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gone baby gone

it’s been a while since my last post. it’s not that i don’t want to update what am i doing here but rather there’s nothing interesting to blog about. the latest buzz worth mentioning is that prince charming could live happily ever after with snow white, with a childish dwarf who’s enjoying herself at new zealand helping out the prince. go figure.

anyway, felicia has accepted her matriculation offer. she will be going to Gopeng. it means that last monday was her last day at college.

it’s a really sad affair. she’s the noise-maker in our class. she’s louder than me. everytime she’s absent, the class would be very quiet. i’m gonna miss her. there will no longer be an eye candy in my class. it’s funny how i once actually went to secondary school just because there was an eye candy in my class (not melissa the bitch…she’s not eye candy, rather a HUGE EYE SORE MADE ENTIRELY BY CHOLESTEROL and LIPIDS). i had a crush on that eye candy. that was in form 2. it was when i was in form 4 that i realised going to school means much more than looking at the eye candy.

anyway, they had her farewell party at a karaoke joint. i couldn’t go because my dad wouldn’t let me. it was organised by paulynn. all efforts of trying to change the place bore no fruit. so i gave up, congatulated felicia and wished her all the best. then i went gym-ing with my gym ‘kaki’-s at our college gym.

what do you know, april 08 intake students were having their orientation at the multi-purpose hall. from the gym, we could have a very clear view of everyone. spotted a few hot girls by the way.

digi came and gave out freebies to all digi users.haha. i got myself a goodie bag which has……

a small slingbag and other pamphlets. there were a lot of weird people in april intake students. they just add the numbers of the weird people community here.

i just realised that i have a very wide forehead


the boy who went to his former school with his friends whereby one of them told him that his cousin told his aunty, “Justin kor kor friend car POM!!!!”

it was prize-giving ceromony day at my school so i went there. i was in line to receive three prizes. one of them for my king scout. i don’t want to wear my uniform because i have follow a certain set of steps to receive any awards three freaking times. luckily justin decided for us to wear formal attire.

i went and met friends that i haven’t seen in a long time. the ever-beautiful yvonne har does not look like she went for NS training. she does not look tanned. j-cyn (who herself just got a bit darker) told me that she will in a few weeks time. chian woon also was not tanned. guess it’s hard for snow white to become snow brown, eh. jiayi wore a white dress which is one of the rarities of sitiawan and other classmates. notable absentee would be chiaching, chee, daryl, samuel and winnie as well as colin boo.

king scout batch 2007. the teachers have mixed reviews of my hair. Pn (maheran, yusnita,) said that my hair does not look good in the eyes of old people. Pn (siti hajar, rosma-“fly-fly”-wati and rosnah) said we (me, weijian,ian and ang) look like Fahrenheit (a chinese boy band i think). a teacher also asked me why i didn’t cut my hair. i justtold her my grandma just passed away and i’m not supposed to cut my hair for a certain period of time.hehe

another shot of us.

the contestants of “malaysia’s next top buttocks”. who has the nicest ass? do vote. ahahaha

i learnt a lesson: never give your children long names. my dad made the mistake and now my name is too long to be engraved on the plaque. it was also constantly mispelled. however, i’m proud of my unique name. anybody else has a name which its letters are longer than the alphabet?? (i have 27 letters in my name whereas the alphabet has 26!!!)


“oi…in front got car!!!”


my dad and i met an accident. our car was immobilised/totalled/crushed. guess what? i’m not the driver. my dad was shocked. it was his first accident. it was raining.

if i were to say my dad has no skill, it would be a false statement. if he really had no skill, i won’t even be writing this post. heck, you might see me in a black plastic bag. so i thanked god for not taking our lives. we always complain that proton cars are soft; one punch and there would be a dent. luckily we were in my dad’s proton. the very-easily crushable front portion of the car increases the time of collision thus reducing the impulsive force which in turn had no effect on the passengers in the cabin. if we were in my honda (not so easily crushable) , i would be in the hospital.

we had to be towed. its funny how i asked my father if i could drive us back to kl and he refused. “dowan…we’ll reach home late if you drive”. well, he drived and we reached home after 6 and a half hours. who’s slower???

so people, no matter how skilled you are or how good is your car; drive slow in the rain.

this is a community message brought to you by the ministry of health and thr royal malaysian police;NOT!!!!!!!!

*i’ll be back after 2 weeks so no new material until after my trials*

the boy who got sleep deprived so that he can see his friends go in and out and wait for a bunch of old men to sign his certificate

Pentarafan Pengakap Raja 2008. this is the ultimate camp for teenage scouts. they have gained knowledge throughout their secondary school years (its more if they started since primary school) and are expected to apply all these skills in this camp. i passed last year. in order to pass my probation, i had to complete my service to the state. i went with justin who drove his “canggih” toyota corolla with ang as his co-driver and hoesiang to complete the fearful foursome. weijian and yipork (no kidding, weijian actually fetched a person!!!). justin’s car is “canggih” because he has many switches that controls the horn and stuff. we can even hear nitrous-oxide-purges IN the car. that’s because his brake pump ‘bocor’ so air can be pumped out. scary, huh??

“who here has the most ‘A’s in SPM???!!!”

justin and ang pointed at me. crap. i’m officially the ‘ketua pembantu’. it’s not really an honour to lead your fellow king scouts and other junior scouts in perak for this camp. given the ‘honour’ means you cannot sleep at night because you have to make sure everyone does their duty. furthermore if anything happens while the higher authorities sleep at night, i’m the first person to be screwed.

 however, being the leader means you can easily delegate all the hard work to other people whereby you just stand and watch them. if they screw up, you just screw them back.

ahahaha. see, i told you. it could have been me doing this.

scouts becoming grave diggers for cats or some other animals that might get killed. hehe. yipork leads the project.

ang showing off his manliness. haha. of course he has to show it. wanna know why? the object of his desire is here. let’s just call her 014. ang was freaking manly whenever she’s around. he can even dig a big hole that can bury winnie and j-cyn together all by himself. wow, i was amazed until zhongyang told me his ‘catalyst’ was there. ahahah.

you learn a lot of stuff by being a scout. seriously.

can any band/KRS/PBSM/St. John’s/ or other uniformed bodies come up with this? and this is not the elaborate type. we were told to keep things simple yet functional.

grasshopper spotted. it’s made of coconut leaves. i was shocked beyond belief. i showed this picture to choon hou. “aiya…fake one a?? cheh” . “i knoe its fake. can you do it???”. he went speechless. haha. scouts 1-0 st john’s. these scouts are really creative when it comes to craftworks.

it’s made only by string. its a  mug coaster. it’s made by 014. hehe.

this basket is made from silver-spray-painted paper. more pictures at ang’s blog. i wonder why they put so much effort in this. i only did a ‘tabung’ (piggy bank) from bamboo. i just made a hole and used marker pen to decorate it. because of me, ‘tabung’-s are banned this year. ahahaha.

i pitied ang. the prey was there to be hunted but the hunter seems, well, uninspired to hunt. weijian and justin gave him lots of advice. i could have given some if i was not busy being the leader. anyway, he had his moments with  her (albeit being 5 minutes or so). so, congartulations!!




ang roped in justin and weijian to drive out for food. hey, i wanna go. however, i’m supposed to stay in the camp. that’s because if anything comes up and i’m not there means i’m screwed beyond belief. that means they get to go out and sleep whereas i have to stay ‘indoors’ and stay awake. however, they did buy me vegetarian food from outside. they’re good friends, are they? but this incurred the wrath of hilir perak scouts. they complained to me and to some other people but i closed my eyes (and ears!!!).

they are tested on CPR. both firdaus and prashan failed. firdaus pressed on the stomach whereas prashan pressed on the heart. they are supposed to press on the sternum. i taught them many times but they seem to forget. good-lah. both failed.


i was forced to dance because those who didn’t dance need to clean the hall. hey, might as well learn something new that clean the dirty hall. ahahaha. however, certain scouts need to be screwed.

first aids kits? wtf. there are a few of these boxes. it’s appaling. if you don’t know english, don’t use it. it’s humiliating.

i’m done with my service. now i’m waiting for all the sultans to sign my king scout certificate. i hope that i can get the badge form the Perak sultan by the end of the year but then again, since when are VVIP punctual??

the boy who kept in touch with his inner child

this post should be up 3 weeks ago but there were unexpected events that delayed this post.

this small kid pretty much reminds me of myself. he’s highly imaginative. he will greet me everytime i reach home from college.

as you can see, his name is written on his birthday cake

as you can see, his name is spelled on his cake.

here are some pictures of him

during his party

he calls me khanecksha. in fact, everyone here (excluding college) calls me by my second, longer name.

neighbour’s kids during his party

he’s 6 this year

he cried because he can’t finish his homework in time to watch cartoons

he tried to hit me when i took his picture

he got a bicycle for his birthday. he was ecstatic. every single day since he got it, he would cycle around the taman until we forced him to come inside. he got it during the days leading to the elections. the candidate who lives near my house distributed lots of BN merchandise to the residents. lets just say the boy wants to accesorise his bike.

it looks like the candidate gave him the bike. its free campaigning for him. he’ll cycle around the taman with the BN flag, keychain, bandanna and stuff in his bike. and the residents could not harm him because he’s just s small kid.

his bicycle really intrigues me. i was bored really, so i decided to do one of my favourite childhood pastime.

i’m the red reject ranger. it means that i have all the necessary qualities to be a power ranger but they rejected me because i’m too short.sigh. the world is so unfair. but i’m still a ranger. haha

have no fear, the best superhero is here in his thunder tricycle. muahahaha. evil do-ers and monsters beware!!

hey, you’re not a power ranger unless you have a zord. my car transforms into a megazord by its own. however, i don’t need to use my zord because…..

now all the monsters i’m fighting are around his size.

soon mattel will come up with hot wheels with my face on it.ahahaha.

as the red reject ranger™, i’m searching for other rangers. so far i have identified a suitable girl to join me. she’s from sitiawan. she has short hair, childish, likes fishballs, likes basketball and she’s very short. i’ll try to convince her to join me. at least i have an apprentice that she can train with.

i seriously want to see winnie in this costume. ahahahaha