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the boy who went to an event organised by a girlie magazine with his friends only for him to leave dissatisfied

chiaching (cc): wei,summer splash coming.wanna go???!!!

me: of course. i bet got loads of hot chicks.

alan:go where, go where?? i wanna come!!!

sadly we didn’t make it last year because it was SPM year. if missing summer splash was not bad enough, i missed kanye west’s concert.sigh.

anyway, chiaching asked me to attend this year and i’m not planning to miss it this year.hell yeah!! i won’t be going alone with chiaching;ian,weijian,jacob,junbiao and alan decided to make a cameo appearance in what i thought was an exciting chapter in my life this year.

“wei, i might be coming.get extra tickets. justin will tag along.”

in the end, ang didn’t show up with justin. it means that i have an extra ticket. i thought my situation was bad enough, chiaching has THREE extra ticktets. one ticket admits two persons. so i asked jueanne. that was due to the fact that all the male classmates in my class decided to go back to their respective hometowns.

the june issue of seventeen magazine that i bought for RM6. turns out there was NOTHING interesting (for me) in this issue. heck, i got the magazines just for the free tickets.

yup, it was for this darn page. anyway,i got to see the 10 summer hunks in the magazine and hayden panettiere. the rest were not appealing to me.

my dad read the magazine. i’m not kidding.

if i’m not mistaken, its aileen, the editor of the magazine. my dad asked me what on earth in that magazine that interest me till i got myself the magazine. i just told him i want the tickets. i can’t lie to my dad, can i??

i had extra tickets. so i decided to ask my cousin, wilson,who happens to be here learning culinary arts, whether he wants to go or not.

me: hey,wanna go sunway with me or not???

wilson: why???

me: i got extra tickets for an event. its seventeen magazine and roxy summer splash.

wilson: what is the event for???

me: err. its about one out of 10 guys being crowned as the ultimate summer hunk.

wilson: you go there to see guys???!!! sorry la. i’m not interested. no more credit.bye!

i just can’t see why people can’t see the bigger picture. i’m not going there to drool over 10 guys, i’m drooling over the many hot girls who are drooling at the 10 guys.

my summer splash experience started a day before the event. thank you kishen for drawing me a map to reach sunway. i really appreciate it. this post will not even be posted if it wasn’t for you. i decided to drive myself a day before summer splash to sunway. i was surprised i made it to sunway without making any wrong turns. so congratulations to me!!! i watched “prom night” (dumb movie) and met up with chiaching and julie yu. if that was not enough…..

i got my picture taken with the JUSTICE LEAGUE!!! ahahaha. however, The Flash looks too buff. he’s supposed to be skinny. Wonder Woman on the other hand has too much make-up.hehe. Batman was Iranian. aiyo!!!

then i met up with the rest of the fellowship of summer splash over Starbucks. the Starbucks guy at the counter gave me invites to watch Prom Night because i ordered the dark mocha frappucino. i just watched the movie, damn it!!!


dad: are you wearing the shirt later???

me: erm,yeah. why???

dad: i think your shirt got fungus. don’t wear it

me: it’s not fungus. it’s the pattern of my shirt.

what a way to start my day!!my dad was funny that morning.hehe

i fetched jueanne and reached sunway at 9.30am. weijian said we should all meet up and have breakfast at 10am the previous day. the only problem is, weijian is not even awake at 9.30am. sigh.i waited for ian before making our way to dunkin’ donuts. we saw wenjing there but i was afraid of calling out to her. she was with a guy. i do not want him asking her questions about me later. besides, she walks quite fast.


tuantynn was clearly not amused when ian asked her whether nicholas (am i right???) was her boyfriend or not. don’t worry TTT, you are not alone who thinks he’s annoying. he annoyed me the previous day asking whether jueanne was my girlfriend or not. by the way, thanks for the donuts, ian!!!

“i like your hair. it is so wavy. i don’t like my hair when its long”

thanks alan, i like my hair too. unfortunately,my dad HATES it. i promised him i will take a haircut during my holiday but i would like to keep it for now. back to summer splash,we decided against waiting for weijian and went to line up. by the time we reached the entrance, there was a very long line formed. we had to go to the back of the line.

we were here at the back of the line at 11.50am.

these people are civilised people. they actually lined up and waited for their turn to enter.

there’s still a very long way to go even after we came out of the dark parking lot.

“what’s the difference between escalator and elevator??? they all seem the same??? where are you guys???”

yuanwen decided to tag along. i had to go pick her up at KFC in sunway pyramid because she does not know the difference between escalator and elevator. for those who are as clueless as her: escalators are motorised STAIRWAYS that you see in supermarkets and shopping complexes. elevators on the other hand, are motorised PLATFORMS that you use in hotels or skyscrappers (unless you like to use the stairs to reach your room 10 floors above). we started arguing and never stopped since.

malaysians are idiots. all the stuff about us being extremely friendly and polite are true if Pak Lah and George Bush are brothers. degenerates (there were many of them) decided to cut queues to enter summer splash. it was so crammed that i end up touching places that i do not want to touch. when you thought things could not get worse, people are coming out at the pathway that we are entering. “Beri kerjasama…beri laluan!!!”. how to give when there’s nowhere to move??? gosh, it makes my (very few) failed spot checks in school look extremely organised. when the “barrier” was lifted, everyone rushed in from all directions,pushing small children and their elderly guardians.gosh, i even had to protect a small boy from being crushed by the mob. i entered the premises with chiaching at 2.20pm.

by then, there were lots of people at the surf beach. i was in no mood to obtain materials for my blog. however, i got some pictures.

the summer hunks strutting their stuff.

the summer hunks and cover girls.

the event was hosted by deejay, Jien and R&B sensation, Liang. that’s what the magazine said. anyway, kudos to them for getting the crowd into things.

all of a sudden,yuanwen disappeared. so jueanne and i decided to go look for her. we stopped at the toilet for a while so jueanne can use the loo. getting there was hard as well. there were just too many people. however, i was directly behind the stage.

to be honest, the cover girls look hotter in real life. i’m serious. i was never looking forward to the crowning of the cover girls but when they strutted their stuff, both chiaching and i agree that they are hot.

the guys were doing push-ups and discussing about different workouts that sculpt their body.

since ian is not here, why not take the oppurtinity to take shots that he can’t get??

ahaha.sorry dude, the indian lady might kill me because i took shots. i got to make them quick and could not really tell you that the railing was blocking your face.

the guys were nice enough to have their picture taken. i like that guy’s hair.

since i’m in a good mood i’ll give you girls another shot.

i was damn tired just waiting for jueanne to do her business and searching for yuanwen. i decided to rest in the beach bistro where i met yuanwen.cheh.soon, the whole party came and we took a look at the menu.

wow, nipples. ahahaha.

i can’t help but laugh when i think about how to make my order.

“excuse me, can i have sex on the beach??? hmmm….i changed my mind…can i have a blowjob instead??”

chiaching and ian wanted to get into the water. i had a conversation with a member of the fellowship who asked me to join them.

friend: wei,why you don’t want to swim???

me: i do not want to smell like pee. besides, toilet got lots of people.

friend: aiya. 50% of the people there urinate there.hmmm. i also want to pee.

that is so freaking disgusting.however, i would not reveal the identity of the friend chiaching because it might bring him negative attention

we decided to eat at sunway pyramid. i left my pouch again.thank god ian took it. it seems that i’m not suited to bring stuff into theme parks. one thing’s for sure: I WILL NEVER STEP IN THE LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN EVER AGAIN!!!!

again the organisers disappoint us by their lack of organisisation. we had to walk all the way through the park and take a cab to sunway pyramid. it was late so i decided to part ways with the fellowship and head home with jueanne.

i don’t think i will come for next year’s summer splash. i do not want to be stuck in the crowd again and enter the premises after more than two hours. unless, the organisers can really organise the entry and exit points well. i have a few words to say to the following people;

chiaching: i never update you because there’s nothing to update.

alan: you have misintepreted the situation

yuanwen: hope you can differentiate escalators and elevators from now on

yvonne: i don’t have a girlfriend. i’m serious.

winnie: i’m going for a haircut.tell alvin that.

jacob: don’t ask me ‘since when?’ because we never started anything.