roses are red, oreos are packaged in blue

for the first time in college, i actually went boh sia (hokkien for being quiet) during a conversation with jue anne. usually she’ll end up “shot” by my comments. however, she won for the first time last tuesday.

jueanne: wei, since you’re mixed, which girl you prefer: chinese or indian? i think you prefer chinese right?

me: no la. not neccesary. if indian girl very hot then i like indian girl la. if got ah moh also can. mixed also can. who say i only like chinese girls.

jueanne: then tell me the races of all the girls you like.

me:err……(went speechless for a few seconds)..all of them chinese.


crap, i couldn’t believe that it happened. if that was not bad enough, yee hua came and asked me:”hey sachin, you got girlfriend a?”. when i told her i don’t have one, her response was, “like that you alone for Valentine’s Day lah??”

yes, yee hua and all of you out there: I celebrated the past 18 Valentines ALONE (no girlfriend la). i mean, Valentine’s Day could be overrated. on this particular day, prices of roses and plush toys sky-rocket and restaurants took advantage of it and charge extra on this day.


Valentine’s should not be like the situation above: go for dinner at expensive restaurants. guys (especially me) spend the bulk of their money on food (and they might invest in toys if they have a collection). if you’re really in love with him, McDonald’s should be fine.


however, don’t get the prosperity foldover that McD’s selling. its not bad but not that good either. what really pissed me was the prosperity tea they’d served me


its not properous to fork out RM12 for a combo that has a not-so-tasty foldover and a drink that taste like a solution of cheap perfume and water. the twister fries saved the day. have a spicy chicken McDeluxe instead.



dude, it’s McDonalds! don’t ask your date how’s the taste : it’s consistent. she ate it lots of times and she knows how it tastes like. dah la you didn’t bring her to a fancy restaurant and you’re asking her a pretty dumb question. you should be saving that question….


……..if you cooked dinner yourself. yes, i find this the perfect meal for Valentine’s dinner. its cooked with love and sincerity that comes from the heart. guys, please don’t try this unless you know how to cook and the food tastes really good. girls can cook it and get away with it if it tastes bad, you can’t…

Valentine’s is not a day for dinners and roses. there’s other things you can do (especially for singles out there). like…


playing basketball. that’s what i did. (wilson’s gotta learn how to take decent photos with a not-so-decent camera phone). or you could….


act as your favourite wrestling superstar. you could….


spend time with your children. it only applies to those who have (note that she is not wilson’s daughter).


you can also go for a blind date. (i apologise if i offend any visually-impaired people here)


try to have a baby-making session. woops. that’s what couples do on Valentine’s. only they engage in the process with some rubber covering the “pipe” and some jelly smeared on the “entrance” of the “oven”. they wanna bake bread without the bread actually baked. hehe

or study for bio test. that’s what i did. luckily i don’t have a girlfriend or else i’ll spend the night with her than with my books. i think the main reason why i feel miserable on Valentine’s day this year is that i have a test on the next day. so i have to forget about watching romantic movies on TV and study for bio test.

i wished i have a day for myself. looks like i have to be at least a saint in order to have a day after me. imagine: Sachin’s Day. a day where people kill ants on a massive scale. not only that, instead of roses and chocolates, people give each other a Transformer, batman figurines or hot wheels. they have oreos and yogurt the whole day with chocolate as a side dish. radio stations will play at least 3 coldplay songs each hour and Foo Fighters as well as Kanye West will actually get more airplay. and batman movies, star wars saga, LOTR trilogy and the BOurne series will be aired on TV movie channels. oh ya, not forgetting arsenal matches on sports channels. hehe. i guess this is a reason why i’m not a saint yet. ahahaha


16 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sasukekai on February 15, 2008 at 5:34 am

    the green tea sucks…

  2. the green tea is okay wat…. whos that little girl?? she’s cute….!

  3. Posted by Jue Anne on February 15, 2008 at 8:19 am

    haha wei nice pose… hahaha……………….. D-generation X!!! kakaka….and funny pic of dao xiang you took… can’t stop laughing.. LOL…

  4. aiya..i tot u vv keng in ‘kao lui’ 1..shud hv gt 1 b4 valentine’s day fren nd less than 1 month 2 gt a gf gt tuition from him d..haha..
    i think a malay suits u more la.. =p
    when r u going bac 2 s’wan??

  5. Posted by winniehar on February 15, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    jacob..thai suits him more..i mean siamese..hahah!!
    eh..dun forget bout the old frens here back in sitiawan (ME!!)after u know new frens mer..
    sachin’s day..that’s funny..u even thought of the programme for the whole day..

  6. Posted by Jac on February 15, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Haha..ya hor..4gt d..siamese suits u beta..but 2 bad i din c any siamese here..if nt can intro 2 u..but thr r plenty of indonesian here le..wan ar.. =p
    winnie..if u wan oso can..i find 4 u some bangladeshi..haha

  7. haha..crap..Sachin’s day..haha i can’t imagine that..arronan’s day sounds better..hehe..just jk..pity u no date on valentine’s day..

  8. yvonne-the girl is wilson’s godsister

    winnie- i won’t forget you wan…don’t worry

    maryam-glad you liked it

    jac-hehe,,maybe i’ll find myself one later.

    jue anne-it’s a gift i have…haha

  9. Posted by freakke_aren on February 16, 2008 at 11:42 am

    lemme start by sayin i think jue annes pretty hot(she’s d babe in d 1st pic ryt?)…n yea it sux 2 be without a valentine 4 18 friggin yrs!…my 1st valentine better b worth it wei!…haha…cant b goin thru SADs(singles awareness day) any longer…sachin s i said u can hav anythin u want with ur hair!..use it!..haha

  10. Posted by sasukekai on February 17, 2008 at 11:39 am

    single awareness day…tats a good one…haha..yea my first valentine better be good…

  11. Posted by ~DeNNi$~ on February 19, 2008 at 3:02 am

    coldplay songs ~they are 4 GAYS wey(according to 40 years old virgin)haha..!!
    yea,i can also intro some nigerians for u wey..wan??

  12. dennis-tak payah la…here see until very sien edi…

    aaron-jue anne likes indian guys wei

  13. Posted by eefaa noelle on February 21, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    i don’t really see how she reminds you of me. She’s like, waaaaay prettier.

    luckily you didn’t elaborate on my blind date. I would kill you in June.

  14. Posted by sasukekai on February 21, 2008 at 2:42 pm

    coldplay is not for gays…

  15. aoife-woops…hehe

    alan-yes…coldplay not gays…coldplay rules…

  16. Posted by Jue Anne on February 24, 2008 at 10:20 am

    sachin!! dun elaborate abt wat guys i like lar!! i’m so gonna kill u wei!!

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