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the boy who was not alone on the most (supposedly) romantic day of 2009

i’m proud to say that i was not alone for this year’s valentine’s day.


everybody meet soowen.she’s a law student at ATC.she’s not taller than me.if you think i’m dating her……..


think again…hahahahahah


to those of you who think i only have female friends,here’s a picture to show that i DO have guy friends (i told you so,arroneng!!)

hahaha.yes.i was not alone on valentine’s day this year.we went for a singles’ party.all the participants are my classmates except for soowen.there was supposed to be more people (especially girls) but they could not make it.

we had dinner at kaki corner.i was first to arrive at that time,finding parking nearby the food joint was almost impossible.soowen and yiwen came 10 minutes later.the rest showed up after 7pm.although i was the first to arrive,i got my food the last.bad service,really.











hahaha.i had to do the YMCA was a DARE.hehe.charissa,soowen,yiwen and i played ‘ji ku ba’ (rock paper scissors) where the winner gets to punish the loser who has to choose between truth or dare.


charissa and a random guy.her dare was wishing a random guy “happy valentine’s day”.we had actually wanted her to wish an old man (there were plenty and they brought along their spouses amd kids) but she settled on this one.haha.and the guy went perasan and gave her a card containing his contact details.that guy has no balls!!his friend gave her the card.his friend asked her to contact want to get to know her,you make the effort lah!bodoh.hahaha.


there were around three muscular guys who were waiters there and my dare was to get a picture with one of them.this guy thought i was gay when i asked him to pose with me.ahahahaha.


soowen and joshua.i forgot why we took this’s something about what she said when she lost.she never does dares.joshua has nice eyebrows though.


soowen grabbing weexian’s arm.he has the best muscle definition in class.oh how i long for his cutting…..

after dinner,we went over to charissa’s place to look at the view of kl.unfortunately,trees were blocking the doesn’t matter anyway,i had fun.


hahaha.we are not sakai-s la


hehe.we are just having some fun.


i wonder what was kenneth ogling at.hmmm.


haha.kahjun was attempting a stunt and everyone was looking.


a close up.but still,we can’t make up what he was doing.


ahah!a couple caught in the act berdua-duan.


i wonder who could they be????

juennme was jueanne and me!!thoseĀ  pictures were taken when i was trying to korek her secrets.


group photo of all the participants of the singles’ party.hahaha.

valentine’s day was not made for couples.single people have the right to enjoy it too.despite a romantic experience for you and your special one being one of the precious moments in life,having a day our with freinds and keeping each other entertained is worth remembering and doing.

however, i would like to say that some people are so freaking inconsiderate that they park at places they shouldn’t just so that they could enjoy a romantic view while upholding you have your brains in your ass?park somewhere else (not on the side of a narrow road) and walk towards the lookout point lah!!

i read your email’ll haveĀ  your plush bear the way,wedding dresses are supposed to be white!happy valentine’s day!!