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the boy who had nothing to do but catch movies at what was a place where all indian people in a small town can relate to and enjoy their time there

i had the oppurtinity to watch 4 movies in 3 days at siam kia!!!!got lots of money is it???haha.i don’t have lots of money.its just that people pay for the tickets.who does not love free stuff?


i forgot what does wall e stand for.anyway,it was the best movie out of the four.haha.the clean,white robot is EVA.haha.when WALL E first called EVA (ee-va) i thought he was calling out aoife (ee-fa) reminds me of myself though.WALL E was afraid of EVA when they first met like how i was afraid of chian”snow white”woon.WALL E ended up as EVA’s boyfriend towards the end of the movie.i wish i can say the same about snow white and i.haha.she has her fashionable,korean look-alike prince charming who has a very cool plastic card it seems (BUS card).haha.

anyway,this movie actually had a strong plot and moral gave an insight of what could happen if we didn’t take care of our planet.for starters (if the future looks like the movie),earth would be covered in so much trash that the toxicity levels are too high for any living things to live in.the humans on the other hand,will be onboard a luxury spaceliner vessel where we’ll just sit on hovering,computerised ogawa massage chairs and spoilt rotten till the point where we can’t walk because we’re too lazy.oh ya.due to the effects of microgravity (is there such a thing?),we’ll lose a considerable amount of bone mass (in short,we become obese).it just sickens me to see what people we could be if we do not take care of the planet.everyone’s too lazy to get up from their chairs to do things.

yvinne,it was a good movie.don’t judge a movie by its poster.haha.



the first opening minutes were kinda impressive.a super israelian spy infiltrates a building full of enemies while wearing a mariah carey shirt.just the sight of it makes you laugh.other than that,it’s something like the superstupidhero the movie,he made all of the women who went for a haircut experience orgasm.either he bangs them after their haircut or do erotic stuff.seriously,a shoulder massage by his penis??haha.the big bump in his pants is not because of the size of his penis,it’s because of the size of his bush. “it feels like a cushion”.

weird quotes from the movie: “oh mrs.******. you look bang-able!”; “i didn’t intend to make you fall head over tits for me”.in order to fully understand or enjoy the movie,you really must have a good knowledge about the american slang.serious.the funniest scene for me is when the immigrants were “discussing” politics.haha.

why is it better than the superhero movie?well,it had a sensible showed that if people put their differences aside,we can all live happily with each other.but still,it’s one of adam sandler’s worse movies.



this is the worst out of the four.some people may disagree but i don’t see myself ever giving a thought of watching it for the second time even if winnie agrees to shave her head bald after we watched it.i would watch it again if and only if my greek goddess asked me.oh ya.scarlett johansson can ask me out to watch it too.

i have to admit the story went on smoothly.too smooth until my brain does not have to work.mummy awakened,mummy evil,mummy has powers,mummy wants to rule the world,mummy gets killed by the O’ Connors.see.freaking simple storyline.and the leading lady is not as hot as rachel wiesz.



haha.i’m a star wars fan and so is ian.we decided to watch it together.however,we feel very homo since it’s only the two of,we got samuel to join us and he got jeeyan to watch it with us.haha.girls should not watch this movie.seriously.jeeyan went blank after 10minutes,thinking to herself, “why on earth did i come and join samuel?”.haha.there were only 15 people in the cinema.15!!!! out of that 15 ppl,only 2 enjoyed it thoroughly (ian and i).

however, episode 2.5 is nothing like the other star wars movies.the fighting scenes were mundane (the best fighting scene in the star wars saga is definitely between yoda and count dooku),the graphics sub-par,the plot was simple and they had different actors to voice obi-wan kenobi and anakin skywalker.but still,its way better than the mummy.

one thing that baffles me,how come anakin has a padawan (apprentice)?she never appeared in episode 3.don’t  tell me episode 2.5.2 is coming out soon to clarify whether ahsoka would be dead by episode 3 or not.and anakin was way subdued.what happened to his recklessness??the temptations to join the dark side???bad star wars movie.


overall,i spent more money on popcorn than one week’s worth of toll in KL.i’m waiting for tropic thunder,quantum of the solace and money no enough 2 to be released on DVD’s (pirated of course) unless my greek goddess asked me to watch it with her (in the cinema of course)


hermes:the messenger for the greek gods

My song is love
Love to the lovely song
And it goes on

You don’t have to be alone

Your heavy heart

Is made of stone

And it’s so hard to see you clearly

You don’t have to be on your own

You don’t have to be on your own

And I’m not gonna take it back

And I’m not gonna say I don’t know now

You’re a target that I’m aiming at

Take my message home

My song is love

My song is love, unknown

But I’m on fire for you, clearly

You don’t have to be on your own

You don’t have to be on your own

And I’m not gonna take it back

Oh I’m not gonna say I don’t know now

You’re a target that I’m aiming at

And I’m nothing on my own

Got to get that message home

And I’m not gonna stand and wait

Not gonna be there until it’s much too late

On a platform I’m gonna stand and say

That I’m nothing on my own

And I love you, please come home

And my song is love, is love unknown

And I’ve got to get that message home




the boy that should not be left alone with homemade yogurt,oreos and durian especially when he’s stressed out after studying chemistry during most of his holidays

nope juanne,i haven’t started’s chemistry instead.despite the early start,i’m not sure whether i can do well for the next test let alone during the dad has told my mum to ensure that i study most of the day.thanks to her spy (my sis!!!),she knows whether i’ve been really studying or staring at the same page of my notes.

once in a while (haha…this happens more than once in a day), i’ll take a break from the self-induced mental torture.during this 10 minute break (more like 10 minutes times 10 for a break session),i’ll seek comfort in food,blogs and my PS (sadly,i’ve completed batman begins…i don’t have any new games to complete…don’t tell me to complete prince of persia,ang…you know damn well i need a non-faulty controller to stay alive and complete the puzzles).i got a curfew at night (11.30pm) so i can’t really go out.ish!!!

“try not to finish it by dinner”

oh my god!!!my mum made yogurt!!!haha.technically its 80% fruits and 20% (not creamy) yogurt but i don’t would be gone by dinner no matter what my mum said.

of course,with yogurt (in my case) there’s always the complimentary pack of oreos.

haha.if i were to be stranded on a deserted island ala robinson crusoe, i can survive with just oreos.oh ya,i want my greek goddess for company instead of man-Friday.i can make little sachin-s with my greek goddess.with man-friday,i can…err….teach him english???i’d rather have either a female companion or no companion at all than a male companion.i don’t want my anus to be penetrated at all.

my mum has chilled/iced/cold/frozen durian in the fridge.she calls it durian ice cream when it’s more like popsicles.i love durians anyway so i just defrost them and gobble them up.haha.i’m so greedy.

there were five containers.i was the culprit.i did was me!!

anyway,during my lunch break on that very particular day,i’ve decided to experiment with food.i had the stuff i needed anyway.haha.

oreos with yogurt.that’s normal for me.

haha.this time there were lots of fruits.

what happens when durian suddenly appear out of nowhere and added into the equation???you’ll get…..

THIS!!!!!ahahaha.ian by now should have gone “what the f***???? siao siam kia”.let me tell you this:it’s not tasted good actually.but this is just the beginning.

it’s inevitable.oreos+yogurt+durian!!!!haha.all i can say is…………


haha.failed experiment.tak sedap.bu hao ho jiak.haha.this will go down into my list of failed food combos list which currently only includes kopi ais laici (wtf!!!!).ahahaha.

do not ever leave me alone with oreos and your refrigerator.things might get pretty ugly (wow…i used an oxymoron).

the boy who asked a girl, “do you like coffee or milk???or do you like the stuff in between???”

i just had a conversation with a girl a few hours ago.she’s really very nice to talk to and i feel like throwing away my chemistry book (which made my holidays insignificant as i have to run through them daily for a few hours) away and just throw them away and chat the next hours away.from the few minutes we chatted,i’ve scratched disneyland from my list of potential honeymoon venues.haha.sometimes i do pity the girl that want to be with me (if there’s any).if you’re reading this,thank God she talked me out of disneyland.

anyway,we chatted about batman and catwoman (i brought that up) and some other stuff until she popped a question that NO ONE has ever thought about asking: so,how does it feel like being mixed???

wow.a good question.a question that i have the answer but since no one asked i never,what does it really feel to be of mixed parentage???am i more ‘coffee’ or more ‘milk’??? (by the way,i hate milk).do i prefer being ‘milk’ or ‘coffee’???it really made a lasting impression and i find myself unable to sleep just thinking it here i stand (more like sit) and blog about what i feel about being of mixed parentage.

the truth is,being mixed is really hard especially when one part of you is ‘coffee’ and another is ‘milk’.do you feel as if there are two types of blood flowing through your veins??? nope.i don’t feel that.haha.the blood’s the same,sweetie.anyway,as a kid,you tend to grow with expectations of continuing the family’s something like the chinese (especially the ones on TV) where they want sons to carry on their family name/surname during the old times (i’m not sure whether it still happens or not in this modern area).well, when your dad has a big family and he didn’t really continue the family tradition,the relatives come and ask you questions that a kid should not have even considered giving it a thought. “khanecksha,bila besar nak kahwin cina ke india???”.a standard reply from a boy who does not know the difference between the races,”saya tak suka perempuan”.hehe.don’t be afraid girls,i like girls very much now.i’m not sure why after a certain period of time,they have never bothered me with this question.perhaps a intervention from my mum,the notorious Madam Jo???hehe.highly should not pollute a child’s mind with ideas on races.

in kindergarten,i never had problems making friends of another race.scratch that,we never had problems making friends of different first friend was an indian guy named jeremy.i’m not sure where he is right first girl friend was joanne ho.haha.i would like to talk to her someday since we never talked since like primary school??anyway,small children with unbiased minds in tadika linden are set to be the country’s leaders (hehehe…possible) until………

anyway,primary school was no different.i was running around (what do you expect a smaller version of me would do???) before i enter class with malay,indian and chinese was then i met chiaching,yuanwen,thomas,glenn foo’s tupperware (i wonder whether he uses tupperware in matriculation or not???i forgot to ask him the other day),yipork (he was big back in those days as well…glad you lost weight) and many others.i finally faced a difficult problem regarding my mixed parentage during a UPSR camp held in batu 10.since the malay students gathered every night for their own thing,the non-s had moral class.sadly,it was separated:the chinese go to the chinese class and the indians to another.oh my god.where should i go???technically,i was supposed to go to the indian class but i don’t understand tamil.i’m not going to waste my time sitting still in a corner while everybody else chat away happily.i don’t like being left out (during those days…hehe) so i went to the chinese class where chiaching and glenn was.who cares if i can’t understand chinese.i have TRANSLATORS.hahaha.chiaching even made fun of a chinese girl.if i’m not mistaken, her name was Cho Li Yuen or something.all i know was chiaching started shouting “COLI,COLI,COLI!!!!ahahahahahahaha”. we laughed (our gang) as well.i remembered chooiping was there.yipork was all over her during the camp.haha

remember the part where linden-ers were supposed to be the country’s leaders???we should have been until we entered secondary school.this is when our minds are biased.the chinese hang out with the chinese,the indians with the indians and the malays with the malays.fortunately for me,i can hang out with all races.sadly,the indians think i’m too indian;and the malays think i look like them but i’m totally not one of them.that is when i first experience one of the ugly sides a human being can potray.

despite my indian name,you would notice that i don’t have many indian friends.those who know me can practically name all of i mentioned above,they think i’m too chinese for them or i don’t have enough indian qualities to be a part of their’s really disheartening.i’ve made a few efforts to blend in but my efforts were to no avail.despite their friendly nature,i can feel like they’re judging me. “the only thing indian about him is his name.nothing else”. trying hard to be accepted by them was a complete waste of,i stopped interacting with them and became ‘snobbish’ (in their opinion)

then,the constant questions that i dread.why can’t i speak tamil???why do i pay more attention in improving my chinese but never bothered to speak in tamil??why am i losing my indian heritage bit by bit???my extended relatives ( dad’s cousins and their cousins) never failed to ask me or my dad about it ever since i got to’s so unfair.things didn’t really work out for me in those dad doesn’t speak to me in fact,he only speaks in english and malay in public and even to his family.i didn’t go for tamil classes or had any friends who speak to me in tamil when i was young.i speak english the very minute i learned how to speak.gosh,i feel like telling this people off but then i have to be polite for my dad’s sake.he’ll lose face if his only son was rude to the elders over a question that was asked in a very polite hurts everytime they ask.

fortunately,i am blessed with people that don’t really care about it.yvonne,chiaching,glenn,daryl,just to name a few.even ian and weijian (despite the ‘siam kia’ calls) don’t really care about my mixed fact,they enjoy touching on indian friends are exceptional.they have never consider me as any less of an them,i just can’t speak tamil (which is true).i thank you arronan,ramanan and others.i do have malay friends.although they lack in numbers,they don’t lack in being good parents and my family helped out.they sometimes answer the dreaded questions for me.

being mixed is not all that bad.i get the best of both worlds.deepavali and chinese new year.who gets to do that every year?the food? of the reasons why i was 40kg heavy when i was only in standard 4.i get to experience both cultures which again,many people didn’t get the chance to.i’ve met people like me (justin lembu,robinson,timothy james) who face the same problems but choose to enjoy the priveleges that we have.i’ve also met mixed people but of different races.most notable person is aoife noelle ngo ping hui (irish+chinese=chirish),of course.i enjoy looking at unsuspecting people’s faces when they find out i can speak chinese especially during basketball.first timers usually speak to me in malay (english when in college) during the game and when the ball is out and i said “wo men de qiu (our ball)”,they go “you know chinese???”.ahahahaha.

do i prefer being an indian???do i prefer to be chinese??

the answer is i prefer to be stuck in the middle,being myself.i don’t care whether they accept me into their community or not.i’ve realised that its a privelege for anyone (especially those who judge or question my identity) to know may sound snobbish but it takes a snobbish person to know one.accept people for who they are.we are here for a reason and it’s definitely not being ostricised by you so called “pure beings”.

i remembered that you hated milk (yay) and i’ve never seen you drink coffee so i would rephrase my question that you didn’t give me an answer for,







the boy who’s currently very excited about a sequel that will be released in another 3 years

i found this on the internet

i went “holy shit!!!!!holy shit!!!HOLY SHITTTT!!!!!”. the riddler as the next sequel’s villain???? oh my god!ohmy god!OH MY GOD!!!!!!. then i found out it’s fake. this fan art poster was so good that i didn’t mind being duped that this is the next poster.ahahaha.

the riddler would make a nice villain. unlike joel schumacher’s batman movie, batman forever in which jim carrey played the riddler (it was not bad), christopher nolan’s riddler would be a sick,twisted dude (i hope so).i don’t really know much about the riddler so i won’t comment any further.

however,it turns out that catwoman would be in the next movie!!!!!! guess who’s playing her……

ehehehe.she’s not really my greek goddess. angelina jolioe is getting advice from a porn actress on how to play catwoman.hmmmm.this should be very interesting. i would like to see whether she could top michelle pfeiffer (she’s really hot back in her day) as how heath ledger trumped jack nicholson. personally,i would like scarlett johansson to play catwoman (i’d like her to play the leading lady in all movies) but she’s not sultry enough.too bad.blake lively would make a nice addition but she looks too young.hey,she could be batgirl!!!!haha.cannot la. jim gordon’s daughter in the movie is quite young.haha.hayden pannetierre as batgirl???maybe.but still,if angelina jolie can’t (more like don’t want to) be catwoman,then the next suitable actress would be ali larter (webcam porn actress by day and psycho mum with killer legs by anytime she wants in heroes).

the next movie better be worth the 3-year-wait.who am i kidding???of course it would be worth fact,it would be damn great!!!!haha. Transformers  2: The Revenge of the Fallen next summer. AUTOBOTS: TRANSFORM!!!! AND ROLL OUT!!!! bjhhhh…trrrr…kachi kachi…dhushhhh…wornggggg…dshhhh (transforming sound effect…some things just cannot be described by words,unfortunately)

the boy who is uninspired to blog about something that is interesting as there was nothing interesting that has happened in the last few days

i’m uninspired to blog.there’s really nothing interesting to write about.gosh.anyway,i’ve decided to do something random and blog about the most interesting SMS sent to the star (you can find it in the letters to the editor section).

>The show must go on

WHY bother about PAS youth protesting against Avril’s concert. They don’t represent d majority of Malaysian youth. Go on with d show!

for those who are not in the know, PAS youth has handed in a memorandum to cancel Avril Lavigne’s concert which will be held on the 29th of August. they claimed that ‘punk and rock’ are not suitable for malaysian youth especially during the Merdeka month. all i can say is this is ridiculous.

she’s a world class act and has kindly made malaysia as one of her stops for her tour. after all the heavy promotions by Hotlink, and others since a month ago,there has to be a bunch of clowns to spoil the the it just me or are (most) people from PAS a bunch of monkeys??? why deny malaysia a class act??? i don’t know. why do they see Mawi as the ideal performer for my generation???


please, if i want to see a monkey i’d rather head for the zoo

come on. there are better-looking monkeys at the zoo

don’t you agree???

personally, i don’t think the monkeys would like to watch Mawi perform. i think they’d rather see Avril.

i think the monkeys are upset that i have compared Mawi to one of them. they find it very insulting to compare him to their noble selfs.

malaysia has an infamous reputation for their strict rules on performances made by international superstars.

we missed out on a beyonce performance last year when she was fed up by some parties in malaysia that said her dresses were inappropriate. she performed at Jakarta much to our dismay. other countries are fighting to be a venue for a beyonce gig and we threw an oppurtinity to put malaysia on the world map as a hotspot for hot concerts. why haven’t other countries fighting to stage a Mawi performance???hmmmm.

there was another SMS sent to the star regarding this was a bit seditious. it said that PAS youth has gotten their priorities wrong. it also said that they should channel their energy to address the Mat Rempit havoc,drug abuse,’lepak’ culture as those who are involved in it are Budak Melayu.ouch! a bit seditious but true.instead of trying to cancel a concert and defaming the country, they should lead those who have strayed to the right track. the country’s better off with no Mat Rempit-s than with no Avril concert.

speaking about intereseting SMS-s, there’s another one that attracts me today

>what a child can do

INTERESTING to note a 12 year-old can fight off a teacher who tried to sodomise him, yet an adult can’t unless…… really got me thinking. since i’m touching on sodomy, i would like to share you the details of me being harassed by a homosexual. i was buying something at a mini market on my way to fetch my dad. as i was lining up at the counter,i saw this old man. i decided to let him have my turn (means i gave him the oppurtinity to jump queue). then a guy who’s a bit feminine talked to me.

guy         : kenapa awak bagi dia jalan dulu??? (why did you let him cut the queue??)

me          : oh,sebab dia tua dan ada banyak barang. nanti dia tak larat ambil. (because he’s old and had lots  of stuff)

guy         : wah,budak baik macam awak dah takde dah. (wow,good samaritans like you are extinct)

me          : err, bapa saya cakap kita patut hormati orang tua dan cuba tolong mereka (my dad taught me to respect the elderly and try to help them if we can)

guy         : haha. awak ni hensem la (you are handsome)

me          : errr, thank you

guy         : *grabbed my left arm* wah, awak ada muscle. cantik. (wow, you’re muscular)

me          : *starting to feel uncomfortable. shrugged him off gently. gave him a smile*

guy         : *gave me a few pats on my back* orang macam adik ni kurang. hensem,badan yang cantik and berbudi peketi (people like you are little in numbers: handsome,have a great body and impeccable manners) *his hand slowly moved downwards from my shoulder*

me          : *moved before he could make his way towards my buttocks. in a stern yet polite tone i told him* awak ni nak buat apa???tak baik berkelakuan macam ni (what are you trying to do?? it’s not good to be acting in this manner)

i paid for my stuff and walked to my car as fast as i can. i won’t be stepping into that supermarket anymore. guess what PAS youth: dia Orang Melayu (he’s malay). i don’t have anything against homosexuals. if they don’t bother me, i won’t bother them. i believe that there are many others like that guy. save them instead of ‘saving’ us from avril or other world class performers.

my 18th birthday wishes!!!

the 6th of August is a really important date in world history.nope,it’s not the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in world war 2.and nope,it’s not the anniversary of “turunnya wahyu pertama kepada nabi muhammad s.a.w oleh malaikat Jibril”.and certainly a big no-no as the day after chiaching’s birthday.yesh,it is at this date 18years ago where one of the world’s most important event had occured:THE DAY WHEN A GREAT HUMAN BEING WAS BORN WHICH HAPPENED TO BE ME!!!!!

i remembered this scene from lion king where every animal in the jungle went and see rafiqi hoisting mustafa/simba’s cub.i remembered being awed just by the sight of every animal bowing to the young’s a very significant event.something like my birth la but the doctor hoisted me up only for my mum to see.haha.i don’t have a baby pic for you guys.however,yvonne told me that i look pretty much like an indian when she saw it.i don’t know what i look like to her now!!!ahahahaha

simba’s birth=significant——1

my birth=simba’s birth——–2

compare 1&2, my birth=significant

muahahahaha.hell yeah.from a small cub i have turned into a great lion

hehee.i never had a handphone before so the multiple vibrations of my phone from 12midnight onwards was a new experience for me.yuanwen was the first to wish me,followed by jueanne,arronan (he called me…hehe),chiaching,hoesiang,tuantynn,ang,cheryl (till 12.30am).after replying tuantynn’s message,i slept.replying messages after 12.30am (except on certain days) are highly unlikely so sorry to ang and cheryl.chiaching’s message was said “blessed birthday short man! ur legal” haha.cheh.yuanwen said  “grow up and’re 18 already!!!” i’m not childish,ok!!!j-cyn said i can do anything i want since i’m 18.i wanna shave your head bald can a,j-cyn?? haha.i’m just kidding.

finally i’m 18.i can legally buy cigarettes,watch porn,watch 18++ movies in the cinemas and many be honest,i’m a bit miserable when it comes to  celebrating my birthday.i don’t really celebrate it with my friends (ang celebrated it with a Romp-It outing…ian with 8 ppl shaving our heads bald).i have decided that i wanna do things different from now on.hehe.i wore my batman shirt to college today



its spelled as B-A-T-M-A-N!!!!!haha.i had yogurt for breakfast without oreos

*photo from archives


this will happen tonight.i still have 2 more big tubs of yogurt.i’m gonna get the oreos’s now time for my birthday wishes!!!

*disclaimer:any friends of melissa the big fat b*tch (if she has any) should skip reading wish no 2

  1. i wished that my grandmother is here to celebrate my birthday.the last time i celebrated with her was when i was 6.too bad this wish cannot be granted.
  2. i wish that melissa the big,fat bitch (not melissa khoo…hehe) will die soon (as in as fast as possible).she’s still depriving african people of their food supply.
  3. i want my limbs to extend as long as they short, i want to GROW TALLER!!!!!
  4. i want the muffins that i’ve pre-ordered since january.hehee.however,i’m don’t think i’ll get it.i’m going to forget about it.
  5. i want arsenal to win everything that they are contesting in.forget torres-keane (so called) deadly partnership or ronaldo-rooney double act.we can win as long as we don’t fall under pressure.
  6. i want a batmobile!!!haha.i’m not sure whether i want the one with the batpod.
  7. i want my justice league collection to be completed. i still have 6 more figurines to collect.
  8. i want my greek goddess!!!haha.not sure whether she wants me or not.hehe.better not bother her since she’s very busy.
  9. i wish that my first sem results are good enough for me not to repeat it in january.
  10. i wish that stephanie chai or amber chia or marion caunter or shanna/laura of cornetto love?perhaps!! to call me and wish me happy birthday.
  11. i wish that all the ladies mentioned above would call me
  12. i wish that i can control the element of water.haha.i’ll just kill anyone by saturating the air that they breathe in with water vapour (g).when the air saturated with water reaches the lungs,i’ll just turn it to water (l) and flood the lungs.hahaha
  13. i wish that i can dye my hair dark green (not the joker’s shade of green)
  14. i wish that i have an siberian huskie
  15. i want everyone to not mispell my name
  16. i want everyone to not ask me why i can’t speak tamil.just accept the fact that i’m a mangosteen ok!!!
  17. i wish that my dad will repair the seatbelts in my wira.hahaha
  18. you know what?i’ll think i’ll do it.chiaching,i shall go for it!!!ang,i’m gonna do it!!!i’m gonna tell her what i want from her.wish me luck!!!!!

i’ll update on my wishes in the coming weeks (if i have any).let’s pray most of my wishes come true.haha