year 2007

brace yourself for a very long post. i mean it.

year 2007 flies past me at beakneck speed. i can still remember the first day of school this year. i was supposed to sit with j-cyn but lingduinglin changed my place and i ended u with hoesiang. pity HIM! he has to put up with me for the third year from 5 years. he sat with me in form 2 and 3 previously.

bench.jpgkahwai, hoesiang, co(o)lin boo, me,peychyi,siti,yuvashini n jaerene.

the class of 5SC1 is the best class i have studied in. i will never forget the experiences we had encountered together:the good (we won the first ‘kebersihan dan keceriaan’ award only for U6A to win the rest throughout the year) and the bad(such as the time when the school’s new power-saving plan was introduced…no fan for the first two periods each day).


daryl, chee,ramanan: i’ll never forget the discussions we had together on football. best of luck to you guys who will be studying overseas.

colin: you’re a nice guy. i’msorry that we could not talked for more than two sentences at a time. i hope you will be successful in life.

chiaching: i’ll never forget the convesations we had together (topics that come from everything under the sun (although iwould like to forget about the one we had on “misai lady’s” black bra…how in the hell you can notice it in the first place??? it’s horrible.)

samuel: miss your ‘kiamhu-man’ comics. hope you will turn out fine in UK.

class.jpg 5SC1 of 2007

class2007.jpgthe star of the show: me!

i took my king scout test this year and passed of course. however, i find that this ordeal of mine is not just reap a highly valuable certificate (samuel, kingscout certs are not for applying for seurity guard posts), but anoppurtinity to know myself better. i found out that i have 4 major personalities and a shrink in Oprah says that i have to know myself to be a better person and accept those personalities. i found out that i canbe extremely hyperactive after having three glasses of strong coffee. those who witness it were terrified (pity yihan..he was my victim when i was in super hyper mode…i was singing rubbish and tauntitng him).


another huge event that took place this year is the emergence of “botak crew”. basically it is 8 people getting together to shave our heads to celebrate one’s birthday.


i have also retired from my post in the prefect board. five months of not doing duty is bliss man.



joined a basketball tornament with my gang and lost all matches. haha. first match was one day after king scout test. we played like zombies and lost alan through injury. i was having battles with my personal demons at that time and the bottled-up frustation was unleashed on a poor flower pot during a match. haha. kena scolding from mr kwok for kicking a flower pot and breaking it. thank you winnie for helping me clean up the mess and attempting to cool me down. appreciate it, girl.


well, i went for MYF camp this year and will blog about it later.

i’m leaving for KL tomorrow to further my studies. i can’t make it for the MYF gathering that chiaching asked me to attend. maybe i should not go because it would be harder to leave sitiawan. i would like to apologise first to yvonne because i didn’t give her chocolate that bight but aoife got one form me. sigh, she got jealous and called me a casanova.made it up to her by giving her and winnie Kisses. i know winnie loves Kisses so i gave it to them this morning. sorry to hoesiang because he has to put up with my antics at school. sorry to everyone that i have hurt in the course of the year.

i can’t believe i’m doing this but sorry to melissa mohan tyndall. i guess me calling you a big fat bitch or having four layers of phospolipids in your plasma membranes or how setting you up on fire will make you burn for a few years because of the amount of ‘fuel’ you have on your body and many other things (i’m lazy to write…i could even do a post on the things i called her). i feel that it is not right and disrespectful of you. i should have said all of those things STRAIGHT AT YOUR FACE INSTEAD OF BEHIND YOUR BACK!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ian Goh on December 27, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    OMG………………………….. u really do LIKE MELISSA MOHAN TYNDALL!!!!!!!!!!!! why on earth would you apologise for?? holy crap….

  2. i don’t lah

  3. Posted by Alan Teong on December 27, 2007 at 3:57 pm

    ermm…wats kisses???
    yea i still remember u kick the flower was fun!!!haha
    must play again..this time will not lose d..haha!!!
    we didt even win one game man…haha

  4. Posted by Ian Goh on December 28, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    oh yes you do…

  5. Posted by Samuel on December 29, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    yeah u do!!haha!!!

  6. Posted by winniehar on January 1, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    hahaha..u still remember..
    omg..u’re darn creative in calling her names..haha..

  7. Posted by ::hEnzAi:: on January 9, 2008 at 8:54 am

    all de best,my siam fren…
    got ur car license d rite?
    couldn’t attend any driving lesson wid u coz was reli busy..
    i m getting it on tis coming tuesday..
    anyway,all de best in everything u do..take care!!
    btw,where r u now?

  8. We never discussed the finer points of the game… is usually some meaningless arguments about things off field, more often than not revolving around a issue involving Mourinho, Abramovich or Grant.

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