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i thought i have wings…only for them to be torn apart

this is one of the worst weeks of my life. it all started last sunday when arsenal was beaten 4-0 by manchester united. to rub salt on the wound, they were held by Milan at the emirates last thursday. i didn’t actually watched the game. received a text message that said we were held.

i was actually looking forward to my trip home to sitiawan this week. i had to attend a course so that i can achieve something higher in scouting. the whole king scout batch was there except for chiaching (welcome back from JS my friend!!). my mum booked a taxi to come fetch me at 12 noon. so, i left class 30 minutes earlier, took my lunch and proceeded to McDonald’s for desert. it was 12.10pm. curious on why he was late, i called the taxi driver.“you wait a…i have to go to the airport..i’m on my way…i’ll call you…” ok, fine. i waited till 2.30pm. i am blessed with a lot of patience so i didn’t lash out at the taxi driver. there were two indian ladies who are old enough to be my grandmother in the taxi. they can’t speak english. wow, a silent ride all the way to sitiawan. this would test me.

i managed to stay un-hyperactive throughout the whole journey. when i came out of the taxi and paid him, i cursed him. dah la fetched me 2 and a half freaking hours later than he was supposed to, he actually had the nerve to stop and makan wa tan hor at a coffeeshop. to make things worse, he never exceeded 80km/h throughout the whole journey. i had to stay patient and hypoactive for 5 FREAKING HOURS! he was the first taxi driver that i didn’t thank. thank god he drove a comfortable Mercedes.


pati.jpgpity pati. bored until she slept

reached sitiawan only for ian to tell me there’s an outing. he even asked Ivy out!! so i called her to confirm. as expected, she could not make it. sigh. i was disappointed. 0/2 in asking her out. never mind,said ian. fetch me he will. so i played my PS2 while waiting. guess what, my controller which was bought in december was broken. i freaked out at my sister until she cried. all these while i paid for every single thing from parts to maintenence and she can’t even take care of it. i was pissed. then my instinct told me, “every time you were fetched by ian, something bad will happen.” . i was bracing myself for the worst until i saw ping sin!

“ok..this shouldn’t be bad” i thought to myself. i was right, it wasn’t bad at all. it was downright HORRIBLE!! arguably the most charismatic and the gentleman of all gentlemen in sitiawan (and slowly spreading his charm in college too), i was silent throughout the whole ordeal. i froze/choked/paralysed. i can always talk to girls that i like but somehow that is not to be that come someone who always delivers fell short on that fateful night? my reputation of being able to talk with any girl (except melissa the big fat b*itch…i choose not to talk to her…not melissa khoo..don’t be mistaken) seemed like a BIG FAT LIE! sachin in silent mode. that’s what alan described it. my unflappable confidence left me. i felt like james bond’s martini; shaken. the plan i have of “introducing” myself to the girls from the other class was shelved. i am a disgrace to myself.

headline.jpg guess i’m in the ‘not’ category after the poor showing

after the humiliating experience, comes the showdown with mum.

mum: what the hell were you thinking? didn’t you know about the time? you have a course tomorrow.where you got the cake from?

me: got it from ping sin.

mum: who? zhong yee’s sister? how come you know her?

me (wants to end showdown as quickly as possible) : you don’t know your son is a playboy? i even have girls waiting for me from as far as ayer tawar. (avoiding the complete breakdown on how i know pingsin and endless questions that follow. she once asked me and i spent 1 hour explaining to her. i don’t want to do the same again. she clearly forgot who pingsin was)

mum: hey!! she’s someone daughter. you will get beaten if you kacau her…bla bla bla till i slept at 1am.

someday when a girl comes up and says i’m her unborn child’s father, i’ll be married to her by then. that was what i wanted to say to my mum but if that happened, i won’t be able to sleep as the showdown will definitely last the whole night. guess what? my mum apprehended me on my hair, AGAIN. and again we fought over my hair. they don’t have prefects in college so i want to keep my hair long. thank god justin came early and fetched me over to yihan’s place. due to unforseen circumstances, justin and i missed breakfast. walau, we cannot jalan if we don’t have food. thank you very much yihan. you and my mum had just spoiled my morning.

we went out at night with yuki. 0/3 for asking ivy out. sigh, disappointed again. then yvonne asked me ,”OMG… sound like a pervert la…” she gave me a warning to stay away as far as possible (albeit the chance of winning the lottery is bigger) from becoming her brother-in-law. i also know i don’t have a chance la. better listen to yvonne. in another three months she can shoot me with ease (thanks to NS) with a M16. yvonne, when you’re there, put lots and lots of sunscreen to minimise your “tanning” session a.k.a under the scorching sun. also, stay away from perverts as they might harm you. come home safely.

then, my phone rang. “where the hell are you?”. that’s my cue to go home. i waved goodbye. “why so early?” winnie asked. it’s not that nice to say that my mum freaked out. my ego is bruised way enough. “because your sister is not here…that’s why i wanna go home…” . “winnie, don’t talk to him..he became a pervert since he went to KL.” BANG!!! she shot me straight at my heart. you have hurt me, yvonne. when i reached home, another showdown occured with my mum. crap!!!

i’m twisted cause one side of me is telling me that i need to move on;

on the other side i wanna break down and cry…ooohhh

i’m twisted cause one side of me is telling me that i need to move on;

on the other side i wanna break down and cry…

this got to stop. move on, sissy!! i’m not going to let this stop me from enjoying the course. after a hearty breakfast at home curry house, i’m set to take on the day. slowly but surely my bruised ego and confidence is starting to recover from the heavy beating it suffered during the past 7 days. guess what happened when i met arronan? “ u won 5-1..arsenal draw! what happened?!!” .BANG!! what the heck. give me a break.

i had some fun at the course. mainly because of my friends. we joked a lot. thank you Tn Amir. your lectures were the best. teletubbies, power rangers and transformers have a new meaning now.


hehe. girls kill for hot guys in uniform especially the three guys above.

luckily i don’t have a girlfriend that says she wants to have a break from me. that will probably be the last straw. you will see me in a black plastic bag the next day if it happened this week. a shout out to daryl and chee. i’m blessed that you are in australia now. my incident with pingsin would be of great pleasure for your G9 and chee will haunt me on arsenal’s recent poor form. chia ching, i know you are not planning to take king scout this year. if you do change your mind, it’s on the 27th of march. would the showdown with mum about my internet usage stop, please!!!


sitiawan welcomes back her favourite son: ME!!

well, its my second return to sitiawan. had fun actually. went to school to attend sports day. oh boy, my former schoolmates were shocked. michelle wong was the first to greet me. she jaga pintu when i arrived. got a hug from her too. “OMG sachin, your hair..”.haha. my hair was the main issue people talk about when they met me that day. they can’t even recognised me at first. i was waving at winnie and her friends from afar but she didn’t acknowledge me at first. so i decided to do the same thing again, only this time closer.

“AH!!! sachin..your hair!! wow..very curls upwards la. *played with my hair*”

winnie har, she and her sister always played with my hair when they were younger. i never thought winnie would play with hair again but i was wrong.


this was taken one week ago. i have a fringe now. hehe. that’s what winnie was pulling at first. then she moved on to the back of my head…


cool eh. it curls upwards now. my hair is super weird. first it will grow a mohawk, then the back will grow in three directions and now it curl upwards. but my mum forced me to cut my hair.sigh.


the mohawk. winnie and yvonne always played with it in form 2. alan must be feeling jealous now.haha


this was my first hair makeover. i look so damn gay. i need to blowdry my hair in order to achieve this


winnie says this hairstyle looks best on me. she said it gave me an emo look. more edgy, she said.

later glenn, alan, ian and i went for a round of quake 4. those three people do not have a sense of honour at all especially glenn. all of them attack from behind. no guts, no integrity. all bang from behind. later we went to yuan wen’s house. ian had to reformat her computer. we spent 4 hours in her house. i was bored so i did this.


lion king characters!! simba, pumbaa and timon


scar humping simba. ahaha.

then we went out at night to lumut. alan told me that he asked yvonne out. then i had a better idea: ask ivy to tag along.hehe. ivy har: the eldest and hottest Har sister. i still have a crush on her. how to lose that feeling when she looks like this.


cool pic huh? looks like an editorial for a magazine. to be honest, i like only pictures from daryl’s set of lenses and those of ivy har (people in sitiawan). however, ian and i agree that there is a better picture. a picture that involves an “angle problem”.


hehe. i feel like a pervert now. sorry eh, ivy. i hope you won’t feel offended. it’s just that you’re so hot. ahaha.

unfortunately for me, ivy didn’t turn up. i called her at 11.30 to ask her but she didn’t answer. disappointed, i drove home. as i was fetching aaron and alan home, my phone rang. aaron offered to answer but it feels weird to have a guy putting his hand in your pocket. it’s just weird. i thought it was my mum so i didn’t pick up. later did i realise it was IVY!!! why didn’t i answer the phone. jatuh ditimpa tangga.huhu.

at least i hanged out with my friends. ian got me a batman shirt from australia. thank you so very much ian.


my mum told me not to play with food. she’ll freak if she sees this.

after my trip, i was broke. mainly because of PKM (everything revolves around the Har family now). Mrs Har (mainly the reason why Ivy looks hot) actually gave me a discount on the thing that i was going to buy: a notebook cool pad.


cost me RM38. now left with RM22 in KL now (ang pao’s from ang and yipork…hehe)


it has three fans and lights. kinda cool.


cool-looking stuff for a cooler piece of machinery: my laptop.hehe

i hope that on my next trip back to sitiawan, ivy would actually go out with me. well not on a date, bring your sisters along. but if you do wanna go on a date that would be better. now i really wished i continued my guitar lessons (i went for a class only). then by now i could be a rocker and possibly get girls like Ivy (most preferably Ivy herself…i have a knack for older girls…not too old la.).hmmm, maybe not!!! ahahahah. i hate bassists now especially one whose name starts with a ‘B’. just kidding

roses are red, oreos are packaged in blue

for the first time in college, i actually went boh sia (hokkien for being quiet) during a conversation with jue anne. usually she’ll end up “shot” by my comments. however, she won for the first time last tuesday.

jueanne: wei, since you’re mixed, which girl you prefer: chinese or indian? i think you prefer chinese right?

me: no la. not neccesary. if indian girl very hot then i like indian girl la. if got ah moh also can. mixed also can. who say i only like chinese girls.

jueanne: then tell me the races of all the girls you like.

me:err……(went speechless for a few seconds)..all of them chinese.


crap, i couldn’t believe that it happened. if that was not bad enough, yee hua came and asked me:”hey sachin, you got girlfriend a?”. when i told her i don’t have one, her response was, “like that you alone for Valentine’s Day lah??”

yes, yee hua and all of you out there: I celebrated the past 18 Valentines ALONE (no girlfriend la). i mean, Valentine’s Day could be overrated. on this particular day, prices of roses and plush toys sky-rocket and restaurants took advantage of it and charge extra on this day.


Valentine’s should not be like the situation above: go for dinner at expensive restaurants. guys (especially me) spend the bulk of their money on food (and they might invest in toys if they have a collection). if you’re really in love with him, McDonald’s should be fine.


however, don’t get the prosperity foldover that McD’s selling. its not bad but not that good either. what really pissed me was the prosperity tea they’d served me


its not properous to fork out RM12 for a combo that has a not-so-tasty foldover and a drink that taste like a solution of cheap perfume and water. the twister fries saved the day. have a spicy chicken McDeluxe instead.



dude, it’s McDonalds! don’t ask your date how’s the taste : it’s consistent. she ate it lots of times and she knows how it tastes like. dah la you didn’t bring her to a fancy restaurant and you’re asking her a pretty dumb question. you should be saving that question….


……..if you cooked dinner yourself. yes, i find this the perfect meal for Valentine’s dinner. its cooked with love and sincerity that comes from the heart. guys, please don’t try this unless you know how to cook and the food tastes really good. girls can cook it and get away with it if it tastes bad, you can’t…

Valentine’s is not a day for dinners and roses. there’s other things you can do (especially for singles out there). like…


playing basketball. that’s what i did. (wilson’s gotta learn how to take decent photos with a not-so-decent camera phone). or you could….


act as your favourite wrestling superstar. you could….


spend time with your children. it only applies to those who have (note that she is not wilson’s daughter).


you can also go for a blind date. (i apologise if i offend any visually-impaired people here)


try to have a baby-making session. woops. that’s what couples do on Valentine’s. only they engage in the process with some rubber covering the “pipe” and some jelly smeared on the “entrance” of the “oven”. they wanna bake bread without the bread actually baked. hehe

or study for bio test. that’s what i did. luckily i don’t have a girlfriend or else i’ll spend the night with her than with my books. i think the main reason why i feel miserable on Valentine’s day this year is that i have a test on the next day. so i have to forget about watching romantic movies on TV and study for bio test.

i wished i have a day for myself. looks like i have to be at least a saint in order to have a day after me. imagine: Sachin’s Day. a day where people kill ants on a massive scale. not only that, instead of roses and chocolates, people give each other a Transformer, batman figurines or hot wheels. they have oreos and yogurt the whole day with chocolate as a side dish. radio stations will play at least 3 coldplay songs each hour and Foo Fighters as well as Kanye West will actually get more airplay. and batman movies, star wars saga, LOTR trilogy and the BOurne series will be aired on TV movie channels. oh ya, not forgetting arsenal matches on sports channels. hehe. i guess this is a reason why i’m not a saint yet. ahahaha

the boy who got himself a headband because his hair was too long and went out with his cousin to camwhore around.

air asia’s air stewardesses are freaking hot.the figure-hugging uniform compliments their hourglass body shape. i wonder what all the fuss made about their skirt is too short. duh, like la you can see their panties that easily. they are not that stupid. they wear black stockings you know. they cross their legs when they sit (learn to do that winnie…big girl edi loh). why no fuss made on MAS uniform? the slit is quite high what. maybe high slits on baju kebaya would not get any complaints from Kelantan MPs because most of them wear baju kebaya. not sure but our ministers are quite stupid anyways.

back to the flight. it was pleasant throughout. the only problem i had is the in-flight menu. a small packet of oreos (featured in my previous post) costs RM3. hey, i got 12 of them for RM6.95 and i brought all of them on the plane. i think the passengers would prefer to buy it from me for RM1.50. hey, i can still make money.

“would you like something,sir? oh, you want hot chocolate. hold on.”

wow, a hot lady making me a hot drink. the only ladies that made me hot drinks are my mum and my aunty. i feel blessed.

“that would be RM4”

“if i were to say you’re cute, could i have a discount?” nah, i didn’t say that. are you nuts? my mum was sitting right beside me. if she was not there, i would definitely pop the question. she was in a really bad mood. i had a fight with her before the flight.

mum: why are you bringing your facial cleanser? airport rules states that it is not allowed.

me: huh, that’s crap. its just a facial cleanser.

mum: it’s still the rules. leave it home.

me: screw the rules (i was pretty upset that time. it happens all the time after i wake up from sleep. it takes me an hour or more to be mentally stable to face the day. so winnie, don’t annoy me when i wake up. arguments are bad for relationships especially when kids are around.they’ll pick it up…hehe)

mum: oh, go college learn how to swear lah. know how to use bad words lah.

me: i know a long time ago. just that i never used it in front of you. it’s just a facial cleanser, not a BOMB. just let me bring it, okay??!!

hehe. silent treatment until we landed at the airport. guess who greeted me at the airport. my cousin, wilson. ahaha. i missed him actually. there was no one to play football with (PS…thrashing the computer in FIFA 08 is no fun now….thrashing someone else is better..haha). although we had a lot of issues previously, being away actually made those issues go away. haha. we make a pretty dynamic duo.

presenting: D-generation X.


dx.jpghehe. look almost alike right??

hehe. we had lots of fun. caught up with each other, watched sweeney todd together (early contender for movie of the year…i’m a big fan of Tim Burton’s movies), do chores together (those chores are a pain in the @$$). it’s like we’re a gay couple


hehe. it’s not his TV we’re watching. we’re camwhoring at SenQ (an electronics departmental store). haha. camwhoring is so damn hard. i wonder how does yiwen do it all the time and the pictures came out pretty nice. guess (lots of) practice makes perfect eh.


sorry la SenQ, i had oreos that day. i need to channel my hyperactive energy somewhere right?


hehe. this is the furniture shop. that bed costs RM13000 minus the matress and pillows. cool huh? imagine yourself making love there and the stains stay there even after many washes.hmmm….13000 on bed; 18 on condoms; me laughing at the stains that stay forever on the bed, priceless. there are something that money can’t buy, for everything else, there is Master advertisement for them.

 i thought i was halucinating when i saw him. the God of Fortune here?? he walk selamba only and every one that walked past buat tak tau only. later i heard an announcement: ” the god of fortune and the monkey king is here at Delta Mall. posing for pictures are free!!”. cheh, and i thought i had overdosed on oreos.


me and my mum did what was expected: pose for pictures!

meandchaishenyeh.jpg like prize-giving ceromony only. haha

monkeyking.jpg don’t think i’m short ok. he has extensions. if you think he’s short………

mum.jpg my mum can only reach his waist.. ahaha


its sui guo bing (fruits in ice/iced fruits/cold cuts/ tak tau la). kinda nice. makes a good desert.

one thing about being with my mum is she likes to nag. and again, my hair was the issue. what is wrong with keeping long hair. having long hair does not mean i smoke, take drugs, sleep around and any other bad things. why the fuss? but i agree, it is long and it runs down my forehead. it gets in the way when i’m shooting hoops. the solution….


i got myself a headband. don’t call me cocky. the headband is not for style, it has a purpose: to keep my hair away from my forehead. if you wanna attack one who wears a headband, attack those botak-heads who wear them la. like rajon rondo (boston celtics) or bonzi wells (memphis grizzlies).

happy chinese new year to all my readers. hope you’ll be healthier and usher into the new year prosperous and successful

the boy who went shopping with his dad

i went shopping with my dad last saturday. never thought of it as a son-father thing. just running an errand for my aunty with my dad (i still can’t drive alone yet). we went to Tesco, Taman Midah first to get chicken and fish for dinner.

as always, i’ll wonder around the supermarket. here are some pictures to prove i went there.


my favourite aisle of every supermarket i visit. the yogurt aisle. i love yogurt. in fact, this is the best dairy product ever made.

nestle.jpg nestle bliss extra creamy and fruity

i hate you, daryl (well, used to a very long time ago….but i’m okay now…hehe). it was mainly his fault that i lost my yogurt supply for deepavali. “let’s go sachin’s house….got yogurt wei..”. i hate sharing my yogurt with people. i can finish 18-21 containers in a week without leaving any for my mum and sister. hehe

bliss.jpg is it just me or is this drink a bit too diluted??

after yogurt, i’ll visit the ice cream aisle.

icecream.jpg drumstick section. i still prefer Magnum.

haagen.jpg haagen dazs. check out the price wei…

milk.jpg milk: the basis of all dairy products

i can’t understand why i love all dairy products except milk. it sucks. however, i’m forced to drink 2 small cartons per day for the rest of my life due to some health issues. someone must be laughing her pants off when she reads this but she’ll say she feels sorry for me. hehe. we both know that’s not true.


i save the best aisle for last: the Oreos shelf!!! if i were to be stranded on a deserted island somewhere, i’ll be happy just to survive on oreos. it would be better if there was yogurt to dunk it into (i twist,lick and dunk it into yogurt instead of milk). unlike mum, my dad doesn’t limit my oreos intake. naturally, i’ll take just a packet (325g or something like that). i used to beg my mum for a second pack but its different with my dad.

“you sure one is enough?? take some more (he’s gave me 3 more packets)”

hehe. the devil is playing inside my head. i can’t resist. i gave in to the temptation. i got myself a packet and a box containing 12 smaller packets of oreos. it’s bliss. i finished it by myself by the third day.


later we went to a shopping mall to do some last minute CNY shopping for my sister. as always, i’ll wander to the toys section and look at the batman action figures on the shelf.

mum: why are you even here?? how old are you??

dad: which one you want?? this one?

wow. i have the best daddy in the world. instead of telling me that i’m way too old for action figures, he asked me which one do i want. how can i disobey my dad’s orders on getting myself an action figure??


i got myself these two figurines for my latest collection. i’m collecting the Justice League and so far i got myself two figurines from my dad: Green Lantern and Aquaman. i still have 8 more figurines to complete my collection. i could have gotten Optimus Prime (he transforms) that day if my dad was short of cash but i’ll take what i got.

and he got me something special for me to wear during CNY.


CNY underwear from Hush Puppies. haha. for three days during CNY, there’ll be a dragon, two fishes and another animal in front of my “birdie”.hehe. i love shopping with daddy. muahahaha