my first week in college

i started writing this post at 6.52 am. i reached my college today at 6.33am. who on earth goes to school so early in the morning? apparently, a girl comes here everyday before me and sleeps at her little corner.


i took this photo 20 minutes after i reached college. ate nasi lemak at a nearby stall. first day of college is like any first day in school. i have to convince a lot of poeple that i’m not a malay. the twist here in UCSI (University College Sedaya International) is that not only must i convince people i’m not a malay, i have to convince them that i am local. my first friend here, Felicia popped the question,” are you local here?”. “err…ya…i’m mixed.”.“mixed of what? malay and chinese a?” “ la…indian and chinese”. see, told you.

“my name is Sachin.” after that the two chines boys in my class started laughing.sak ji (cantonese for killing chicken)…hehe” hehe. go on and laugh. they thought i could not understand cantonese but thanks to ah wong (lou po zhai) and other characters in TVB dramas, i can understand basic cantonese. they found out that i am half-chinese after 3 days in which they were relatively surprised when Felicia told them that i can speak and understand chinese.


my dad and his babe. soon that babe is mine.

that’s my dad for those who don’t know. he’s gotta lose some dad sends me to school everyday. the last time he did that was when i was in standard one. our daily morning routines brings back memories. “why your hair like that??go and comb it! you look untidy with your hair like that.” hahaha. he would ask me to comb my hair every morning when i was in standard one and he’s asking me the same question every weekday morning now. hehe.

things in KL are so expensive. like this nasi lemak below.


that stall operator cut my throat when she charged me RM1.50 for a nasi lemak you can get for RM0.70 in sitiawan.

don’t know why college students make lots of mistake. you’re supposed to adverstise your room, not embarass yourself.


this dude below is mohd azlan.


he’s not a malay, by the way. he’s burmese. cool huh? the class that i’m studying in only has 8 boys (5 are malaysian) and the rest are girls. alan told me that in this situation i’ll get a girlfriend for sure but my heart is with someone right now so i think i’ll forget about it. when i thought i left moral behind with my secondary school, i was SO WRONG. i have to study Moral here and if you fail, you have to retake the paper. however, this moral concept is kinda twisted. for example, i hate winnie. everybody else hates winnie. so when i kill winnie, everybody is happy. am i in the wrong for killing a childish girl hated by everyone? of course not. as long as everyone is happy, i’m right. no offense to any winnie i know (especially the childish one), its just an example. no offense


this is where i sleep if i have free time. the library is so quiet that i’m not alone in my quest to rest my eyes. you can find many people sleeping here. unfortunately, i cannot offer you pictures because i might get sued.

i went back to sitiawan for an outing with samuel ding. i met the lady in the Chuasoilek sex DVD.


weijian took her photo. just kidding. this small girl can never feature in a sex DVD. she’s one of the nicest people in the world. made me feel welcome at MYF camp. she’s too holy to be taped.


i got to know from a very reliable source that daryl missed me. yeah, i missed you too. sadly we both don’t have homosexual tendencies and don’t like to main belakang or else i think there could be something between us.


there’s a light at a certain end of a “tunnel” where faeces comes out.

11.jpg elton john and his partner love to lick each others’ lolipop and poke from behind.hehe

good luck to chee and daryl who’s going off to australia. please don’t bully yiwen. she’s not fat.

bye yiwen,i’ll miss your assets.haha.

bye aoife. i’ll be waiting for your muffins.

bye samuel, lets play risk.

the soft toy above was a present from aoife. his name is Hehee. not only samuel can feature his soft toy in his blog okay.



17 responses to this post.

  1. pei chyi is coming to study in my college in june…ahahaha

  2. ahahhaa, i didnt noe azlan had a moustachey-thing going on.and no.he doesnt REALLY look like ZY.maybe the eyes and lips. 😀 anyway you’ll just hafta wait til June fr my muffinsss. (:

  3. food so expensive….you’re gonna go broke…

  4. Posted by freakke_aren on January 14, 2008 at 3:22 am

    hey man…sad to hear you have to suffer through moral again…haha…dude this is your chance 2 be foreign wei…next time anyone asks u say you’re red-indian or summin…lol…trust me dude you’ll be surprised by d way ppl treat you after dat…few people know me as Deranian Chopra d half-turkish hindustani kid…haha…babes go nuts…but u must fake an accent la…on a different note…good to hear dat you’ll be drivin aroun soon and don’t complain bout d price of stuff dude…get a night job er summin…they pay male strippers well siot!(i’m just sayin)..

  5. Posted by Alan on January 14, 2008 at 5:43 am

    not everyone was to be a foreigner ok???
    not everyone was to be a pakistani..haha!

  6. aoife-i’ll wait patiently. you had better make sure they’re worth the wait.

    ramanan-wasted 60 bucks in a week. you’re right wei. glad to hear form you after a long time.

    aaron-guess you’re using that trick.unfortunately , chinese chicks here don’t watch hindi movies while the indian girls study different course.huhu.the indian girls here are hot tho.

    alan-hehe.if i can fake an accent, i’ll definitely be a foreigner.

  7. Posted by dagreat on January 15, 2008 at 2:49 am

    eh..ur car..ur dad change the rim?? n 1 more thing if u send ur mum’s pic to me again i gonna send naked granny’s pic to u n my blog

    just started a short blog..gonna blog bout my part time job soon..c u in sitiawan on thursday..

  8. Posted by eefaa noelle on January 15, 2008 at 4:11 am

    Grrr.i gotta practice the cheese bit you ordered first. blehhh.

  9. dad didn’t change his rims la

  10. Posted by Ian Goh on January 15, 2008 at 10:54 am

    wow…first week in college…cool cool….see u in kl….aussie open is so great….got davydenko’s , mauresmo’s and stephan koubek’s autograph….so happy…haha….

  11. hahax..all the best sachin..

  12. Posted by chinwei on January 15, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    hey did u noe tat dr. chua’s new is on de local newspaper in aus…hahaha…he would be famous man..hope 2 c u soon..

  13. Posted by winniehar on January 15, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    i definitely am offended…..zz.

  14. don’t be la..sorry lo

  15. Posted by ~DeNni$~ on January 16, 2008 at 6:16 am

    ~my heart is with someone right now ~ is “she suppose to be PS??but i’m suspecting some1 else right now..!!
    haha..any1 wanna know??ask me personally la..muahhahha SAk Ji (Ba#)..oops..!
    neway,i can tell u that sunway gals r way chunner wey,.some with sexy tattoes somemore..
    gtg,got a class going on..!

  16. hehe…here also got pretty girls but they study other course..huhu..hope to see you soon chin wei

  17. Posted by winniehar on January 18, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    u guys r supposed to study…

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