the boy who went to another town only to find out that there is a school which its canteen serves up dim sum

i’ve been in sitiawan for a week now and i’m proud to say that i have not done anything daily routine consists of sleeping,eating,watching tv,playing my ps (with a spoilt controller),watching tv, and going out with justin and ang.occasionally,j-cyn and other girls will join here is very quiet mostly due to the fact that i don’t have to babysit the little devil.

i missed my old takes better pictures than my new one.

giraffe yang paling bengis di atas permukaan offense, giraffe.i think winnie might find it cute.

i’m not sure but when your car tyre is like my hand: super smooth with a few lines;it would be dangerous if driven on roads,right??anyway,i like rolling with justin.haha.

jiayi celebrated her birthday last saturday at yummy house.unfortunately,i gotta go early to run errands.

jiayi’s cake

jiayi got a present from kahwai.i wonder what she got???a ring???ehehehe

j-cyn is the one of only two girls that can talk twisted stuff with me.the other girl’s identity shall be withheld (definitely not the big fat b*tch MELISSA) to protect her from unwanted attention (she has had enough of it.hehee).anyway,she later organised a trip to ipoh!!!

she got teeth already,ang.ahahah.i used to laugh at her because she does not have her two front teeth for a very long mum fetches her to school every day.

she asked me to wait here.i waited since 7.10am.jiayi was the last to arrive.we then took a red bus to ipoh.

the government should improve the state of public transport for a more comfortable journey

i was very hungry (no thanks to j-cyn!!!!) so we hit the food court as soon as we reached jusco.

if i was still 12, i might terrorise the playground.ehehe

someone suggested that we should catch a movie there.however we ended up in capcom station where i played air hockey with samuel (lost a game and won 1).he’s the first guy to defeat me in air hockey. then i played another dumb game which got me sweating.

i took part in a 1100m race.

i succeeded in not becoming last from the start only for me to ‘pancit’ with 600m left.samuel was telling me i’m useless la,no energy la,low stamina la.why don’t u try,samuel??its either u break the horse or u fall flat after 100m.

we went to ipoh parade by taxi costs us rm9 for a taxi.the increase of price is due to the rise of petrol prices.however,the taxi driver thinks he’s playing need for speed.even justin was afraid.go figure.

i was told that sam tet is just across the street/a stone’s throw away/10 minute walk from ipoh parade.i gave yvonne a call only for me to hear “sorry,please try later”.jiayi told me that they finish school at 3pm.oh my on earth can u stay in school uniform till 3pm???aiyo.i later found out that the school canteen of sam tet serves dim’s what i call a canteen.sigh,acs sitiawan ended up with fear factor uncle while they get dim unfair. i accompanied justin to parkson to get his formal wear.he’s coming with ang and jiayi to UNITEN.

that shirt can barely cover justin’s HUGE bum and jiayi can wear the shirt to sleep as pyjamas.that’s how small she is.i wonder how will j-cyn look like if she put on the shirt.hmmmm.

justin’s a picky guy.i left him and went straight to the toys department.

this is Hot Rod,an autobot. he later lead the autobots as Rodimus Prime after getting the Matrix of Leadership from Optimus Prime who died (for the second time).in the movie (cartoon), Ultra Magnus was chosen by Optimus to be his successor but the Matrix chose Hot Rod instead (that’s because Hot Rod touched it first).the Quintessons brought Optimus back to life twice.ahahah.i watched it again on Astro Ceria.3.30pm,monday to thursday.

the batmobile!!!but i don’t want this one

batman twin blasters!!! it appeared when batman tried to stop superman (who is under control…dumb guy,just lace something with kryptonite and there goes the man with bright red undies).

its batman’s batmobile in costs a whopping rm500++.i can easily get TWO batmobiles (one tank version which is used in the movies,another classic one which is the longer type) with that kind of money.

then,we visited cold storage.there are lots of stuff that i have never seen before.cherry coke,thai coke,jack daniels chocolates,just to name a few.but……

batman toothpaste and cologne for come they don’t sell it in sitiawan???it’s so unfair!!!!oh ya, i had a haircut winnie.its not my fault.i was forced into it.don’t harm me or my family.i will grow it sounds like she’s gonna torture me or something.aoife prefers it short.ish

batman shampoo!!!!!


batman gel!!!!

The Dark Knight.17th July it!!! i wonder why superman does not have a sequel yet to the sucky “superman returns”???hmmmm.ahahaha

Omo:always white always bright!!!

he brushes his teeth with Omo!!!!

we watched “get smart” which stars steve carell (40yr old virgin).its way better than superstupidhero movie.after the movie we decided to go window shopping.

a futuristic massage chair.soon,the japanese will install wheels on it and you”ll get to see them on highways.

one of my kryptonites:CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!

liquer chocolates.

it contains alcohol.hehe

jams for the diabetic.

it’s a phone.

i don’t know what’s on j-cyn’s forehead but i know who’s the culprit…..

tuai tau samuel!!!he likes to bully girls now.i’m not sure why.he has lost all sense of gentleman-ness.hehe

sorry yvonne.i disturbed you during tuition class.i didn’t know you were in one until i noticed you were whispering to me.haha


12 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ian Goh on June 20, 2008 at 9:35 am

    dude……when did u guys go to ipoh la?? knn……… and that fat head is back????? bwahaha! tell him that we met his mum ,grandpa,dad, bla bla bla at McD almost everytime we were there…haha

  2. Posted by darylyeak on June 20, 2008 at 10:42 am

    wooo.. fun fun fun.. see you guys in a couple of days man.. everyone should still be on holidays right?

  3. Posted by samueldingwernhui on June 20, 2008 at 7:52 pm


  4. Posted by yvonnehar on June 21, 2008 at 2:17 am

    i prefer ur hair long…haha…

  5. Posted by winniehar on June 21, 2008 at 5:36 am

    is jeeyan the other gal who talks twisted with u?hahaha..
    they sell plenty of things la..dim sum..roti canai..chee cheong fun..hehe..
    eeeeeeee…how u know what i was goin to say about ang??
    i prefer it slightly longer anyway..hehehehe…

  6. Posted by yw on June 21, 2008 at 8:43 am

    cut ur hair? looks good really..

  7. Posted by Ian Goh on June 23, 2008 at 10:11 am


  8. nope…not jeeyan

  9. Posted by arronan on June 25, 2008 at 7:57 am

    wen u guys went to ipoh?didn inform me sad..haha..hey go with me la to krusus ketua patrol..u r doin nothin wat..

  10. Posted by ramanan on June 25, 2008 at 8:47 am

    darn….i am back and immobile….car breakdown and sitiawan public transport worse than ever…..this sucks…

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  12. […] the boy who went to another town only to find out that there is a… …to life twice.ahahah.i watched it again on Astro Ceria.3.30pm,monday to … another classic one which is the longer type) with that kind of… […]

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