another chapter ends

hahaha.its been a long time since i’ve blogged.everyone kept asking me why i have not blogged.usually i’ll ignore them but when ivy har demanded that i update my blog (technically she just asked me why i didn’t blog),i have no choice but to comply.what ivy wants,ivy gets (well,most of her demands).

i’ve just finished my a-levels in june and we celebrated it with a barbeque at kah jun’s house


this was supposed to be a photo of ME surrounded by the girls who went there but chunhou and desmond had to ruin a glorious revenge,i’ve decided to censor their eyes or tamper with their pictures.muahahahahaha


there’s something about barbeques that bring out the worst in me.i don’t like to bbq my stuff.i expect people to do it for me.if possible,i do not want to get my hands dirty.i don’t like bbq-ed chicken wings,i prefer drumsticks.however,chinese people like wings way better than drumsticks.damn!,i hantam-ed the fried bihun (with a generous amount of siu yuk) and bbq-ed some sausages and fishballs.


here’s another intentional shot gone up in smoke thanks to chunhou (again!!!),weexian and azlan.damn! was supposed to be a shot of increasing darkness in skin tone.stupid people.hahahahha.

kahjun jealous

obviously he’s jealous because i’m flanked by 2 i censored his face.hahahaha.stupid kahjun.but his shirt glows in all the photos we took.hmmmmm.


see.weird shirt (obviously) worn by a weirdo himself!


see.another testament of his wierdness.


tania and i.ang,don’t be jealous.hahaha


the boys who went for the bbq.who is the hottest?me right?

for those who think i have a girlfriend………


i don’t have.don’t spread rumors.if i do happen to get one,i’ll let you guys know with a special post on her.


it’s not funny!


desmond has a big tummy.


he also has a wide fact…..

wide tongue2

he has the widest tongue in class.i bet his girlfriend would be very very happy…ahahahahhaa


my camera ran out of battery so there aren’t many photos that i have taken.

the time we had was short but memories were made during the past one and a half years.i will always remember….

felicia-my first friend in college

jueanne-my secretary,counsellor,confidant,disrupter of my zen moment…truly appreciate having you around.

yiwen-my dirty-minded partner in crime

chunhou-little dynamite of fun…somebody call 911!!!

yingjuin-karaoke king

zhihan-dicky cheung look-alike

daoxiang-he’s in india

yeehua-taekwondo housewife who likes kahjun to bake

meiyun-dai kah jeh

paulynn-ni ting wo jiang…hahahahaha..queen of D4

yeemun-banana in pyjamas

syecheen-fast driver in her vios

leemei-the girl with the smoothest,silkiest hair

seetheng-sweet blogger girl

fanny-funny friendly girl

emily-scary girl with killer heels…hahahahaha

sookmei-approachable tall girl

azlan-lembu from ampang

samantha-the girl with the longest name ever…25 letters..2 shy of my name

tania-my favourite champion!hahaha…gorgeous eyes

maygin-hot clubbing girl

woonsan-sexy curly hair

charissa-cute little dynamite

guangshi-miss elegant

kahjun-mangkuk besar with perky nipples who likes yeehua

kenneth-snow white

calvin-tall badmionton dude who has to be careful of his whiskey shots

joshua-nicest eyebrows…the only person to call me ‘chin-chin’

weexian-gym partner…kenneth is gay…hahahaha

kishen-coolest dude….consistent in having intelligent conversations with me

kah hou-engkha’s best friend

engkha-kahhou’s best friend…hehehehe

desmond-doraemon from sibu

jienhui-jueanne’s fan!hahahahaha

harminder-gentle guy…fellow arsenal friend

international students-henry,musa,elizabeth,hussein,mohsen,ali,mariam….

another chapter ends,a new one begins


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jueanne on July 16, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    wad my fan???!! no ah…..

  2. Posted by ~DeNNi$~ on July 21, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    Yo, siapu tu “Dimple-Gal”..?? and y should Ang be jealous?

  3. Posted by charissa on July 22, 2009 at 8:51 am

    hahaha! gosh!! i like the photos u posted on the trip! i couldnt stop laughing..damn funny la! haha!
    and i like this too…cute little dynamite…hehe =P
    when play badminton???

  4. I miss the class trip so much!!! Wish i can go to the next one… There’s few photo that make me laugh like mad man.. lol… funny o the captions..

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