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MYF camp 2007

lots of people asked me to come for this year’s camp. daryl and chiaching asked me for a few years whereas tiffany “darlie model” ling as well as ruth asked me this year. hmmm, decided to go as i can’t let all of them down. wise choice because i have learneda lot during this five days.

MYF camp was a journey of self discovery and assurance to me. remember in my last post i told you that i have 4 personalities? i have found my fourth personality here as a result. well, lt me elaborate on my personalities. 1st one: super-hyperactive sachin. this is when i will jump around and make hell lots of noise (singing ridiculous stuff is also included). this is when i am at my most creative state of mind. highly dangerous and almost impossible to stop. able to transmit my hyperactive energy generated to good use (eg. king scout test). induced when three glasses or more of very strong coffee is drunk or uncontrolled consumption of chocolate.

2nd one: hyperactive sachin (normal mode). this is me at normal days be it at school or at tuition. polite, perverted and things you see in me each day. less creative than my 1st personality and less energy is generated. highly compassionate and wants to get into things. induced when im not in other modes.

3rd one:playsafe sachin (kuailan mode). i ususally turn into this mode when i’m in charge of something. this is when i’m cool, calm and collected. very cruel when executing my task (eg.prefect and scout stuff). induced whenever i want to. compassion means nothing when imin this mode. always play by the rules so that i don’t have to answer questions on misconduct. untouchable and stands by decision.

4th one: dark sachin (hyper-emo sachin): all those crap about “i’m not emo” told by idiots are not true. i was pne pf those idiots who thinks that im not emo. sadly, all stuff that makes me emo (problems and stuff) and bottled up in a small jar somewhere in my heart. there were times when i show glimpses of emo-ing (eg. kicking flower pot during a bsaketball match…not wanting to chair an interact project even after proposing it to the board of directors…really was having a hard time then during march and april). turns out that i was running away from my emo side by concentrating on other stuff like socialising and stuff. then, during a session in MYF camp when i was deep in thought, all those stuff in the bottle just came out.

the darker side of me came out. i felt horrendous. not wanting to talk to others, just sit there motionless, extremely quiet, clearly something was wrong with me. sophia noticedit at firstand came to me but i pushed her away (not literally). later shiang june, michelleyu, kong sisters and aoife noticed it but i told them i was okay. after a few hours of swimming in  a sea of emotions, i finally recovered to normal mode. then i had to assure everyone that i was okay. thanks to this camp, i know that i have to deal with my emotions and not just keep it in until it overflows. i felt so much better when i cried one of these days. so people out there, keep in touch with your emo side.

finally finished about the boring stuff. let’s talk about MYF. it was fun. i freaked out on the second day when aunty pauline came out to me and say, “so, you are the famous sachin….”. err,  what am i famous for.better question, what was i infamous for? it freaked me out a bit after she left. my group is Yatta-yatta. we are thebest group because we were number eight in 3 events.888 is a lucky number for the chinese.hehe. i had so much fun until i had no voice after 4 nights. i had to communicate to winnie at the lastnight with sign language (she also lost her voice..haha…we’re like an OKU couple). but i hate the beach. it was so dirty and the water was opaque.

MYF also assured me that i have good friends. chiaching,j-cyn,glenn,sophia,michelleyu,kong sisters are people i known since primary school. they are very good friends and came to me when something is wrong with me. daryl,winnie,yvonne,aoife,alvin,alan and chee were also great. i also bonded with some people that i just know by name and never really got close to. mark,fookie,alex,alston,chen sisters,evelyn,jaron all made me feel comfortable. haha. both evelyn-s (chen and ong) shower me with a lot of attention (hehe…i’m so lucky). i also made new friends. chris and soon ern from ayertawar, melissakhoo from convent and chuansheng from nanhwa.

basically, i’m proud to say that sitawan methodist youth is very passionate about their faith. its very touching to see people so passionate in something that they really believe in. most people these days are only passionate about the football clubs they support (ManUtd sucks!!!!).

i have also learned that knocking the window of the girls room at the wee hours of the morning could really screw you inside out. i had to endue interrogation from my dorm and a number of girls after i knocked on the window of room 3. they claim that i want to do a romeo but it is not true.

i ha+ fun in the bus but i wished the bus driver would stop more often for toilet breaks. i had fever and sore throat so i bought 2 bottles of 100plus. i finished the first bottle in the bus and had to desperately go to the loo at one stage. when we reached the toilet, there’s a guy in the bathroom giving birth. he spent 10minutes doing god-knows what when i’m desperately in need to empty my bladder. sigh, i cannot hold it in anymore, i went behind the ol station and peed there. when i got back in the bus, i finished my second bottle in one sit+ng. that was plain stupid. after 30 minutes, i had to go again. fpr the next hour i had to tahan while chee,aoife and jaron were suggesting that i pee in bottles or cans.

to make things worse, tiffany questioned me about pingsin.what the..turns out that almost all of nanhwa and acs knows my not -so -secret-secret. i had to answer their interrogations while hlding my was very taxing. i also had lots of chocolate in the bus. aoife was afraid i might jump around in the bus. that might happen if i’m not having a fever. you see, chocolate is hitty. more chocolate you eat, the hotter you feel, the more sickly you get. so, it made me worse. oh ya, i had a special connection with winnie at this camp. don’t know why but i enjoyed your company the most at this camp. i was there at her weakest moment and tried to comfort her but i failed. hehe..sorry alan for sleeping with her. i hope you won’t get angry.

it was really fun and i had no regrets of joing the camp. thank you to everyone involved with the camp. i learned a lot.

this post is 1214 words long and it took me 7 minutes to type out. this is so lame. happy new year to all readers.


year 2007

brace yourself for a very long post. i mean it.

year 2007 flies past me at beakneck speed. i can still remember the first day of school this year. i was supposed to sit with j-cyn but lingduinglin changed my place and i ended u with hoesiang. pity HIM! he has to put up with me for the third year from 5 years. he sat with me in form 2 and 3 previously.

bench.jpgkahwai, hoesiang, co(o)lin boo, me,peychyi,siti,yuvashini n jaerene.

the class of 5SC1 is the best class i have studied in. i will never forget the experiences we had encountered together:the good (we won the first ‘kebersihan dan keceriaan’ award only for U6A to win the rest throughout the year) and the bad(such as the time when the school’s new power-saving plan was introduced…no fan for the first two periods each day).


daryl, chee,ramanan: i’ll never forget the discussions we had together on football. best of luck to you guys who will be studying overseas.

colin: you’re a nice guy. i’msorry that we could not talked for more than two sentences at a time. i hope you will be successful in life.

chiaching: i’ll never forget the convesations we had together (topics that come from everything under the sun (although iwould like to forget about the one we had on “misai lady’s” black bra…how in the hell you can notice it in the first place??? it’s horrible.)

samuel: miss your ‘kiamhu-man’ comics. hope you will turn out fine in UK.

class.jpg 5SC1 of 2007

class2007.jpgthe star of the show: me!

i took my king scout test this year and passed of course. however, i find that this ordeal of mine is not just reap a highly valuable certificate (samuel, kingscout certs are not for applying for seurity guard posts), but anoppurtinity to know myself better. i found out that i have 4 major personalities and a shrink in Oprah says that i have to know myself to be a better person and accept those personalities. i found out that i canbe extremely hyperactive after having three glasses of strong coffee. those who witness it were terrified (pity yihan..he was my victim when i was in super hyper mode…i was singing rubbish and tauntitng him).


another huge event that took place this year is the emergence of “botak crew”. basically it is 8 people getting together to shave our heads to celebrate one’s birthday.


i have also retired from my post in the prefect board. five months of not doing duty is bliss man.



joined a basketball tornament with my gang and lost all matches. haha. first match was one day after king scout test. we played like zombies and lost alan through injury. i was having battles with my personal demons at that time and the bottled-up frustation was unleashed on a poor flower pot during a match. haha. kena scolding from mr kwok for kicking a flower pot and breaking it. thank you winnie for helping me clean up the mess and attempting to cool me down. appreciate it, girl.


well, i went for MYF camp this year and will blog about it later.

i’m leaving for KL tomorrow to further my studies. i can’t make it for the MYF gathering that chiaching asked me to attend. maybe i should not go because it would be harder to leave sitiawan. i would like to apologise first to yvonne because i didn’t give her chocolate that bight but aoife got one form me. sigh, she got jealous and called me a casanova.made it up to her by giving her and winnie Kisses. i know winnie loves Kisses so i gave it to them this morning. sorry to hoesiang because he has to put up with my antics at school. sorry to everyone that i have hurt in the course of the year.

i can’t believe i’m doing this but sorry to melissa mohan tyndall. i guess me calling you a big fat bitch or having four layers of phospolipids in your plasma membranes or how setting you up on fire will make you burn for a few years because of the amount of ‘fuel’ you have on your body and many other things (i’m lazy to write…i could even do a post on the things i called her). i feel that it is not right and disrespectful of you. i should have said all of those things STRAIGHT AT YOUR FACE INSTEAD OF BEHIND YOUR BACK!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

my life post-SPM

at the start of the year, i was practically waiting for this moment but when it arrived, it was not up to my expectations. my life after SPM is really very boring. right now, my daily activities include counter strike (at home or Cosplay), watching TV, PS and sleeping. i rather go to school daily (minus the exams and chemistry lessons….hehe) than stay at home doing nothing.

aoife told me to update my blog but it is really hard to blog if you’re not inspired. i can’t really blog about HINDRAF as i could end up in jail nor can i blog about my life experience because there is nothing interesting.

these are the things that i have done after SPM:

played basketball (right after bio paper), went for parties (aaron’s birthday party…pity him, kena ‘pagoda’ and xue er’s party), PS at justin’s house (playing with his 40′ LCD TV is bliss), futsal (i sprained my wrist and scored a goal…not bad for a kaki bangku), counter strike till late at night and taking my driver’s license.

however, i’m going for MYF camp tomorrow. but i’m really not into it. i sprained my right wrist while playing futsal (i’m a bloody right-hander….cannot play basketball if i cannot shoot the ball). i made a promise to myself not to go for camps if i’m not 100% fit. it happened last year when i went for Ujian Sikap (fail this and kiss your King Scout goodbye) with 30 minutes of sleep. huge mistake. i dreamt about chian woon while doing a test (it was a nice dream but the results are horrifying…luckily arronan rescued me). not only that, the things i learned when i was half-asleep disappeared when i was awake. ironically, i taught justin all the knots we learned there when i was half-asleep but when i woke up, i don’t know a single thing. i was the last to go home (at 1.45am)  when every one was at their campsites at 1am. it was humiliating. so, i promised myself not to go to ANY camps if i’m not 100% fit.

 1_593430682l1.jpgduring king scout test (i aced in kawad tongkat….muahahaha)

when i return, i will definitely try to finish Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. its the hardest game i have ever played. it uses your mind more than your fingers. unlike God of War 2, the puzzles are extremely hard (even in easy mode!!!) and you have only a stinking dagger. when you turn into the dark prince (more my style, kill first then think), your life will dwindle with time. it means that you will die slowly when you are the dark prince and you have to finish your tasks immediately after you transform.

 pop31.jpgthe hardest game i have ever played

since i’m going to MYF camp, i’m not able to attend Taylor’s College’s roadshow in Sitiawan this friday at Flamingo Hotel. i would most probably attend this college next year (unless my parents change their plans) so i asked my mum to go to the roadshow. sigh, i don’t know whether i’m going for January intake (my mum stopped me from looking for a job…a great hint for me leaving in january) or July intake.

i’m bored out of my wits here. i wished i’m loaded with cash so that i can travel to Japan (and visit the megastore of sex toys… its a three-storey building…imagine The Store of sitiawan filled with nothing but sex toys…all three storeys of them…………not to mention a unisex public bath house….damn it, cynsheng is going there) or Korea (and see why chianwoon is crazy about korean guys instead of me) but i’m not able to. i also want a handphone (even glenn is SMS-ing someone but not me….sigh..) because i don’t have one. yes people, i don’t have one. i used to have one until the ill-fated incident of the trip to the Lost City of Tambun. i swear i will never step into there ever again. if my kids want to go there, i would bring them somewhere BETTER like Sunway Lagoon, Genting or even DISNEYLAND (i always wanted to go to Disneyland and i will do it).

i hope that the boredom does not make the colour of my hair fade away. did i mention that i had a hair makeover??