my life post-SPM

at the start of the year, i was practically waiting for this moment but when it arrived, it was not up to my expectations. my life after SPM is really very boring. right now, my daily activities include counter strike (at home or Cosplay), watching TV, PS and sleeping. i rather go to school daily (minus the exams and chemistry lessons….hehe) than stay at home doing nothing.

aoife told me to update my blog but it is really hard to blog if you’re not inspired. i can’t really blog about HINDRAF as i could end up in jail nor can i blog about my life experience because there is nothing interesting.

these are the things that i have done after SPM:

played basketball (right after bio paper), went for parties (aaron’s birthday party…pity him, kena ‘pagoda’ and xue er’s party), PS at justin’s house (playing with his 40′ LCD TV is bliss), futsal (i sprained my wrist and scored a goal…not bad for a kaki bangku), counter strike till late at night and taking my driver’s license.

however, i’m going for MYF camp tomorrow. but i’m really not into it. i sprained my right wrist while playing futsal (i’m a bloody right-hander….cannot play basketball if i cannot shoot the ball). i made a promise to myself not to go for camps if i’m not 100% fit. it happened last year when i went for Ujian Sikap (fail this and kiss your King Scout goodbye) with 30 minutes of sleep. huge mistake. i dreamt about chian woon while doing a test (it was a nice dream but the results are horrifying…luckily arronan rescued me). not only that, the things i learned when i was half-asleep disappeared when i was awake. ironically, i taught justin all the knots we learned there when i was half-asleep but when i woke up, i don’t know a single thing. i was the last to go home (at 1.45am)  when every one was at their campsites at 1am. it was humiliating. so, i promised myself not to go to ANY camps if i’m not 100% fit.

 1_593430682l1.jpgduring king scout test (i aced in kawad tongkat….muahahaha)

when i return, i will definitely try to finish Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. its the hardest game i have ever played. it uses your mind more than your fingers. unlike God of War 2, the puzzles are extremely hard (even in easy mode!!!) and you have only a stinking dagger. when you turn into the dark prince (more my style, kill first then think), your life will dwindle with time. it means that you will die slowly when you are the dark prince and you have to finish your tasks immediately after you transform.

 pop31.jpgthe hardest game i have ever played

since i’m going to MYF camp, i’m not able to attend Taylor’s College’s roadshow in Sitiawan this friday at Flamingo Hotel. i would most probably attend this college next year (unless my parents change their plans) so i asked my mum to go to the roadshow. sigh, i don’t know whether i’m going for January intake (my mum stopped me from looking for a job…a great hint for me leaving in january) or July intake.

i’m bored out of my wits here. i wished i’m loaded with cash so that i can travel to Japan (and visit the megastore of sex toys… its a three-storey building…imagine The Store of sitiawan filled with nothing but sex toys…all three storeys of them…………not to mention a unisex public bath house….damn it, cynsheng is going there) or Korea (and see why chianwoon is crazy about korean guys instead of me) but i’m not able to. i also want a handphone (even glenn is SMS-ing someone but not me….sigh..) because i don’t have one. yes people, i don’t have one. i used to have one until the ill-fated incident of the trip to the Lost City of Tambun. i swear i will never step into there ever again. if my kids want to go there, i would bring them somewhere BETTER like Sunway Lagoon, Genting or even DISNEYLAND (i always wanted to go to Disneyland and i will do it).

i hope that the boredom does not make the colour of my hair fade away. did i mention that i had a hair makeover??


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ian Goh on December 16, 2007 at 1:46 pm

    waiha…i’m so bored here in AUSTRALIA…SIGH!!

  2. Posted by eefaa noelle on December 17, 2007 at 12:43 pm

    oooh.Two Thrones… i downloaded it to my phone. it was easy. but then again, i suppose the game was simplified.

    ehee.took me a week flat to finish it. i swear.

  3. hehe…try playing the PS2 version and see for yourself…but then again, maybe i’m just not cut out for games which requires a lot of thinking

  4. Posted by winniehar on December 26, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    blog bout MYF camp la…

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