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damai laut escapade

i went to damai laut last weekend with my friends. as usual, i hitched a ride with the Manliest Man in Sitiawan (although his fear of a certain four-legged animal does not justify this claim), Angchunkeat. this time around, i had to sit at the back because a certain “Mini-me” sat in front. sitting in the Kancil was too hot for me until i had to take off my shirt as soon as i reached the apartment.


damai laut was beautiful. it has a golf course, driving range, swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball court and girls in swimsuits!! unfortunately,as much as you want to see Yvonne, Chian Woon and others in their swimsuits, i couldn’t post swimsuit pictures of the girls because they didn’t wear their swimsuits (perverts!!!).


nope. Glenn did not want to commit suicide, he just wanted to enjoy the beautiful view at the jetty. i didn’t join him because i was sleeping after a night of  playing PS2. this pictures were taken by Ang.

the barbeque was fantastic. thank you girls for feeding me with chicken wings, sotong balls and sausages. Yvonne and Winnie, i love you. you helped me to grill what i wanted to eat (i was lazy). i had cans of Shandy (i’m not a sissy, i cannot drink drinks laced with more than 0.1% of alcohol) and 100 Plus.


after dinner, i head back to the apartment to finish an unfinished business with Ian Goh: Roland Garros 2005. i beat him like how i kill ants: easy, merciless and with precise skill. you lost, ian. muahahaha

later, we went for a lantern expedition. i didn’t play with lanterns for a long time. yvonne asked me to play and warned me not to torch my lantern. well, she succeeded in making me have a great time.




i made 2 new friends. a special shoutout to Cheng Pei Hwa and Dang Beh Mei. you had a great time with them huh, yihan. the star of the whole outing was Angchunkeat. yup, finally after years of embracing the conservative gay lifestyle, he has interacted with a huge number of girls at the same time. good for him. the Manliest Man of Sitiawan needs a Woman by his side. you wouln’t want the Manliest Man of Sitiawan with the Most Feminine Guy in Sitiawan, would you? oh ya…they even had Gunshot sessions. if you do not know what a Gunshot is, view Daryl’s blog. the best Gunshot belongs to Ian Goh. no kidding. Ang and Jun Biao were no match for him (because Ang was in his “parallel universe” whereas Jun Biao does not have what it takes).

the trip could be better if the apartment was bigger, we had more money, the presence of Kenching (add Chiaching in Facebook…his display name is Ken Ching and it rhymes with the malay term of “urinate”), the girls in swimsuits, an Arsenal football match (Liverpool could not put a goal past Birmingham), more hardworking girlsthe girls in swimsuits and the most important: the presence of a special someone. despite that, i had a really great time.


happy birthday jacob!!

i woke up this morning feeling pain in my thighs and abdomen. the trainer told me that i will feel pain today. i went to the gym yesterday after spending a night at Ang’s Budget Villa and Recreation Centre because of a Romp-It outing. it’s “hi-fibre,low salt” jacob’s birthday.

at first i followed ang’s car to McDonald’s when they took a detour through City Kopitiam. they have planned it for quite some time. damn it. i had to be a man and face the unexpected challenge laid out by them. walau, they made me look like a kayu which i’m usually not with girls around me. never mind, it’s for jacob; i keep telling myself that.

once we reached McD, the tirade of teases came when the whole gang arrived. “ come she’s not here?? what did she say??”. after dinner at McD, we went to Lumut. at 12am,we celebrated jacob’s birthday with a cake. i had cake on my chin and face thanks to a barbaric moron named  ian. later, i took a ride in yipork’s car which overheat (he does not know how to maintain his car). we stopped at Petronas for a while because hoesiang spilled pepsi in his car. when we reached ang’s villa, we heard something that sent chills down my spine. i don’t really wanna talk about this in my blog.

we watched “Superbad” on my PS2. like its title, it was a super bad movie although there were a few funny scenes. but we expected something more from the producers of  the”40 year old virgin”. the best characters of the movie were definitely the two corrupt policemen. catch the movie if you can just to watch the two policemen. then, chin wei,ian,hoesiang and i played “Rolland Garros 2005” on my PS. it took me a while to get used to the game and i beat ian 6-3. we went to the gym after breakfast at  Home Curry House.

life is short and we must live life to the fullest. that is why i would like to go for more Romp-It outings in the furture. hehe. welcome to Romp-It, yuki, winnie and yvonne!