sweet rice

i love the sweet rice my family prepared during ponggal. it’s just…errr…super sweet..haha. i should have blogged about it on wednesday but i had other stuff that required the outmost attention. basically ponggal is about eating sweet rice. i’m just kidding. there’s more to ponggal than sweet rice. there’s payasam and wadai too.hehe. i’m supposed to work for a six-pack but the food was very tempting.

ponggal is a celebration of thanksgiving.Traditionally celebrated at harvest time, it is a celebration of the prosperity associated with the harvest by thanking the rain, sun and the farm animals that have helped in the harvest.In villages, new clothes are worn and people owning cows find this festival important. Pongal is celebrated by the Indian state of Tamil Nadu as well as Tamils worldwide, including those in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, USA, Canada and Singapore. The festival is at least 1000 years old although some believe that the festival is more than 2000 years old. As per epigraphic evidence, it used to be celebrated as Puthiyeedu during Medieval Chola empire days. It is thought that Puthiyeedu meant the first harvest of the year. [1][2][3] People of all religions celebrate the pongal festival.[4] Sweet pongal rice. Tamils refer to Pongal as “Tamizhar Thirunal” (meaning “the festival of Tamils”). This festival originated in Tamil Nadu. The saying “Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum” (தை பிறந்தால் வழி பிறக்கும்) meaning “the birth of the month of Thai will pave the way for new opportunities” is often quoted regarding the Pongal festival Usually, the festival takes place January 12 — 15 (on the Gregorian calendar). The festival is celebrated four days from the last day of the Tamil month Maargazhi (December — January) to the third day of Thai (January — February).

மாட்டு பொங்கல்The second day of the month Thai is celebrated as Maattu Pongal, it is for offering thanks to cattle, as they help farmer in different ways for agriculture. On this day the cattle are decorated with paint, flowers and bells. They are allowed to roam free and fed sweet rice and sugar cane. Some people decorate the horns with gold or other metalic covers. In some places, Jallikattu, or taming the wild bull contest, is the main event of this day and this is mostly seen in the villages.

காணும் பொங்கல் During the final day, Kaanum Pongal (the word kaanum means “to see”) people visit their relatives, friends to enjoy the festive season, but in the cities this day is synonymous with people flocking to beaches and theme parks to have a day out with their familes. They also chew sugar cane and decorate their houses with kolam. This day is a day to thank relatives and friends for their support in the harvest. Although it started as a farmers festival, today it has become a national festival for all Tamils irrespective of their origins, caste or even religion. It is as popular in urban areas as is in rural areas.

Bhogi போகி , is celebrated on the last day of the Tamil Month Margazi as an initiation for the festival, it is celebrated by throwing away and destroying old clothes and materials, by setting them on fire, marking the end of the month Margazi and the emergence of the new Thai.

                                                                                                                                                                source: wikipedia.

hehe. so far, i only know that you have to throw old things and get yourself new stuff. my knowledge about indian festivities is quite appaling for an indian (i can’t be excused although i’m half indian). i didn’t throw anything but i got myself something new.


this, ladies and gentlemen, is my first red underwear. hehe. throughout my life i have never owned a pair of red underwear. my dad got it for me. i know you girls out there want to see me in this but the guys might get jealous. moreover, i’ll get lots of spam from gay people. i operate an informative blog, not a gay porn one.

what matters to me the most on this day is the sweet rice. without the sweet rice, ponggal’s value is diminished greatly in my opinion. i’ll show you some pictures.


my aunty didn’t cook it traditionally (open fire with a claypot). she just use gas. faster and more environmentally friendly.


this is what it looks like after its done. served with kacang putih.


my house has two sugarcanes tied to the gate. even the INCULS in my college had them tied on the stairs leading towards the entrance.

thanks to the overload of sweetness, it made me feel like a small kid again. in order not to make a mess in the house, i decided to run around the taman until i’m tired so that i won’t help to create a mess. pity my uncle who has to clean up the house. i’m spoiled here. they don’t let me do any chores unlike my mum. haha. it helps to preserve my big gay hands.hehe, happy belated ponggal to every one.


an N73 in my hands.



10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ian Goh on January 18, 2008 at 3:22 am

    dang..now that u just mentioned about red underwear,i dont have one too…haha….n73 huh?? bet it’s not urs…haha…

  2. Posted by Jac on January 18, 2008 at 7:26 am

    hey..i oso dun hv 1 le..haha.
    so hw’s r u in sedaya..gt cun gals ar..

  3. Eh that looks like my phone ? Seems familiar ler…

    Yours or mine ?


  4. Posted by Alan on January 18, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    i hav a red underwear too..i forgot wat brand it is…but spoil d..

  5. Posted by eefaa noelle on January 19, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    hmmm. now where have i seen tht red underwear before???
    personally, red underwear= DANGERR. hehee. Bet you look like you got shot in the groin. 😛

  6. ian-hehe.surely not mine la.get yourself one for CNY.hehe

    jacob-i’m fine.of course got cun girls.but they study other course.

    jeffry-doesn’t blong to me or oyu.hehe

    alan-time to get a new one

    aoife-how’d you know it spells danger??

  7. Posted by ~DeNNi$~ on January 21, 2008 at 7:18 am

    haha…so close yet so FAR..(N73)..!!bwahahaha

    bout red undies….they r my favourite wey..!!

  8. Posted by eefaa noelle on January 21, 2008 at 11:44 am

    must i even reply tht question???

    derrr. wht else would it be? Free Party Here! =.=

  9. hahax..sounds very traditional la sachin..trying to be a typical indian huh..?hahax

  10. hehe…i don’t simply offer free parties

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