the boy who underwent self-inflicted mental torture (again) and steps he took to dampen the effect

my mum trapped me at home every night.i have a holidays are not going as well as i have planned.i only met some of my friends after a WEEK back in sitiawan.argh!stupid final exams in january!damn you!holidays lost its holiness when you spent majority of it studying

anyway,here’s what i did to relieve stress

i went bowling


haha.weijian,junbiao,jacob,tizebin and i went for bowling at our local bowling’s funny how they woke up early just to play bowling.however,it made lots of sense.early birds get rm2.50 a game.i went once and finished 2nd twice in 5 games.not bad eh!

i went for snooker

i went for snooker at SRC (Sitiawan Recreational Club).i didn’t know sitiawan actually has such a cool 17 years of living in sitiawan,i had never stepped in there before.when i did step in,it was for badminton and snooker.we actually have to get the balls from the bar.what do you know?you have to wear long pants and covered shoes to enter.haha.we are all in shorts and flip-flops (well,i was the only one with flip-flops…the rest were with slippers) so when we entered the bar,some old farts were making a ruckus.

old man1:wei….look at them…they are wearing slippers…cannot cannot!!!

oldman2:yeah yeah…they wearing shorts…what is this???

oldman3:don’t worry, they are here for the balls…they are playing snooker upstairs.

yeah old farts!we are going upstairs.why are you feeling violated?you’ve already violated it with the cigarettes and alcohol.just shut up and drink as well as smoke your way to a shorter life.


weijian in action.i suck at this game.i was practically ‘santa claus’.i was giving away points because of the many fouls i’ve made


the score since the beginning and throughout the  first game…..


the score at the end of the first game.ehehehe.not bad.anyway,i had a healthy lead of 16 during the second game (no kidding) but ended up with 0 at the end.i’m no good at this.

celebrated the winter solstice fesitval


mmmmm.tangyuan in the making.haha.these dough will be rolled into balls and fed to me!!!!! (i’m a greedy pig).


it was supposed to be a family affair but my mum chased me out of the kitchen.the other lady is my neighbour/hairstylist.she asked me to show me my girlfriend’s picture.i told her i never had one.gosh.people think that when you study in KL you should get a’s not easy when you’re vertically challenged ok!

anyway,legend has it that if you collect 7 balls,the sky will go dark and a magical dragon will appear before you and grant you 3 wishes.once granted,the 7 balls will be scattered across the world.what do you know?i have the 7 balls!!!


the sky did turned dark alright,only for it to wish granted.sigh.if i had three wishes they would be:

1. grow taller till my height reaches at least 180cm

2.have enough money for my education

3.for it to snow in malaysia during my birthday.ahahahahah

sadly;instead of getting three wishes granted,i became a mythbuster.sigh.

let a girl do whatever she wants with my hair using hair wax and temporary hair dyes


well,it was amazing that my hair could be transformed into something like this since it was short.good job shuwai.haha.why on earth did i sit at a table where i was the only guy at aoife’s birthday party?so i had to be kambing first when shuwai applied wax on my head it was kinda relaxing.from that point onwards i was wishing that she could apply wax/shampoo on my hair daily.that is until she pulled my hair to give it a spiky was so should be given to her hair looks good at the back but not at the front (to me la….i felt i looked like hoe siang…no offense shuwai!!!).

spike i said,my hair was short and thin.after the spikes are made,you can clearly see my scalp.


my hair was like a KH project,sprayed in different colours.

ate roti canai milo


ahahaha.roti canai milo was interesting.i knew the existence from guangshi.she had it in klang.i never heard about it in sitiawan so i decided to give it a shot.haha.the result:sweet and must be eaten when its hot.or else it’ll  get stuck between your teeth.

got a present for christmas


haha.i got a present for means that i’m a good boy.naughty children don’t get presents.just ask jueanne or ang.even jacob didn’t get one.hahahahha. the way,i discovered that i get panic attacks when my dad didn’t reach home even when its past midnight (he usually reaches latest by 11pm),i panicked and imagined him being involved in an accident or worse.the problem of having an active imagination is that you can’t really control the thoughts in your head when a situation is given to i need to be distracted from those horrid thoughts or being reassured and comforted.thank you shehulk!this means that my girlfriend must stay calm and reassure/comfort/distract me when i’m having a panic attack.i’m very good at scaring,that requirement goes down with other BASIC qualities in the list to become a potential girlfriend of mine

  1. long hair (at least shoulder length)
  2. nice eyes
  3. witty
  4. talks in english most of the time
  5. can engage in intelligent conversation (i don’t want to talk crap most of the time)
  6. mature (so that it’ll rub off on me)

haha.any potential suitors?ehehehehe


13 responses to this post.

  1. […] the boy who underwent self-inflicted mental torture (again) and steps he took to dampen the effect […]

  2. Posted by tuan tynn on December 28, 2008 at 10:37 am

    i love tang yuan too!! i just had bowls of it last night…yummy!

    eh btw..i wanna see the front look of you and your hairdo lah! how could you possibly look like hoe siang with spiky hair? His hair is curly right? i dont get that part.

    and isnt 180cm a little bit too….much? you would have to wear platform shoes!! Haha!

    why are Sitiawan guys so desperate for a girlfriend anyways? Hmmm.

  3. tuantynn-the front part just look like hoesiang la….180 ideal height for me….not despo,just giving girls the heads up!!ahahaha

  4. Posted by ~DeNNi$~ on December 28, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    Eh Tynn, over generalized here wei… Not ALL SItiawan Guys k..! only this particular SAchIN…..!

  5. Posted by Ian Goh on December 29, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    yeap… sachin is half brown and half yellow… only his kind is affected by this ‘disease’….

  6. Posted by dagreat on December 30, 2008 at 3:38 am

    180?? i can la maybe..u??haha..i doubt dat..hehe..175 la..good enough..n btw..who say i didn’t get any christmas present??

  7. eh…not desperate ok..

    ang-haha…fuyoh…from who???

    next food experiment….ROTI NESCAFE!!!

  8. Posted by dagreat on December 30, 2008 at 9:16 am

    my parents la..who else..haha..i’m not so lucky like so many girls to mix wit in college..or else sure can get more present d 1..haha..btw..ian,jac,jb,n wj gave me quite a big ang pau on our stay in penang d..hehe..dat’s juz warm up..i’ll be back..

  9. Posted by soowen on December 31, 2008 at 4:19 am

    nice hair…:)

  10. ang-hahaha….gambling???

    soowen-hehe…my hair’s always nice…ahahahahaha

  11. stay in and keep the door shut

  12. Posted by Jue Anne on January 17, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    yeah 180cm just nice =D like my dad..hohoho

    and wei…i didn’t know soo wen reads ur blog..wahh free lunch soon i hope.. XD haha

  13. Posted by arronan on January 19, 2009 at 4:40 am

    khanecksha..haha..good luck in growing up..

    tuan tynn..its just not appropriate of u to say that all Sitiawan guys are desperate..mayb Sachin is because he is longing for attention :p

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