the boy and his (current) love!!!

to john,you know who you are.didn’t you know that everytime you secretly read my blog,i can actually find out about it.hehe.i know you’re hiding behind a mask.i will hunt your blog down.haha.don’t be scared.i was just kidding.i would read your blog someday.


anyway,i just came back from my two-week break at sitiawan.i met daryl (who lost a lot of weight) just before i made my way back to kl.i’m just sad that i cannot meet yiwen.i still hope you can wear that black dress for me.its been two weeks since i got back those two weeks i got myself…….

a new chemistry lecturer.her name is miss annie be frank,she is a very nice lady….until….she gets annoyed (which seems quite easy).she’s a bit like lingduinglin:she smiles after she scolds.once the whole class could not answer a question, she scolded us exactly like what’s written in the dialogue bubble above.

anyway,my class just got bigger due to the fact that our classes (group A&B) are combined.God heard and granted my wishes.muahahaha.anyway,you have to wait a bit longer to see my new classmates.

oh ya,the sushi bar in my college went bancrupt after approximately 3 months in business.however,a coffee joint was opened.hell yeah,coffee!!!!woohoo.

read that ang???this is my ‘alcohol’

oh ya,and and justin are finally here in KL!!!the Fantastic Four are formed (ang,justin,wilson and i)!!!they decided to catch a movie at midvalley last saturday.i was supposed to watch ‘journey to the centre of the earth) but i’m unable to redeem my free tickets on thursday.sunday’s paper offered free tickets to watch ‘sex and the city’.however,it’s for 18 and above.they will check your ID.i’m starting to dislike free giveaway-s now.

jueanne was so excited because it was her first time watching a 18above movie in a they even bothered to check us (maybe except for sex and the city).all i can say is, ‘wanted’ is a decent movie.i couldn’t get to sleep watching the movie because the gunshots were very loud.

i have a reason to go to midvalley now:my current obsession!!!!

isn’t she a beauty???look at those curves.i mean,are there any other curves that look as good as this???well,if beyonce’s curves ooze chocolate like this fountain,then beyonce will win hands down.ian,weijian;don’t mention about melissa the bitch’s curves.its just one big curve that oozes fats,lipids,cholesterol.yerh!!!

anyway,at rm468,i could get one of these fountains in my room.a good deal??of course it is,if i’m bill gates’ son.the only chocolatey thing (utensils that revolves around chocolate) i can get in my room is just a fondue set (without chocolate!!!).i  made a deal with justin:i’ll melt the choc,he get the stuff we’re gonna coat it with.

i met justin’s new friends there….

from right,justin1 and justin2.i’m serious.they’re called justin. there were ang1 and ang2 but i couldn’t get a photo of ang2.from what i heard (and see),jiayi had both justin2 and ang2 (plus three other guys) wrapped around her finger.haha.oh ya,i met a girl who’s TALLER than justin1.she’s scary.i feel like frodo when i stand beside her.j-cyn tagged along and related her JPA experience so far to me.she’s not having much fun there.

arronan has become fatter.he’s more like ramanan be honest, i missed him but i’m not sure why.that is until he showed me why i missed him.

arronan:hi,what’s ur name???

wilson’s gf:jiahui.

arronan:where are you from???

wilson’s gf:cameron highlands wonder la here so cold.

how freaking lame is that???but still we laughed out loudly.when thinesh and co told arronan he’s fat,he replied,”i’m not fat…the shirt is body fitting”.oh my god.he’s not done yet.he went to ‘bao’z’ (a pao chain…halal…) and ordered charsiew pao.the malay girl was confused and offered him a red bean pao.he insisted on charsiew pao until we told him its a halal chain.god save him.

justin2 is a very cool guy.he asked me to go to toys r’ us.hell yeah,he collects toys too.the only difference is that he keeps them in their boxes while i open them as soon as i got them.he got himself a captain america figurine while i got myself……

the flash and dr fate for my justice league collection!!!!haha.wanted to get superman at first but superman still have i get the rare ones first.right now, i still need the martian manhunter,hawkgirl,wonder woman,superman,the atom and green arrow to complete my collection.if you want to get me the figurines,pick one from the 6 mentioned above!!!!

 these are hints for my next post.go figure.


12 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my dumb could arronan b?haha..i would have burst out wif laughter if im not usin my uni’s pc lab.dei neng neng,ur stil funny like wat u used 2 b la.haha..anyway hope 2 c u fella’s me la if u fellas got go out or anythg.currently i can oni cum out on sun 8-3 4 prayers..

  2. Posted by Ian Goh on July 14, 2008 at 11:23 am

    walao…how much was the action figure??? siao kia la u.. a lot of money is it?

  3. Posted by ~DeNNi$~ on July 15, 2008 at 3:37 am

    OI..come down this fri night..we go pyramid for Dark Night..!! wan???

  4. Sori la..currently i can oni cum out on sundays 8am-3pm 4 prayers.we r not allowed 4 outing yet..if u guys free at tat time contact me la..thx..

  5. Posted by ~DeNNi$~ on July 16, 2008 at 2:11 am

    not asking u laa YH..we know how ‘strict’ is ur Uni..lolx..!
    I’m asking Sachin they all.. u concentrate on ur ‘training’ laa.. We’ll tell u the full story of the DARK NIGHT..!!!
    And SUN for us here is meant for don’t think there will be any outings..

  6. Posted by Jue Anne on July 16, 2008 at 9:39 am

    wei…!! u post abt john????!!!!!!!!!!! =_=
    and arronan’s funny la..haha

  7. Posted by arronan on July 16, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    wtf eepork..walauwei sachin..hey ur pic quality is not so good la..the previous 1 was better la..i dun like publicity la..hehe..dun need to upload my pics all..haha..k la ten u tc n c u soon

  8. dennis-i’m watching this saturday

    ian-rm12.95 each….get me one….ahahahha

    yipork-like tat then cannot go for outings….sundays are for R&R:rest and relaxation

    jueanne-there are lots of john-s in the world…care to specify???

    arronan-wat dowan publicity???be grateful i post ur pic ok

  9. Posted by Ian Goh on July 17, 2008 at 8:02 am

    dun waste money la dude…….siao kia….

  10. Posted by dagreat on July 17, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    i thought this weekend u guys going back to SITI??

  11. Posted by yvonnehar on July 18, 2008 at 9:25 am

    walao eh!!!!!!! arronan!!! u’re damn funny wei… u actually went to a place which sells halal food n ask for CHAR SIEW PAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my goodness.s….haaha.a….LMAO
    come back come back…haha..

  12. Posted by winniehar on July 19, 2008 at 4:02 am

    goodness..arronan is still as funny as ever..his answers r jokes r out of the world..ahahha!!
    please la..char siew pao from halal chain..faint..haha..n the cameron thing…..arronan arronan…..aaha

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