their war, our world

after playing golf and go-kart, weijian asked us to go watch Transformers. being a Transformers fan, i agreed. then we decided to go and watch at Arasu Theatre at 9pm. when i reached there and bought the tickets, i saw kahwai, shiangjune, shiangjen, timothy naik and yuki. i was nervous when i found myself alone there. ian and weijian could not make it. chinwei will not go if ian is not present and junbiao is usually contacted by chinwei. looks like i have to watch it with yuki (and her brother and cousin). wow, the first girl i watched a movie with (note that there are no deep feelings between us…we are happy remaining as friends). luckily jacob and ang arrived. i sat between yuki and jacob in the cinema with my favourite junk food Super Ring intact. then, the movie started….

i was happily munching my Super Ring when suddenly the helicopter transformed and fired missiles/ projectiles/bullets. my jaw dropped for not less than 5 seconds. luckily it was dark and yuki could not see me. it would be embarassing to let a girl know i was awed by just a helicpoter transforming into a robot. due to the shock, i couldn’t continue eating my Super Ring.

the movie was a fusion between action and comedy. Michael Bay whose previous works include Armageddon (which is one of my favourite movies) did a job where no one thought he could do : turning one of my favourite cartoons into reality (into a motion picture). i had my doubts when the release date was announced. daryl and i both agree that good trailers do not translate into good movies (like Spider-Man 3!!!). Michael Bay just proved us wrong.

spoilers ahead

the first light moment came when Sam Witwicky and his dad went to buy a car. as Witwicky Sr. drove by the Porsche showroom, Sam thought that his first car would be a Porsche. “oh my God. i’m going to get a Porsche as my first car”. “no you’re not”. the whole cinema burst into laughter. then, Sam got Bumblebee as his car with Bernie Mac making an appearance as the car dealer. then when Sam wanted to fetch Mikaela home, the radio played the song “who’s gonna drive you home?”. it was hillarious but only chiaching, daryl, alan and i get it.

later in the movie, he met a Decepticon which is a police car. “to punish and  to enslave” was the motto of the vehicle which is a contrast to the usual motto used by the USA police force : “to protect and to serve”. then Sam met with my favourite Autobot: the legendary Optimus Prime!!! sadly, he had “cosmetic surgery” to star in the movie and did not look like the original Optimus Prime. then Ratchet made a statement: “the boy’s high level of pheromone suggests that he wants to mate with the girl very badly”. if that was not funny, Ironhide tried to blast Sam’s dog, Mojo into oblivion when he peed on Ironhide’s leg. “my leg is going to rust.”. but the funniest scene of all is when all the Autobots tried to hide from the view of Sam’s dad.

fast forward into the movie and Bumblebee was caught by Sector 7. then my eyes welled up in tears when i heard the iconic phrase by Optimus Prime : “Autobots, transform and roll out!!!” . it was the first time i shed tears when watching a movie. Armageddon and I Not Stupid 2 came very close into making me cry but it was the unlikiest movie to have succeeded. it really touched a spot deep down in my heart. i felt like the hyperactive, mischevious boy i used to be; pretending to be Optimus and mentioning the phrase. i quickily wiped away my tears before yuki or jacob could notice.

then, the fight scenes between the Autobots and Decepticons. yuki was nudging me time and time again. “wah!!! so cool!!!”. i agreed with her. it was classic action all the way. sadly, Jazz was split into two by Megatron (sadly, he turned into an alien aircraft instead of the gun in the original version). nonetheless, the final battle between Optimus and Megatron turned out to be what i have expected: Optimus being beaten up by Megatron. alan told me that Optimus would die (just like in the Transformers :The Movie). Sam saved the day when he used the Allspark to destroy Megatron with pure energy.

i bet that there would be a sequel in the making as Starscream is not destroyed. yes ladies and gentlemen, the movie did not show how Starscream was destroyed. in the first Transformers movie (animated), Starscream lead the Decepticons after the death of Megatron. hmmm. did i mention that the Decepticons were not destoyed completely as they were dropped into the sea?? i bet somehow they would be revived (probably by the Allspark) or maybe other Decepticons would come to Earth. for now, i could only guess.

if my prediction is true, i hope that Michael Bay will be directing because he is damn good. all hail to the best movie of 2007!!!!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by darylyeak on July 1, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    100% agreed.. Transformers is the best movie for 2007.. Actually, I can’t name another movie that kept me so excited all the way through.. I’m gonna watch it again!!

    Fantastic movie, absolutely fantastic. No words can describe the satisfaction when walking out the cinema. It was almost orgasmic.

  2. ahhaha..!!!
    sigh i am a girl, but yeah i agree!!!..

  3. hey..
    Let me be frank..
    I did not read ur post after the sentence.
    ‘i was happily munching my Super Ring when suddenly the helicopter transformed and fired missiles/ projectiles/bullets’
    that was the max i can take..
    I will not read anymore..
    why ???
    I think the way u wrote it jz made me wana watch it
    10 times greater..

  4. Posted by Alan on July 5, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    haha…harry potter coming out soon.i dnt expect it to be as great as transformers

  5. Posted by darylyeak on July 6, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Hairy Potbelly is nothing compared to Transformers la.. Judging based on the previous movies.. I think the only other movie I watched that i enjoyed so much was black hawk down.. another super movie..

  6. Posted by sachinDAantkillr on July 6, 2007 at 6:08 pm

    harry potter movies suck!!!!!!!!

  7. Posted by iangohs on July 12, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    u suck sachin!not to say i love harry potter movies…but i do read the books…and after watching the movie,i’ll understand the book better and the movie might influenced me to read the particular book again…

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