i feel like an old man

“could you tell us, why do want to be a prefect??”

that was the question that was asked to all those who were selected to attend the Interview. of course i couldn’t tell the answer (to you readers)because i went through the interview remarkably well (if i were to tell you, many people will become prefects in SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan). i could still remember the people in the air-conditioned room :lim chang yung, joyce tan, ding wern yew, mr.(HOT) ho oon tian,mr.K, “the sharpshooter” encik Zaharuddin and mr ling kee cheong.

time flies very fast indeed and i found myself officially retired as the DEPUTY HEAD PREFECT II (hehe, let’s just say that i do wanna let the whole world know) last wednesday. suddenly, my shoulders feel lighter as one heavy responsibility is lifted. i now have the ”license to fly”.

my career as a prefect started when i was in form 3 (hehe, actually it was in form 2 but the afternoon session prefect board is what you call child’s play/small fishes in longkang/tap water trying to be wine/etc..etc….i do pity our head prefect at the time, glenn “boy of fortitude” foo, prefects like me are ill-disciplined and we usually ponteng kelas a lot to “do duty”…however, he did a fantastic job and the afternoon session’s discipline was somehow kept at optimum level..*remember miss sim???*). i had a lot to learn and i thank these people because without them, i wouldn’t be where i am today.

the first person i want to thank is IVY HAR CHIA LING, elder sister of winnie “childish” and yvonne har. though we only went for duty together for 2 weeks (those two weeks were very special to me indeed), you found the time to expose me to what prefects actually do in this school (and you confirmed one of my fears :submitting chits to wrongdoers). “do you know that we have a chit quota of 2 per month??”. “what??”. you too are the *ahem* cutest senior i have ever worked with (i developed a mini-crush on you…that’s why i am very shy to talk when we do duties together). hehe…next is ALVIN CHAN, YOUNG SU LING AND ALYSE who did CSI morning duty with me on monday  morrnings. that was the best duty i did in my career as a prefect. the jokes,advice and laughs (not to mention breaks) we had shared together were priceless. you guys have made my monday mornings (during the period when we did our duty together) very enjoyable *i hate monday mornings*. JOYCE TAN, you will have a special place in my heart for you have helped shape me into what i am today (not into a hyperactive pervert, i SHAPED myself into that): a leader. all those advice you gave me were priceless and you helped me the most during my “formative period”. LIM CHANG YUNG & DING WERN YEW, it’s really fun working under you. no pressure was felt when i did my duty as a prefect (notably because of the abolishment of the chit quota during your term…haha).

SARAVAANAKUMAR a.k.a SK ,nice working with you. our ‘ajaran sesat’ really was the highlight of my journey. the things we did together (note that there were no physical contact between our bodies in the things we did together) will be memories i treasure. DING LAY CHOOI, TAN CHEE ENG& CHEONG WAN LYE, thanks for your support all the way. i really appreciate it.

i do remember when i was called by the “queen”, her majesty KUAN PEI XUAN, to be informed about my inclusion into the main board. i really do have nothing against her. she is merely doing her job in a systematic way (or strict to be precise). “i want you to be the AJK SPOT CHECK . however, i want you to be serious as you have a STRONG reputation for being playful. do you understand??” “yes!”. wahahahaa. the legacy of SACHIN has begun. OO CHIN KAI, my predecessor was in charge to brief me in what i should do. i thank you, chin kai.

it is kinda ironic about my appointment as AJK Spot Check. i once brought a CD to school and lend it to ramanan. even more ironic is chiaching (who has problems submitting chits..for 7 months, he only submitted 2) was appointed as AJK Merekod Chit and ramanan (who claims to drive to school once) was appointed as AJK Pas Kenderaan during that year.2005 to be exact. that was one of the most ironic things that happened in my life.

hehe, not forgetting to mention, the list of prefects that worked with me throughout my time as a prefect, thank you for your support especially my form 5 batch.yep, i know that samuel will have something to say. please leave your comment as samuel and not as nakamura or something like that. i do know who you are.

to the next board, reenosha and co, goood luck!!!!!!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Alan on July 15, 2007 at 6:11 am

    haha…samuel lame la…’till then’

  2. I distinctly remember having a discussion with pei xuan and wan lye on whether you or chia ching was more playful…

    as for chit quota… it’s a good thing that merit points aren’t really considered when making the cert for “top 3″…

    you think -you- feel old?

  3. Posted by sachinDAantkillr on July 16, 2007 at 8:16 am

    ya i do….wahahaha…..so, who’s more playful in your opinion??

  4. Posted by kenk3n on July 17, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    of course it you,sachin…im nt playful k…
    i’ve always been a god guy..
    thanks to you guys who shaped me to be like this..
    sad case…..*huhu*

  5. Posted by sachinDAantkillr on July 19, 2007 at 10:50 am

    wahahaha……those who turn playful are not caused by the playful people surrounding them; it’s because of the weakness of the none playful ones who are influenced

    (edited from Val Allan’s speech…..hehe)

  6. hiaaizz…
    Never knew the playful Sachin can post something so touching (that is in his own way)
    Always hated flasbck though,
    cos it always make me think that things are coming to an end
    and that sucks..

  7. Posted by Samuel on July 23, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    Barzul Knurlar!!!


  8. Posted by sachinDAantkillr on July 24, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    speak english!!!!

  9. Posted by Ding on October 18, 2007 at 1:04 pm

    This is totally freaky. I’m currently in my university’s library in Liverpool and i just decided to google ‘Ding Wern Yew’ and surprisingly enough this is the 1st site that came up.
    Anyway, good job on making my name appear in google..lol!!

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