the boy who got someone something which is one of its kind and learned a new skill to improve his arsenal of courting skills

yvonne’s birthday was on the 23rd of june but yuki decided to bring forward the celebration on the 21st instead.we went for dinner at Miss U Cafe.

i had garlic biscuits.don’t let looks deceive looks like garlic bread but it tastes like garlic biscuits.ehehe

tomyam fried tastes much better than the one in my’s cheaper too.i was having something light because i just munched on cookie crisps while watching shin chan (ntv7,saturdays at 7pm).

this is my choice of drink these days:iced sky juice/plain water/filtered tap water/maybe-not-filtered-at-all tap water etc etc.i guess i should start cutting my sugar intake to slow down diabetes.

yvonne’s cake.i didn’t have the chance to taste it.i forgot all about it until my mum asked me, “how was the cake???”.aiyo.

winnie was having dirty thoughts at the time when i took her photo.ahahaha.i wonder why ian keeps complaining about not being able to get shots of winnie.

winnie had to light the candles.she went to the counter and borrowed a lighter within a split seems that all is going well until……

she had problems lighting the candles.haha.she blamed the fan.

haha.i gave her a gift that no money in the world can buy.hehe.i doubt that anyone could find the SAME,EXACT COPY of the gift.i’m so proud of myself!!!!oh ya.jacob,i want a green watch for my birthday.hehe.a special thank you to ang for his liverpool pencil case.

j-cyn having a good time with yuki.she came from kalai’s birthday party.i went there too and wanted to stay but the big fat b*tch,melissa was there.the sight was so disgusting that i wished kalai a happy birthday and rushed out of pizza hut without eating a slice.

snow white is leaving for taylor’s next week.i bet someone studying nearby should be extremely happy.hehe.

jeeyan left for banting to pursue her IB.she was with glenn in johor until she found out that she got she left.i wonder how’s glenn doing there.hmmmm

i never got an ‘A’ in arts ever by my own first ‘A’ in secondary school (in arts) was yvonne’s work.she helped me draw and colour the alphabet.i didn’t actually bothered to complete it until encik sissy to the max ismail threatened to send those who never completed their work (ME!!!) to be handled by miss sim man next two ‘A’s were thanks to yuan wen and miew jie.ehehe.yvonne helped me to draw (and colour) the front page of my KHB folio (i didn’t do the folio either…we photostated encik ‘tandas mobil/van helsing/viagra/britney spears’ tajuddin’s copy….and i copied it in my horrible handwriting).i got an ‘A’ in that folio.haha.

it was on sunday that i learned a new skill that would be of great addition to my arsenal of “kau lui”-ing skills:waltz.ahahaha.i went over to xue er’s to learn dancing from my joget instructor:her mum!!!now i know why xue er’s a great dancer.her parents are like jaw dropped when her dad showed me a move that i was about to master.hehe.after a few hours,i’m proud to say that i can dance the waltz!!!!you might see me in a season or two of “dancing with the stars”.to do that,i must polish this newfound skill of mine MORE often than i polish my shoes (winnie always complain that my shoes are diry).

the result of my training……

ang could not wake up on monday jeeyan had no choice but to dance with fortune!!!he’s xue er’s is a very friendly keeps me thinking about getting a siberian huskie for a pet.i’ll name it Optimus Prime.yeah.


i’ve realised that i fell in love with yvonne.its been two weeks since i saw her.during that time my monday nights were not to fall for her.she’s smart,sexy and looks hot in every outfit she puts on.

yvonne strahovski.yup,this australian beauty stole my heart.ahahaha.she did so when scarlett johansson was engaged to ryan could you,scarlett??you broke my heart.i swear that i will never watch ryan reynolds’ movies again no matter how good they are.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jac on June 26, 2008 at 9:46 am

    A green watch?? hmm..i shall think bout bout a watch wif ‘BaDman’ on it..but i can oni gt it on Thursday..thy oni sell it on thursday..=p

  2. Posted by yw on June 26, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    why la yuki always so free to go back wan?? i wan go back too~
    babi wan my hols are ‘cancelled’ so now i cant go back when i tot i cud.. crashing disappointment T_T

  3. jac-ahahaha…i dowan watch…mine still working…

    yuanwen-what a pity…maybe u shud try to create your own time…that’s what i did for a few times…

  4. Posted by Ian Goh on June 27, 2008 at 10:41 am

    dude….if u wanna get a watch…get an ANALOG one… watches are not that classy…
    and btw,it’s more obvious when i take pictures with my n95 lah….ur phone is candy-bar shaped…ass!

  5. woi…my phone slide ok….ahahaha…my blue watch has served me well…still jalan after many scratches and episodes of travelling at 10m/s

  6. Posted by winniehar on June 28, 2008 at 4:50 am

    khanecksha..!!i seriously din know that u’re taking my picture..zzz..
    yuan wen still at the one a?

  7. winnie-yup..she’s at the one academy

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  9. hi sachin, the antkillingghostofsparta!….hehe!

  10. hi laychuy,my ‘siamese’ sister….ahahaha

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