look ma,i’m on TV!!!

recieved a friendster message from sing ning that asked  me to vote for her sister, christy on cornetto love? perhaps. later did i realise the show has reached its final episode. the finalists were May and Alan (Maylan), Laura and Vincent (LV) and of course Christy and Raj (Rasty). sadly, my favourite contestant, Shanna was voted out. why la shanna was voted out? how come malaysia voted for Alan to be in the final? sigh, if malaysia can vote for daniel the faggot who can’t sing to win malaysian idol, i guess they can vote for alan to be in the final.


sorry la sitiawan. i voted for Laura because she was hotter than christy. every one wanted sitiawan’s latest darling to win but i wanted shanna to win. unfortunately, that didn’t happen so i voted for the next best girl.hehe. she’s mixed of indian and french. ooh, she was so cute when she had a “breakdown” before she met vincent’s parents. ahaha. shanna was mixed of indian and kadazan dusun or something else. if more indian girls like them show up in my life, my mum will have to but herself a nice sari for my wedding. funny how she always thought i will end up with a chinese wife. in fact, she always thought i might end up with one of the Har sisters since form 2. this is the recent conversation i had with my mum about the Har sisters.

“ei…you and winnie together a ??”

“what? hahaha…why you asked such a question??”

“yesterday at McDonald’s i saw both of you talking for a very long time..”

“so..girls like to talk stuff with your son cannot ah?? (actually winnie was asking me to tell reenosha that she was sick…she dowan to do duty)…”

“no la…i heard that she likes you..”

“ahahaha….who you heard from??? did that fella told you cows can fly too?? takde la. what la you? simply believe what people tell you…”

“no la…she’s pretty what…then, you like her sister a?? that yvonne??”

“huh? where you get all this ideas from? we’re friends only wert. who’s next on the list??”

“i thought last time she gave you a love note?? that does not mean anything to you a??”

“that’s not a love note la..it’s a get well note..i was down with measles that time…that means you selongkar my drawer la. it’s an invasion of privacy…”

“i was cleaning up ok..you have all those stupid papers (chits..hehe) in your drawer..i have to throw them out what. at the end of the note got ‘love’…”

“that’s how people end their letters or notes la….like that you receive CNY cards from your friend who signs off with ‘love’ means the same la??”

“that one different la..fine la…i thought you told me she was very pretty once in form 2?? true wert…doesn’t that mean you have something?? or you guys started edi behind my back???”

“wait a?? i wanna go toilet…we’ll continue after this…sakit perut.

of course there was no pain. when i came out, she forgot to pursure the matter. ahahaha. my mum is getting older and forgets things fast. i always use the toilet trick.hehe. i actually wanted to join this type of reality TV shows in the future but i know what the producers will say.

“sachin…girls all over the world yearn for a guy who is tall, dark and handsome. you’re dark and quite decent-looking but you’re not tall. sorry. all the girls are around your height. you know la these model-type girls. the fact is, girls don’t look for guys who are shorter than them especially with their heels on. sorry la. but you’re quite an eligible bachelor. you’ll get yourself a nice girl. lets hope she’s not that tall”

sigh. turns out i’m not that tall for reality tv shows like this. the contestants on Love?perhaps are 175cm and above. i think the guy that is most suited to join this show is yipork. hehe. hey, got chance to hit on girls and free ice cream. don’t tell me he is not qualified to join. if alan and vincent (who got a cute chick along the way) can get to the final, i don’t see why yipork can’t. i wonder how will yipork will intoduce himslef to girls..

“hi…my name is yihan. you can call me Jerry..”

ahaha. no matter what girls call you: jerry or yihan, remember always that i’ll always call you yipork. muahahaha. if you get yourself a girl, i wonder what will the producers will call you and your girl. i got some suggestions:

jerry + jeniffer (example) = jerryfer

jerry + evelyn                     = jerrylyn

jerry + laura                        = L J (hehe)

jerry + vicky                        = jerK (muaahaha)

hehe. this is fun. another person who’ll do well is aaron ezekiel. he’s smooth around girls. haha.

hehe. i cannot join this show because i’m short la. maybe i’ll join the amazing race asia with justin or another kaki. you need a valid international driver’s license. hehe. got my malaysian one. get my international one in the future (if i wanna join the Race). hope it won’t fall on ramadhan, or else justin and i will masuk balai when we stop for makan. hahahahah.


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  1. Posted by Alan on January 29, 2008 at 5:17 am


  2. Posted by Samuel on January 29, 2008 at 11:10 am

  3. Posted by eefaa noelle on January 29, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    if aaron ever read tht second last paragraph, he wouldnt be able to fit out the door and run around telling everybody ’cause his bleedin’ head would be so bleedin’ BIGGG! ohh wait. its already swollen, isnt it? ahhahaaaa. How’s Hehee, btw? Still your acting shrink? poor fella, gets unnessecarily earfucked.

  4. hehe…unfortunately he still is…what does ‘swt’ means anyway???

  5. Posted by Ian Goh on January 29, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    haha…damn…when did ur conversation with winnie happen?? long time ago ka? haha…..i feel sorry for ur mum la…she doesnt know that her son is a homo….haha…jk jk…

    if u do join the amazing race,i bet u’ll be the first team out…haha…justin will do great i guess…he’s super lembu…
    oh ya…spending my cny here is aus………..so sad…haha…no monopoly..no beer = no gunshots and no ang pao…KNN….see u in kl i guess….

  6. Posted by yvonne on January 30, 2008 at 2:12 am

    wei…winnie and i tot of joining amazing race also!!!!!!!!!!! lets go together!!!!!! =P we get first and u two get 2nd k???!! hehe..
    and i gave u a note?? really???i cant remember…. but i remember u gave me a note lar…haha….i still have it…haha…. shhhhhhhh…secret……

  7. haha…sachin..winnie..?yvonne..?..nyway u make good jokes..i was laughing all the way reading this comment..

  8. Posted by ~DeNNi$~ on January 30, 2008 at 5:58 am

    Seems like some1 is having a terrible mental-ache..suffering from loneliness i guess…here’s the proof of how he made himself feels better~“sachin…girls all over the world yearn for a guy who is tall, dark and handsome. you’re dark and quite decent-looking but you’re not tall. sorry. all the girls are around your height. you know la these model-type girls. the fact is, girls don’t look for guys who are shorter than them especially with their heels on. sorry la. but you’re quite an eligible bachelor. you’ll get yourself a nice girl. lets hope she’s not that tall”~haha…poor thing..lied to himself to stop thinking bout PS..!!

    U got ur license d??din fail o??haha..bet the pole must be further apart now(for side parking).haha…
    don’t try to get international license la…u’ll end up hitting a CONCRETE PILLAR la…muahahaha…jk jk..

    btw,swt means erm…u now right wat comes after the word allah always…i.e. allah s.w.t…..haha!!

    Har sis definitely will lose in amazing race la..with yvonne’s kiasuness…haha…

    C all of ya back in s’wan during CNY..!!

  9. dennis-wat la…don’t attack yvonne la

    arronan-glad you enjoyed it

    yvonne-ya, secret between us…hehe

  10. sigh…
    yup..height is a prob for you and u-noe-who..

  11. walao eh si wei jian…ish!!!!!! but the swt part is funny..haha!!!!

  12. Posted by Alan on January 31, 2008 at 5:10 am

    yea…swt is allah swt….hehe!!!!!
    if they see this we are goin to ISA.haha

  13. hehe.the only person going to ISA is you alan!!!

  14. zzz..haha..wat the crap..

  15. Posted by freakke_aren on February 3, 2008 at 10:00 am

    ssup man…it doesn matter if ur not tall(notice i din say short)…look at ryan(seacrest)…
    he gives hope to un-tall ppl everywher…dude n thought i was d only one i no who was dyin to join d amazin race…it’ll b awesome i bet…
    -aoife ! i dun hav a big head okay…its dis thing called confidence
    n yea man thx for d compliment….regardless la im still SINGLE as a stick!
    wats happenin to d girls…lol
    tk care mann…
    yvonne n u’ll make cute kids bro!..haha

  16. Posted by eefaa noelle on February 3, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    aaron:yeahh. well. i’ll take wht i said back if you take back the last line of your most recent comment.

  17. well..aaron,aoife..its just childish of u guys to be so called ‘argueing’ like this..haha..
    from wat i can c..i guess…aoife seems to have a crush on sachin..

    note:i’m not really sure who aoife is..haha..
    no offence guys..

  18. hehe..stop crapping la arronan…

  19. Posted by eefaa noelle on February 4, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    arronanana:none taken. me? crush? pfft. please don’t flatter sachin. its bad fr his mental health.

  20. hahaha..all the best to u guys..the thruth dosen’t always taste/sound good..hehe..no offence..

  21. truth*..miss cued..

  22. Wat the heck.attack me like this…
    Anyway it was a gud joke.haha..
    N swt means sweat..bt i guess ev1 noes wat tat means edi..

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