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the boy who thinks that the world is orbitting the sun a little bit too fast

is it just me or time flew really fast.the final day of 2008 (as of today)  and tomorrow will be a brand new year,brand new beginning and a brand new chapter in my life.

a lot has happened this year.friends took different paths to achieve their goals.some of their paths crossed and some seemed like a twisted,neverending road with no visible junctions in sight (like mine).

i made new friends along the way.some as acquaintances,some as good friends (i hope).

i never achieved any of my resolutions made at the start of the year.guess i shouldn’t have made resolutions.instead,i should make goals throughout the year.

i let my hair grow.some liked it,some disliked it.SHE likes it.then i shaved my head.some liked it,some disliked it.SHE had no comment.

i had regrets (who doesn’t).from decisions that should have been made when the sun has not risen,and those that should have been made ages before i left.things would have been different if  i took the risks.alas,i’m just a indecisive fool  not willing to take’s time to look for new ones.

my facial hair is a matter how long i left it to grow,it still can’t grow hands are no longer as smooth as they used to be.time to apply lotion.

i lost in size now.

i’ve waited for the plane but it crashed before it could land.i missed another flight as i was waiting for the earlier-mentioned plane.i wanted to board another plane but there were no tickets.i’m still stuck at the airport.alone.

i finally worn my sandals out.going to buy new ones.currently in flip-flops.

i gained a new skill.lost my shooting touch.still can’t dribble well with my left hand.hangtime is longer than before although there’s not much elevation.i now have ‘the floater’.

i’ve become help from whitening creams.just grew fairer naturally.

still short.haven’t grown in height.but grown in stature =p

controlled my swearing self.became more polite.reserved.rarely hyper.but still immature.

my chinese is still of primary 1 cantonese is tamil…………my BM has english is not as it used to be.

coldplay rocks.keane’s good.just discovered james morisson.sang to all james blunt’s songs.shaking my head to kanye west.relaxed to john legend.think things through with alicia keys.

i’ve changed.SHE has changed.YOU have changed.i don’t know YOU anymore.a new vase for a new plant?i liked the previous flower better.or maybe i missed out on the growing plant………a new trim job as an excuse for a new vase??

this song’s for YOU……..

She got out of town
On a railway New York bound
Took all except my name
Another alien on Broadway
There’s some things in this world
You just can’t change
Somethings you can’t see
Until it gets too late
Baby, baby, baby
When all your love is gone
Who will save me
From all I’m up against out in this world
Maybe, maybe, maybe
You’ll find something
That’s enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don’t receive you
You should turn yourself around
And come on home
I got a hole in me now
Yeah,I got a scar I can talk about
She keeps a picture of me
In her apartment in the city
Some things in this world
Man, they don’t make sense
Some things you don’t need
Until they leave you
And they’re things that you miss
Baby, baby, baby
When all your love is gone
Who will save me
From all I’m up against out in this world
Maybe, maybe, maybe
You’ll find something
That’s enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don’t receive you
You should turn yourself around
And come on home
Let that city take you in, come on home
Let that city spit you out, come on home
Let that city take you down, yeah
God’s sake turn around
Baby, baby, baby
When all your love is gone
Who will save me
From all I’m up against in this world
Maybe, maybe, maybe
You’ll find something
That’s enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don’t receive you
You should turn yourself around
And come on home
Come on home
Baby, baby, baby
Come on home
Yeah, come on home
Yeah, come on home

matchbox 20-bright lights.fantastic song

i’m looking forward to my last year as a teenager.i haven’t done anything that i can best remember about my teenage life so far.what ever happened to the proposal of hiking up to Genting Highlands?

my hopes for 2009

  • a healthier year for family,friends and me
  • a death free 2009
  • an uncle cured of cancer
  • a dad cured of whatever he’s having
  • klang bak ku teh
  • transformers 2:revenge of the fallen
  • terminator salvation
  • sunsilk modelling contract..ehehehehe
  • the end of the economic recession
  • the end to PAS’s idiotic political stands
  • the end of Arsenal’s barren trophy spell
  • bigger build
  • firmer butt
  • an end to my mum’s views on my blog
  • moving on to bigger things

happy new year!!!!!


the boy who underwent self-inflicted mental torture (again) and steps he took to dampen the effect

my mum trapped me at home every night.i have a holidays are not going as well as i have planned.i only met some of my friends after a WEEK back in sitiawan.argh!stupid final exams in january!damn you!holidays lost its holiness when you spent majority of it studying

anyway,here’s what i did to relieve stress

i went bowling


haha.weijian,junbiao,jacob,tizebin and i went for bowling at our local bowling’s funny how they woke up early just to play bowling.however,it made lots of sense.early birds get rm2.50 a game.i went once and finished 2nd twice in 5 games.not bad eh!

i went for snooker

i went for snooker at SRC (Sitiawan Recreational Club).i didn’t know sitiawan actually has such a cool 17 years of living in sitiawan,i had never stepped in there before.when i did step in,it was for badminton and snooker.we actually have to get the balls from the bar.what do you know?you have to wear long pants and covered shoes to enter.haha.we are all in shorts and flip-flops (well,i was the only one with flip-flops…the rest were with slippers) so when we entered the bar,some old farts were making a ruckus.

old man1:wei….look at them…they are wearing slippers…cannot cannot!!!

oldman2:yeah yeah…they wearing shorts…what is this???

oldman3:don’t worry, they are here for the balls…they are playing snooker upstairs.

yeah old farts!we are going upstairs.why are you feeling violated?you’ve already violated it with the cigarettes and alcohol.just shut up and drink as well as smoke your way to a shorter life.


weijian in action.i suck at this game.i was practically ‘santa claus’.i was giving away points because of the many fouls i’ve made


the score since the beginning and throughout the  first game…..


the score at the end of the first game.ehehehe.not bad.anyway,i had a healthy lead of 16 during the second game (no kidding) but ended up with 0 at the end.i’m no good at this.

celebrated the winter solstice fesitval


mmmmm.tangyuan in the making.haha.these dough will be rolled into balls and fed to me!!!!! (i’m a greedy pig).


it was supposed to be a family affair but my mum chased me out of the kitchen.the other lady is my neighbour/hairstylist.she asked me to show me my girlfriend’s picture.i told her i never had one.gosh.people think that when you study in KL you should get a’s not easy when you’re vertically challenged ok!

anyway,legend has it that if you collect 7 balls,the sky will go dark and a magical dragon will appear before you and grant you 3 wishes.once granted,the 7 balls will be scattered across the world.what do you know?i have the 7 balls!!!


the sky did turned dark alright,only for it to wish granted.sigh.if i had three wishes they would be:

1. grow taller till my height reaches at least 180cm

2.have enough money for my education

3.for it to snow in malaysia during my birthday.ahahahahah

sadly;instead of getting three wishes granted,i became a mythbuster.sigh.

let a girl do whatever she wants with my hair using hair wax and temporary hair dyes


well,it was amazing that my hair could be transformed into something like this since it was short.good job shuwai.haha.why on earth did i sit at a table where i was the only guy at aoife’s birthday party?so i had to be kambing first when shuwai applied wax on my head it was kinda relaxing.from that point onwards i was wishing that she could apply wax/shampoo on my hair daily.that is until she pulled my hair to give it a spiky was so should be given to her hair looks good at the back but not at the front (to me la….i felt i looked like hoe siang…no offense shuwai!!!).

spike i said,my hair was short and thin.after the spikes are made,you can clearly see my scalp.


my hair was like a KH project,sprayed in different colours.

ate roti canai milo


ahahaha.roti canai milo was interesting.i knew the existence from guangshi.she had it in klang.i never heard about it in sitiawan so i decided to give it a shot.haha.the result:sweet and must be eaten when its hot.or else it’ll  get stuck between your teeth.

got a present for christmas


haha.i got a present for means that i’m a good boy.naughty children don’t get presents.just ask jueanne or ang.even jacob didn’t get one.hahahahha. the way,i discovered that i get panic attacks when my dad didn’t reach home even when its past midnight (he usually reaches latest by 11pm),i panicked and imagined him being involved in an accident or worse.the problem of having an active imagination is that you can’t really control the thoughts in your head when a situation is given to i need to be distracted from those horrid thoughts or being reassured and comforted.thank you shehulk!this means that my girlfriend must stay calm and reassure/comfort/distract me when i’m having a panic attack.i’m very good at scaring,that requirement goes down with other BASIC qualities in the list to become a potential girlfriend of mine

  1. long hair (at least shoulder length)
  2. nice eyes
  3. witty
  4. talks in english most of the time
  5. can engage in intelligent conversation (i don’t want to talk crap most of the time)
  6. mature (so that it’ll rub off on me)

haha.any potential suitors?ehehehehe

the boy who has found a way to look taller although in real life he is vertically challenged (SHORT!!!)

the SALSA of my college had organised “starry night” which is an annual dinner for students like me.for those not in the know,SALSA in this case,is not a type of latin dance,but is an abbreviation for School of A-Levels’ Students Association.really?hahaha.i have no idea on what SALSA means either although i got the first three letters of SALSA right.eheheeheh.

anyway,at first,not many were willing to go except a notable student and jueanne.hahaha.the rest did not want to go.why aren’t they interested?its once in a course (for january intake….april and june get to go twice!) affair.hahaha.for starters,it fell on a thursday night,which effectively killed any hopes for an afterparty (in my case…some actually went for an afterparty).second (again in my case),not glamorous is a semi-formal affair so i was not expecting the girls to dress up nicely.i was soon to be proven wrong.

how did we all go?well,it was due to the assistant head of the department,Ms Nalina.she somehow influenced us to go,with a story about us being ugly ducklings who turned into swans (dressed up nicely,looking pretty and handsome) and how the single guys  (we are all single except for 3 people…another guy and i were the only ones who never had a girlfriend before) could actually get potential my opinion,we bought the ticketrs just to support a friend of mine,choonhou because he was one of two people who were given the responsibility to sell the tickets (i’m unsure about the other guy’s sales…i guess its poor).


i didn’t censor his face because i hate him or have something against him.i did it because his eyes were closed.


see,i was not lying.ehehehehehe

anyway,its a well known fact that i’m vertically fact,i’m the second most shortest guy in my class.yup,the guys in my class are tall.however,if our build is converted into height,then i would be the third or fourth tallest.that’s because there are only 2 or 3 guys who are bigger than me (in terms of build).anyway,there are only two girls in my class who are taller than me (jueanne and guangshi) by a few cm.the rest are either as tall,or shorter than me.but glamorous functions are where guys like me are at a disadvantage.the footwear of choice for girls are high heels,wedges or shoes which elevate them a few cm taller.dahla i was botak,i cannot style my hair (if it can be styled…lots and lots of hairspray is needed) to make myself look taller.sigh.what are we,hobbits (short guys) going to do with public enemy no 1 a.k.a formal functions.fortunately,the genius (me!!!!) has found a way to look taller in photographs without wearing elevated shoes (they are expensive and endorsed by tom cruise).YOU CAN………

stand up whereas the taller girls sit down


sitting from left: husband no 1,wife/mom,husband no 3.

standing from left:adopted son from siam,daughter of wife and husband no 1 there’s no tall girl to compare me eh!!!

sit down while the girls stand


clockwise from top left:guangshi,maygin,samantha,tania,me and charissa

the taller girls,guangshi (natural+heels) and samantha (heels) are standing whereas i’m sitting.although it’s kinda rude,the photograph in no way shows that i’m shorter than the above mentioned girls.

take a step forward before the photographer takes the picture


from left:leemei,syecheen,jueanne,me,yeemun and yiwen

by taking a step forward,you’ll look tall in the my case,it’s proven as i appear taller than jueanne (natural+heels).

take a shot with a girl who automatically bends her knees and tilts her head slightly  in every one-on-one photo

jueanne explanation here.

stand close to the camera so that the photograph shows you from the knees up,then extend yourself by tiptoe-ing (is there such a word???!!!)


i tiptoe-d because guangshi is taller than me despite her tilting her head slightly (why must girls wear heels???).note,apply this technique if  and only if the girl will look much taller than you in the photigraph.try to do it without her noticing (i almost succeeded if it wasn’t for someone to point out my ‘elevation’…babi that fella…ahahaha).luckily she laughed when she found out.if i didn’t use this technique then she’ll look like snow white while i’ll look like her chindian dwarf!!!

take a photo with a girl who is shorter than you


don’t worry my fellow hobbits,there will be shorter girls than you (turns out i’m not that short…ahahaha)


ceh.what is so funny?short people can be prom king ok!!!in fact,short people can do many Lord of the Rings,it was Frodo and Sam,both of them hobbits,both of them SHORT,were the ones chosen to destroy the ring (well,it was Frodo only,Sam follow him just to kepoh...ahahaha…nola…without sam it is certain that frodo will fall to the ring);not aragorn,not gandalf,not legolas,not the taller people!!!!see!!!short people rule!!!!

anyway,i was not prom king,he is


yong choon hou.ahahaha.with him is paulynn.he was indeed the better looking and most charismatic of the four nominees but i suspect he won due to some “inside job” by a certain chemistry lecturer.bwahahahahaha.despite not being porn,woops,prom king,i did got a title by my classmates:bouncer!!!they say i look like club punya jaga because i look buff in my tight’s not tight,it’s well fitting.oh ya,some girls say i have the nicest biggest butt.and again,it’s due to my well-fitting slacks.

discussions assured they were not discussing about my butt at this time.

so,to all my fellow short brothers/hobbits (especially ian and kalai…ehehehehe),i’ve shown you the way to be taller (at least in photographs).use them wisely you must.


ahahaha.i am a genius.again to my fellow hobbits/brothers: MAY THE HEIGHT,*woops,i mean,FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!

the boy who is so hot that he could be a contributing factor to global warming


that was his reaction when he saw a figure walking in the hall……..


the people who witnessed it couldn’t believe their eyes.was it an optical illusion??


he thought that he has identified the being but he was so wrong when he classified the being.he should have added “hot” in front of “botakhead”.


hehe.i shaved my head.

i clearly remembered last year when yuanwen or jiayi claimed that we(botak crew) were stupid  because we went for a mass shave.“we are not stupid ok!!!we are the trendsetters!!!” replied chiaching. he was right.the BotakCrew inspired not one,but two groups of 8(one in the morning session and another in the afternoon session in my secondary school)  to shave their heads (copycats!!!).not only that,we also set young girls’ hearts on fire!!!bwahahahahaha.

i don’t know why but i feel very very manly/macho when i shave my head.its true.i feel like james bond (daniel craig version) everytime i stroke my well-trimmed hairdo.



i remembered the time when i entered the chemistry classmates went “wow”/”oh my god”/speechless.“wah sachin!i cannot recognise you!” said samantha. “nice hair” charissa beckoned. haha.charissa’s comment made my not-so-new female classmates took it quite well.however,they were a bit curious on why i shaved my hair.

tania: why you cut your hair like that?

sachin: erm..for fun…why?is it really that bad?

tania: nola…it’s nice…i like it!!

HAH!see,she likes means that there are other girls who like it’s funny how i can shave my head for fun but others around the world are quickly losing it and need hair badly.hahaha.these naturally-bald men would do anything for hair.hahahaha.a few notable examples of these ppor fellows: rafa benitez (liverpool manager),datuk seri najib razak (our deputy prime minister),arjen robben and wesley sneijder (real madrid players),wayne rooney (manchester united…we know why he is losing his hair…that boy must go for anger management classes) and a certain good friend of a certain school teacher with the surname Phang (no prizes for guessing).anyway,not everyone agrees with tania’s opininion.


“sachin,you’re so brave!!whenever i have a bad haircut,i would stay indoors,” .what the hell is that supposed to mean,meiyun?ahahaha.yeemun and guangshi asked me whether i was dumped or devastated to the point where i lost my conscience.for the record,i never had a girlfriend and i shaved my head not because i was devastated,but for fun.well,not all started when daryl egged the rest of the BC (Botak Crew) to go bald.fine,ian and i agreed.but when i shaved my head thinking that ian would follow suit,he bailed on me.hahaha.babi fella!!!never mind,what is done is hair grows at a reasonably fast rate so i’m not too bothered.hey,i save shampoo,conditioner,hair gel and sometimes electricity (i blowdry my hair sometimes when its really long and thick).

haha.anyway,my lecturers reacted chan (former chemistry lecturer) said i look smart (in appearance and intelect…no kidding) whereas my maths lecturer offered me a free seems that she bought a shaver at home and shaves the heads of the males in her life (her husband and two kids).she claimed that the money which could be spent on their haircut (an average RM7 for a haircut) is saved and spent on her hairdo,i would never marry a maths teacher.miss annie said i looked neat and gave me her signature thumbs up!!!


haha.everytime i see her showing her signature thumbs up,i wonder whether she was supposed to teach me chemistry or appear in housewife-friendly advertisements (promoting domestic goods such as cleaning agents etc)

annie2 know,my classmate thinks she could even be the Yakult girl (replacing melissa campbell if i’m not mistaken).let’s just hope that she concentrates on shoving chemical equations and calculations into my head.


haha.people compare me to a lot of people when i’m bald.jueanne said i looked like owen yap (who’s that?) while others beg to are some of the notable comparisons that have been made.

tweener (Prison Break character)


man,since when do i look like tweener.i didn’t shave my head to look like the character best rememberes as the one who gets sodomised,ok!it’s more like i shaved my head to look like wentworth miler


hahaha.he and i have a lot in common.he has very thin eyebrows while i have…….oh,never mind.oh oh oh,he is gay while i’m……..sigh.guess the only thing we have in common is our hairstyles,huh?

Barack Obama (President Elect of USA)


aoife,you are so on earth do we appear alike?hehe.he’s a tall,lanky guy who’s going to lead a country while i’m just a short guy who,well,is be honest,i thought hilary clinton would win.i don’t know why but it doesn’t really matter who’s the president of USA.they say that Obama’s win signifies that the world is changing and people are accepting the minority as the leaders of a nation.

i’m not interested in me,his win serves up as an excuse for our politicians to make ludicrous comments like a non-bumi can be our next PM and so and so. although we all want that to happen,it’s not really going to materialise soon,isn’t it?as long as there are idiots in the country who in turn elect idiots to the Parliament (think sexist and rude MPs…those “b***** b******”…ahahahah),our country would never have a non-bumi PM.come on,they berated an MP of their own just because he gave his insight on what his race has become.what about the existence of a certain opposition party that wants to ban all international female acts and give us a bald,singing monkey?!!they should concentrate more on eradicating mat rempit-s or educating those who are jahiliah. seriously la,they should present a proposal calling for fatwa on mat rempit-s.they are the real menace to society,not yoga or pengkid-s (girls who dress up like guys).

woah,sidetrack to the wrong place.hehehe

The Rock (former WWE superstar turned actor)

hahaha.people compare me to him the most.they say i really look like the People’s Champ.


hmmm.i don’t think i look like The Rock at all.hahaha.anyway,if what people have said is true,then it would be interesting if we were to switch places.i’m the wrestling megastar while he’s just a regular teenager.


if you can smelllll…..what The Botak is cooking!!!!hahaha.yeah.omg.the picture looks’s like i went for a spray tan and got it wrong.ahahaha.if i’m a wrestling star in the WWE i would…..


date KellyKelly,my favourite WWE diva.she’s smoking hot!!!!hahahaha.i wonder how The Rock would do being a normal teenager…….

botak photo editting software sucks.its time i upgrade to photoshop or something.

by the way,The World’s Most ‘Wu-liao’ Mum™ has found out about my blog


haha.she got the adress from ang.sorry ang for calling you a traitor.i guess there’s nothing much you can do but to give the URL of my blog to her.ahaha.she told me to stay away from politics and stop writing bad stuff about the stupid,big,fat b**** melissa.see,i censored it out for the first time.

i don’t know why she has to call her son and pretend to be a girl wanting to be friends as soon as she got a new’s like some kind of test old mums carry out on their sons to find out whether their sons would simply invite girls home or not.however,her voice is so distinct that i could tell that she was my mum.if that’s not wu-liao enough,she called me during class and get me out of college just to participate in a game with the mix fm roadrunners.


i was not kidding

it has been a long time since i’ve blogged.i think i’m a bit rusty.but you guys are glad i’m back,aren’t you??hehehe.

*to the tune of PCD’s song “Don’t Cha”    



DON”T CHA (aaaaahhaaaahaaa)


hello world,i’m back!!!!