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the chosen ones

hehe. you got your post,aoife. here are the unlucky chosen ones to be my classmates for the next 1 and a half years.


from left: felicia, mei yun, yee hua and azlan

hehe. felicia was my first friend here. she has joined a company of few priveleged ones (first friends from tadika till now : jeremy from linden, don’t know where is he now; ramanan in primary school and still a friend; don’t have any first friend in secondary school, they’re all brought forward from primary school). she’s currently doing her diploma in ballet.

mei yun is felicia’s neighbour here. they walk to college every day. and you’ve already met azlan. my only basketball, ponteng kelas and makan “kaki” here.hehe.

yee hua is the leader of my malaysian studies (sejarah in english) group assignment. she’s from a highly renowned school in KL (tak pernah dengar pun her school punya name in sitiawan. hehe). the three girls are very close.

guygroup.jpgfrom left: ‘eng dao’ lai, zhi han, choon hou and dao xiang.

‘engdao’ lai’s real name is very hard to pronounce. so felicia and i decided to call him ‘engdao’ (hokkien for handsome). his name means handsome too in mandarin. zhi han is kinda smart. he’s the glenn foo of our classs but he has a girlfriend (glenn masih tak ada…). he looks like dicky cheung with hair (the guy who acts as the monkey king in journey to the west). choon hou is the gay-est most metrosexual guy in class. he wears size-7’s. although he has small feet, he has a girlfriend in seremban. dao xiang looks a bit like tize bin. he likes a girl in our class.

dxnmeiyun.jpghe took a photo with mei yun because felicia does not want to pose with him.hehe

girlgroup.jpgfrom left: emily,mariam,fook yi,sook mei and shi teng.

hehe. never talked much to emily except when i wanted to take her photo (explain my intentions). don’t know much about fook yi except she has the coolest shoes in our class. sook mei’s a nice person. she helped me pick up my ruler once and guide a lost sheep (me!!!) back to the kandang (classroom). shi teng’s from Miri (near Sibu). sadly she’s not going home for CNY this year.

paulineandco.jpgfrom left: pau lynn, lee mei,yee mun, tse chin and yi wen 

this is pau lynn’s group. ahahaha. never talked with them before until when i wanted their photo.hehe. yi wen is the only one that talked to me. she’s close to jue anne (no picture of her…maybe she’ll appear in another post). hehe. they went to the same tuition before in secondary school. jue anne is one of the weirdest girls i’ve met. if you think winnie was tomboy-ish, jue anne is ahead of her by many miles. although she looks girly, she watches wrestling (a wrestling chick…woohoo…she loves john cena) and works out. she wanna be like beth phoenix. 

nigerian-classmates.jpgfrom left: henry, mariam and elizabeth.

all of them are from nigeria. the nigerians here is the second largest population of students here. they even have their own food stall. ate there before. the food was nice but it burned a hole in my pocket.

iranian-dudes.jpgaly and mohsen

these dudes from iran are the nicest people you’ve ever met. aly is the calm and composed one whereas mohsen is the jolly one. hehe. mohsen cracks a lot of jokes and really is a funny guy. winnie would love his company.


she’s the only malay girl studying a-levels for january 2008 batch. she’s quite a smart girl.

i don’t know about this class. they are all so serious during the first and second week. come the third week, they finally show their true colours. here are some pictures.

three-girls.jpgduring the first week. very serious.

aishah.jpgshao mei is beside aishah.

chemistry.jpgchemistry class. 1st week.

sleepingbeast.jpgchemistry after the third week

three-chinese-dudes.jpgthey start to camwhore already.

promotion.jpgazlan in chemistry class.

things happen in chemistry class. my lecturer’s like ling kee cheong: talks super slow but full of information. most students have difficulty paying attention/staying awake after the 2nd hour.hehe. the other students who are not featured are abdul rahman (sudan), jude (unknown), another dude (unknown), shao mei (she does not want her photo to be taken..she’s very shy…reminds me of jae rene) and jue anne (no picture). tests are coming after CNY. may God have mercy on my soul.


look ma,i’m on TV!!!

recieved a friendster message from sing ning that asked  me to vote for her sister, christy on cornetto love? perhaps. later did i realise the show has reached its final episode. the finalists were May and Alan (Maylan), Laura and Vincent (LV) and of course Christy and Raj (Rasty). sadly, my favourite contestant, Shanna was voted out. why la shanna was voted out? how come malaysia voted for Alan to be in the final? sigh, if malaysia can vote for daniel the faggot who can’t sing to win malaysian idol, i guess they can vote for alan to be in the final.


sorry la sitiawan. i voted for Laura because she was hotter than christy. every one wanted sitiawan’s latest darling to win but i wanted shanna to win. unfortunately, that didn’t happen so i voted for the next best girl.hehe. she’s mixed of indian and french. ooh, she was so cute when she had a “breakdown” before she met vincent’s parents. ahaha. shanna was mixed of indian and kadazan dusun or something else. if more indian girls like them show up in my life, my mum will have to but herself a nice sari for my wedding. funny how she always thought i will end up with a chinese wife. in fact, she always thought i might end up with one of the Har sisters since form 2. this is the recent conversation i had with my mum about the Har sisters.

“ei…you and winnie together a ??”

“what? hahaha…why you asked such a question??”

“yesterday at McDonald’s i saw both of you talking for a very long time..”

“so..girls like to talk stuff with your son cannot ah?? (actually winnie was asking me to tell reenosha that she was sick…she dowan to do duty)…”

“no la…i heard that she likes you..”

“ahahaha….who you heard from??? did that fella told you cows can fly too?? takde la. what la you? simply believe what people tell you…”

“no la…she’s pretty what…then, you like her sister a?? that yvonne??”

“huh? where you get all this ideas from? we’re friends only wert. who’s next on the list??”

“i thought last time she gave you a love note?? that does not mean anything to you a??”

“that’s not a love note’s a get well note..i was down with measles that time…that means you selongkar my drawer la. it’s an invasion of privacy…”

“i was cleaning up have all those stupid papers (chits..hehe) in your drawer..i have to throw them out what. at the end of the note got ‘love’…”

“that’s how people end their letters or notes la….like that you receive CNY cards from your friend who signs off with ‘love’ means the same la??”

“that one different la..fine la…i thought you told me she was very pretty once in form 2?? true wert…doesn’t that mean you have something?? or you guys started edi behind my back???”

“wait a?? i wanna go toilet…we’ll continue after this…sakit perut.

of course there was no pain. when i came out, she forgot to pursure the matter. ahahaha. my mum is getting older and forgets things fast. i always use the toilet trick.hehe. i actually wanted to join this type of reality TV shows in the future but i know what the producers will say.

“sachin…girls all over the world yearn for a guy who is tall, dark and handsome. you’re dark and quite decent-looking but you’re not tall. sorry. all the girls are around your height. you know la these model-type girls. the fact is, girls don’t look for guys who are shorter than them especially with their heels on. sorry la. but you’re quite an eligible bachelor. you’ll get yourself a nice girl. lets hope she’s not that tall”

sigh. turns out i’m not that tall for reality tv shows like this. the contestants on Love?perhaps are 175cm and above. i think the guy that is most suited to join this show is yipork. hehe. hey, got chance to hit on girls and free ice cream. don’t tell me he is not qualified to join. if alan and vincent (who got a cute chick along the way) can get to the final, i don’t see why yipork can’t. i wonder how will yipork will intoduce himslef to girls..

“hi…my name is yihan. you can call me Jerry..”

ahaha. no matter what girls call you: jerry or yihan, remember always that i’ll always call you yipork. muahahaha. if you get yourself a girl, i wonder what will the producers will call you and your girl. i got some suggestions:

jerry + jeniffer (example) = jerryfer

jerry + evelyn                     = jerrylyn

jerry + laura                        = L J (hehe)

jerry + vicky                        = jerK (muaahaha)

hehe. this is fun. another person who’ll do well is aaron ezekiel. he’s smooth around girls. haha.

hehe. i cannot join this show because i’m short la. maybe i’ll join the amazing race asia with justin or another kaki. you need a valid international driver’s license. hehe. got my malaysian one. get my international one in the future (if i wanna join the Race). hope it won’t fall on ramadhan, or else justin and i will masuk balai when we stop for makan. hahahahah.

the datin has come!!


the maroon car is my dad’s, the satria is my uncle’s and the honda is featured in my previous post. why did they park outside when there is space in the porch??


this lot seems like it’s reserved for someone big. i don’t know why. 


the big someone has come!! datin jo is here to visit’s my mum.she came by for the weekend.i missed her a lot.i was thrilled when she came but the joy was cut short when she said,“how come you never cut your hair??it’s long!!”.man, those are the first words she uttered to me. i’m disapppointed.hehe. that’s her parking spot. no one i sallowed to park there except her. she even had a kolam to welcome her.


haha.just joking. that kolam was made for a wedding. the ‘o’ was destroyed by the time i went there. the main suspect is none other than the bride’s nephew.


he claimed that his sister was the culprit but it could be either one. this kid is damn naughty. he broke some tiles in my house and played throws hammers around. that little devil. thank God he’s going to school this year.


this is the smallest wedding cake i’ve seen. at least all the layers are real, unlike some people who has plastic cake at a tier. Secret Recipe: when i get married, i want you to bake my wedding cake. i want four tiers. i want a brownies tier, oreo cheese, yogurt cheese and let the last tier to be chosen by my wife. i cannot be selfish.


i’m gonna miss my mum. she left when i took my afternoon nap. she’s coming down again on the 2nd to take a flight to sarawak for CNY. sorry dudes, i’m going with her. the monopoly rematch has to be postponed. hehe.


*sorry aoife, the post you requested for is gonna take a while. my classmates seem to be afraid to have their photos taken. i’ll get them as soon as possible and post it.

sweet rice

i love the sweet rice my family prepared during ponggal. it’s just…errr…super sweet..haha. i should have blogged about it on wednesday but i had other stuff that required the outmost attention. basically ponggal is about eating sweet rice. i’m just kidding. there’s more to ponggal than sweet rice. there’s payasam and wadai too.hehe. i’m supposed to work for a six-pack but the food was very tempting.

ponggal is a celebration of thanksgiving.Traditionally celebrated at harvest time, it is a celebration of the prosperity associated with the harvest by thanking the rain, sun and the farm animals that have helped in the harvest.In villages, new clothes are worn and people owning cows find this festival important. Pongal is celebrated by the Indian state of Tamil Nadu as well as Tamils worldwide, including those in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, USA, Canada and Singapore. The festival is at least 1000 years old although some believe that the festival is more than 2000 years old. As per epigraphic evidence, it used to be celebrated as Puthiyeedu during Medieval Chola empire days. It is thought that Puthiyeedu meant the first harvest of the year. [1][2][3] People of all religions celebrate the pongal festival.[4] Sweet pongal rice. Tamils refer to Pongal as “Tamizhar Thirunal” (meaning “the festival of Tamils”). This festival originated in Tamil Nadu. The saying “Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum” (தை பிறந்தால் வழி பிறக்கும்) meaning “the birth of the month of Thai will pave the way for new opportunities” is often quoted regarding the Pongal festival Usually, the festival takes place January 12 — 15 (on the Gregorian calendar). The festival is celebrated four days from the last day of the Tamil month Maargazhi (December — January) to the third day of Thai (January — February).

மாட்டு பொங்கல்The second day of the month Thai is celebrated as Maattu Pongal, it is for offering thanks to cattle, as they help farmer in different ways for agriculture. On this day the cattle are decorated with paint, flowers and bells. They are allowed to roam free and fed sweet rice and sugar cane. Some people decorate the horns with gold or other metalic covers. In some places, Jallikattu, or taming the wild bull contest, is the main event of this day and this is mostly seen in the villages.

காணும் பொங்கல் During the final day, Kaanum Pongal (the word kaanum means “to see”) people visit their relatives, friends to enjoy the festive season, but in the cities this day is synonymous with people flocking to beaches and theme parks to have a day out with their familes. They also chew sugar cane and decorate their houses with kolam. This day is a day to thank relatives and friends for their support in the harvest. Although it started as a farmers festival, today it has become a national festival for all Tamils irrespective of their origins, caste or even religion. It is as popular in urban areas as is in rural areas.

Bhogi போகி , is celebrated on the last day of the Tamil Month Margazi as an initiation for the festival, it is celebrated by throwing away and destroying old clothes and materials, by setting them on fire, marking the end of the month Margazi and the emergence of the new Thai.

                                                                                                                                                                source: wikipedia.

hehe. so far, i only know that you have to throw old things and get yourself new stuff. my knowledge about indian festivities is quite appaling for an indian (i can’t be excused although i’m half indian). i didn’t throw anything but i got myself something new.


this, ladies and gentlemen, is my first red underwear. hehe. throughout my life i have never owned a pair of red underwear. my dad got it for me. i know you girls out there want to see me in this but the guys might get jealous. moreover, i’ll get lots of spam from gay people. i operate an informative blog, not a gay porn one.

what matters to me the most on this day is the sweet rice. without the sweet rice, ponggal’s value is diminished greatly in my opinion. i’ll show you some pictures.


my aunty didn’t cook it traditionally (open fire with a claypot). she just use gas. faster and more environmentally friendly.


this is what it looks like after its done. served with kacang putih.


my house has two sugarcanes tied to the gate. even the INCULS in my college had them tied on the stairs leading towards the entrance.

thanks to the overload of sweetness, it made me feel like a small kid again. in order not to make a mess in the house, i decided to run around the taman until i’m tired so that i won’t help to create a mess. pity my uncle who has to clean up the house. i’m spoiled here. they don’t let me do any chores unlike my mum. haha. it helps to preserve my big gay hands.hehe, happy belated ponggal to every one.


an N73 in my hands.


losing a treasure

i’m not feeling well, physically and mentally. during class break yesterday, i played basketball with azlan at our court here. the court was nice but not ventilated. sweated like a pig and entered class. as i was too tired, i didn’t pay attention in class. luckily it was biology and she was talking about transport of molecules across a cell surface membrane(plasma membrane). it rains here every day and my uncle fetches me with his mtorcycle. basically i’m riding pillion in the rain most of the time.

it finally caught up to me. i was feeling unwell and dead tired. then i realised minutes later that the worse is coming. i realised that i’m going to lose my second most valuable treasure (the first is being my family). i was devastated. although i just found it recently, i value it very much.

i’m not sure whether i could find something like that again. it was really special. maybe i’ll find it again someday but will it remain in the same condition? i really don’t know. you can only find this valuable treasure once in a blue moon. this really sucks. the thought is spinning around in my head until i had no mood to watch tv or read the newspaper yesterday. the gut-wrenching feeling is worse than the feeling of failing to get straight A’s in my UPSR and what i felt during the death of my maternal grandparents put together.

i went to 7-eleven this morning and got myself Oreos and yogurt, the two of the best things in life. somehow, the yogurt was not refreshing and the Oreos taste like biscuits for diabetics (they suck…no sugar…jacob’s hi-fibre-low-salt biscuits were better). the coffee i’m having now which i asked the operator to bancuh sangat ‘kao-kao’ had no kick. it tasted like milo without sugar.


i had no choice but  to believe that God has better plans. i hope that i won’t lose this treasure forever and someday in the nearest future,we’ll meet again. until then,i’m gonna keep myself busy here and continue to dunk my oreos in yogurt until my treasure returns.


my first week in college

i started writing this post at 6.52 am. i reached my college today at 6.33am. who on earth goes to school so early in the morning? apparently, a girl comes here everyday before me and sleeps at her little corner.


i took this photo 20 minutes after i reached college. ate nasi lemak at a nearby stall. first day of college is like any first day in school. i have to convince a lot of poeple that i’m not a malay. the twist here in UCSI (University College Sedaya International) is that not only must i convince people i’m not a malay, i have to convince them that i am local. my first friend here, Felicia popped the question,” are you local here?”. “err…ya…i’m mixed.”.“mixed of what? malay and chinese a?” “ la…indian and chinese”. see, told you.

“my name is Sachin.” after that the two chines boys in my class started laughing.sak ji (cantonese for killing chicken)…hehe” hehe. go on and laugh. they thought i could not understand cantonese but thanks to ah wong (lou po zhai) and other characters in TVB dramas, i can understand basic cantonese. they found out that i am half-chinese after 3 days in which they were relatively surprised when Felicia told them that i can speak and understand chinese.


my dad and his babe. soon that babe is mine.

that’s my dad for those who don’t know. he’s gotta lose some dad sends me to school everyday. the last time he did that was when i was in standard one. our daily morning routines brings back memories. “why your hair like that??go and comb it! you look untidy with your hair like that.” hahaha. he would ask me to comb my hair every morning when i was in standard one and he’s asking me the same question every weekday morning now. hehe.

things in KL are so expensive. like this nasi lemak below.


that stall operator cut my throat when she charged me RM1.50 for a nasi lemak you can get for RM0.70 in sitiawan.

don’t know why college students make lots of mistake. you’re supposed to adverstise your room, not embarass yourself.


this dude below is mohd azlan.


he’s not a malay, by the way. he’s burmese. cool huh? the class that i’m studying in only has 8 boys (5 are malaysian) and the rest are girls. alan told me that in this situation i’ll get a girlfriend for sure but my heart is with someone right now so i think i’ll forget about it. when i thought i left moral behind with my secondary school, i was SO WRONG. i have to study Moral here and if you fail, you have to retake the paper. however, this moral concept is kinda twisted. for example, i hate winnie. everybody else hates winnie. so when i kill winnie, everybody is happy. am i in the wrong for killing a childish girl hated by everyone? of course not. as long as everyone is happy, i’m right. no offense to any winnie i know (especially the childish one), its just an example. no offense


this is where i sleep if i have free time. the library is so quiet that i’m not alone in my quest to rest my eyes. you can find many people sleeping here. unfortunately, i cannot offer you pictures because i might get sued.

i went back to sitiawan for an outing with samuel ding. i met the lady in the Chuasoilek sex DVD.


weijian took her photo. just kidding. this small girl can never feature in a sex DVD. she’s one of the nicest people in the world. made me feel welcome at MYF camp. she’s too holy to be taped.


i got to know from a very reliable source that daryl missed me. yeah, i missed you too. sadly we both don’t have homosexual tendencies and don’t like to main belakang or else i think there could be something between us.


there’s a light at a certain end of a “tunnel” where faeces comes out.

11.jpg elton john and his partner love to lick each others’ lolipop and poke from behind.hehe

good luck to chee and daryl who’s going off to australia. please don’t bully yiwen. she’s not fat.

bye yiwen,i’ll miss your assets.haha.

bye aoife. i’ll be waiting for your muffins.

bye samuel, lets play risk.

the soft toy above was a present from aoife. his name is Hehee. not only samuel can feature his soft toy in his blog okay.