfect to include them in our society?? God did not put perfect FREAKS in the world. so ladies and gentlemen: put yourself in their shoes. last a day in them and i’ll salute you.

their war, our world

after playing golf and go-kart, weijian asked us to go watch Transformers. being a Transformers fan, i agreed. then we decided to go and watch at Arasu Theatre at 9pm. when i reached there and bought the tickets, i saw kahwai, shiangjune, shiangjen, timothy naik and yuki. i was nervous when i found myself alone there. ian and weijian could not make it. chinwei will not go if ian is not present and junbiao is usually contacted by chinwei. looks like i have to watch it with yuki (and her brother and cousin). wow, the first girl i watched a movie with (note that there are no deep feelings between us…we are happy remaining as friends). luckily jacob and ang arrived. i sat between yuki and jacob in the cinema with my favourite junk food Super Ring intact. then, the movie started….

i was happily munching my Super Ring when suddenly the helicopter transformed and fired missiles/ projectiles/bullets. my jaw dropped for not less than 5 seconds. luckily it was dark and yuki could not see me. it would be embarassing to let a girl know i was awed by just a helicpoter transforming into a robot. due to the shock, i couldn’t continue eating my Super Ring.

the movie was a fusion between action and comedy. Michael Bay whose previous works include Armageddon (which is one of my favourite movies) did a job where no one thought he could do : turning one of my favourite cartoons into reality (into a motion picture). i had my doubts when the release date was announced. daryl and i both agree that good trailers do not translate into good movies (like Spider-Man 3!!!). Michael Bay just proved us wrong.

spoilers ahead

the first light moment came when Sam Witwicky and his dad went to buy a car. as Witwicky Sr. drove by the Porsche showroom, Sam thought that his first car would be a Porsche. “oh my God. i’m going to get a Porsche as my first car”. “no you’re not”. the whole cinema burst into laughter. then, Sam got Bumblebee as his car with Bernie Mac making an appearance as the car dealer. then when Sam wanted to fetch Mikaela home, the radio played the song “who’s gonna drive you home?”. it was hillarious but only chiaching, daryl, alan and i get it.

later in the movie, he met a Decepticon which is a police car. “to punish and  to enslave” was the motto of the vehicle which is a contrast to the usual motto used by the USA police force : “to protect and to serve”. then Sam met with my favourite Autobot: the legendary Optimus Prime!!! sadly, he had “cosmetic surgery” to star in the movie and did not look like the original Optimus Prime. then Ratchet made a statement: “the boy’s high level of pheromone suggests that he wants to mate with the girl very badly”. if that was not funny, Ironhide tried to blast Sam’s dog, Mojo into oblivion when he peed on Ironhide’s leg. “my leg is going to rust.”. but the funniest scene of all is when all the Autobots tried to hide from the view of Sam’s dad.

fast forward into the movie and Bumblebee was caught by Sector 7. then my eyes welled up in tears when i heard the iconic phrase by Optimus Prime : “Autobots, transform and roll out!!!” . it was the first time i shed tears when watching a movie. Armageddon and I Not Stupid 2 came very close into making me cry but it was the unlikiest movie to have succeeded. it really touched a spot deep down in my heart. i felt like the hyperactive, mischevious boy i used to be; pretending to be Optimus and mentioning the phrase. i quickily wiped away my tears before yuki or jacob could notice.

then, the fight scenes between the Autobots and Decepticons. yuki was nudging me time and time again. “wah!!! so cool!!!”. i agreed with her. it was classic action all the way. sadly, Jazz was split into two by Megatron (sadly, he turned into an alien aircraft instead of the gun in the original version). nonetheless, the final battle between Optimus and Megatron turned out to be what i have expected: Optimus being beaten up by Megatron. alan told me that Optimus would die (just like in the Transformers :The Movie). Sam saved the day when he used the Allspark to destroy Megatron with pure energy.

i bet that there would be a sequel in the making as Starscream is not destroyed. yes ladies and gentlemen, the movie did not show how Starscream was destroyed. in the first Transformers movie (animated), Starscream lead the Decepticons after the death of Megatron. hmmm. did i mention that the Decepticons were not destoyed completely as they were dropped into the sea?? i bet somehow they would be revived (probably by the Allspark) or maybe other Decepticons would come to Earth. for now, i could only guess.

if my prediction is true, i hope that Michael Bay will be directing because he is damn good. all hail to the best movie of 2007!!!!