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malaysian angkasawan

in another few days time, Dr. Sheikh will return to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS). for those of you who don’t know, he’s Malaysia’s first astronaut (Angkasawan). to be honest, in my opinion, he is just merely a SPACE FLIGHT PARTICIPANT.


how can someone be an astronaut after just 18 months of training? if he was participated in the programme for at least more than 2 years, then maybe he will be acknowledged as an astronaut. although the Russian government said that he is an astronaut by their standards, deep down in their hearts they knew that he is not an astronaut YET! well, i believe that his sending off to space is in conjunction of Malaysia’s 50th year of independence. a big deal la. my dad turned 50 last year but he never had a big celebration. he never sent me to space or have a grand birthday party. why do we have to rush to send a Malaysian to space just because our country’s turned 50? it’s like Ian who just had his car driving license a few weeks ago driving for McLaren next season: RUBBISH!! (the idea of sending him to space is rubbish, not you turning up in McLaren colours next season….the latter can NEVER  come across in the mind of a guy with Down Syndrome let alone people who can think rationally)


the real astronaut (if Malaysia wants to continue his programme) is Dr. Faiz Khalid/Khaleed. hehe. kesian dia. nak naik roket tapi kawan dia yang lebih hensem dapat pergi. don’t worry my friend; i will acknowledge you as an astronaut because by the time you finished the programme, you are not eligible to be called a SPACE FLIGHT PARTICIPANT/ SPACE TOURIST. you will be called ANGKASAWAN.

well, i’m not really happy with our angkasawan. well, i wanted to support him because he is going to make history but after Aaron told me about his press conference the next day (got Chiah’s tuition), that wish went down the drain. “….i feel like i have a responsibility to fulfill to my Muslim brothers in Malaysia and all over the you know, i’m going to fast in space and do my prayers in space…. (something like that)…” . dude, what about your non-muslim brothers in Malaysia who paid for your trip to ISS? err, $102 million is not cheap. it’s like paying the cost of a stranger’s house (maybe we did judging by the HUGE mansions that some Datuk-s built which is way past their means).

$102 million can build lots of schools, low cost houses, repair the roads (although our current Works Minister must retire first then only this goal can be achieved) and much more. but we are using it to send a guy to space. hmmm, by my deductive reasoning, we are paying $204 million to send an Angkasawan and a SPACE FLIGHT PARTICIPANT to space (Faiz and Sheikh respectively). but then again, if we can waste money to send Mat Rempit-s to the North Pole, i can’t really see what is wrong in spending that much of money.


Sheikh’s mission in space is planning experiments and some other stuff. at first, we were rocked by the news that he’s going to space to do teh tarik or spin gasing at zero gravity. but we were later informed that we are doing important experiments involving space radiation and stuff. i think his real mission is to send stock and provisions on the ISS. he’s like the Pizza Hut Delivery guy only his means of transportation is a rocket.




another big thing is he is going to celebrate Hari Raya on space and making a big deal out of it. oh, i’m going to eat rendang and ketupat in space. i believe i’m the only guy who can do it. celebrating it in space is a major thing for Muslims around the world. so what, we can send a christmas tree in space and celebrate christmas. or better still: put yihan in a red spacesuit and let your children see him in space. then you can bluff your kids and say that Santa Claus is from outer space and he does not sport a white beard.

sigh, sheikh is going to become a ‘Datuk’ when he reaches Earth. the government is giving this titles away like candy to babies. Tony Blair is not yet a ‘Sir’ despite being the prime minister of England for 10 years and our a guy who went to space will definitely get a title. what a country we live in.


a tale of two birthday parties

went for two birthday parties last friday: at first to chin wei’s and then to justin’s mom’s party. had a blast at both of the parties.

i went there by Jeffry’s car. he drives like Weijian at first, fast and steady. when we reached there, we have to wait for Yuki and co. they took such a long time. to kill time, i played with Elvis (Han Shin’s little brother).




“come on…show us your parenting nature!”. why, i think i would make a good parent. my kids will be very happy like Elvis was that day. Yuanwen was doubting my parenting skills. at least i would be a better parent than her, i think. my children would be polite, well-behaved and mature unless my sperms fuse with Winnie’s ova; our children would be hyperactive, forever childish/mature at a very late age, short and perverted. but one thing’s for sure: our babies will be very attractive.



one thing i learned that day is never leave small children with Weijian because he/she would flash this.


chin wei had his face covered with cake when chiaching and gang shoved his face on the first cake.

 happy.jpghappy and unsuspecting at first……then………..


he was so happy that he smiled through the ordeal happily. later we gave him the real birthday cakes (he had two). i got him the Inter Milan figurine (he’s a fan of the nerazzurri).



well, there were lots of touching scenes caught on camera but this is the most touching. presenting Sitiawan’s version of Brokeback Mountain: Gunung Belakang Pecah (and their adopted son).


the affair at justin’s house was about booze, country songs, a drunkard cowboy (view his performance at daryl’s blog) and Jason Bourne!!! we watched The Bourne Ultimatum at Justin’s theatre room. with such facilities, i would love to go over and watch football matches there.




his family is blessed with musical talent. all of his family members can sing. here’s his sister.


his father had a band (they are really good) and they held a mini concert with songs dedicated to the birthday girl, Mdm Theresa!!




we had a wonderful meal: egg thosai and multiple servings of Chocolate Indulgence (Secret Recipe’s signature cake). then we had to ward off offers of beer from drunkard uncles.

cake.jpg chocolate indulgence

we stayed till 12.30 am (according to my watch) all because of the drunkard cowboy.

 watch.jpg my cool watch denotes the time when we started watching The Bourne Ultimatum.

 he almost stripped and danced the night away. before he left he told the host: ” i have to go home…now is already 12 midnight…very late…discipline is very important one” . those words from a guy who started smoking and drinking since the start of the party. we laughed our heads off. sigh, the things people say when they’re drunk. too bad ian missed it or else it would be gunshots galore!!!