who’s gonna drive you home tonight?

i’m not sure why but it’s customary for a trip to be organised as soon as a major examination had come to an end.so,WE WENT TO MELAKA>PD>SEREMBAN>BACK TO KL for my college trip.it happened almost a month ago and my friends are wondering whether i’ve lost my blogging touch.

1st day

i woke up at 7am to get ready for my trip.i had packed 4 days of clothes with extras (just in case…normal of me).in my car there’s a FIRE EXTINGUISHER,TORCHLIGHT (with whistle),ROPE (not for bondage sessions,mind you),PLASTIC BAGS (mainly for dirty laundry).before the trip,my car had extensive work done on it.

it all started when an idiot rammed his honda accord against my back bumper.IT WAS NOT MY FAULT.fortunately,the guy was willing to pay (DUH,his fault wert).so,i had a new bumper with new reverse sensors!


the b;ack dots are the reverse sensors.at first he was unhappy with the cost of the bumper (he said it was expensive) but he told me to SETTLE MYSELF,THEN HE PAYS.so i didn’t bother to haggle over the price of the bumper.the new bumper was the catalyst for new……..

seat belt

front seatbelts!!!hahaha.at first i thought of installing the rear seatbelts at the front.unfortunately,seatbelt singh (datuk suret singh…he’s the guy you always see in the newspaper or the news talking about road safety or seatbelts) had implemented the rule of th eusage of rear seatbelts.so i waited for almost a year to change the seatbelts.hahahaha.


seatbelt singh everybody.


i had my wheel allignment done as well.2 days before the trip,i had the clutch plate changed.total cost of repairs= >RM1000.aiyo.

anyway,i went to our base of operations:PLAZA KJ


hahaha.the guy is not arronan.i don’t know why my mum made such a mistake.

anyway,we had lunch at oldtown before leaving.my car slated to go first with kahjun


in my car was calvin (front seat),paulynn,yeemun and yiwen.when you have three girls in the backseat of your car,this happens………


and when your camera is accessible to paulynn tan,this happens………


there’s more


ada banyak lagi…they took quite a number of photos.

after one and a half hours,we finally reached our first destination: a’famosa!


kahjun was so happy when we reached our destination.i was relieved instead.there were at least 3 accidents along the way.phew.


all of them went for a swim in the swimming pool outside our villa except for 5 people…..


4 of the dry ones are in the villa playing risk…….


hahaha.it took us 20 minutes to set up,40 minutes of play and then yiwen (who is the 5th dry one) came and told us to clear the table for our dinner.WTF.


i was controlling the yellow army as always.


we had steamboat for dinner.however,i somehow didn’t bring my dowl and cutlery.hahahaha.i was not alone.weexian and kishen also shared the same problem.so we called engkha who was on his way from his house to take extra bowls and cutlery.it took him a very long time and i went super hungry.to make things worse,stupid,inconsiderate kenneth came and showed off food in his bowl.damn you.


this happen when you leave your camera around.in fact,i found weird pictures that i didn’t take with my camera.for instance…………….


toilet bowl?????




gay photo!!!!!!!gosh


camwhoring guys.they look so gay


gay guys looking macho…by wearing girls’ sunglasses.”macho” betul.

2nd day

i woke up the earliest to take my bath.yeah.i’m always the earliest to take a bath.why?well,its simple actually.bathing when others are sleeping means that there are no inteference when you are taking your bath.my shower time is a private and essential part of my routine.why its essential is of no concern to you readers.sorry.hoho.


they are preparing burgers for breakfast.


lazy people.girls are supposed to help out in the kitchen!

anyway,a group of 8 inclluding me decided to cash in the breakfast coupons.however,we ended up at the wrong restaurant.so we had to go to the designated place and eat with 10 minutes left.luckily the staff undestood that we made a wrong turn and let us enjoy our breakfast in peace.


we went to the water park.hahahaha.there were not many people as it was a weekday.i had fun until i went to the loo.when i came back,my friends left me.i waited for half an hour before i snapped.i went home early and because of that i was accused of TFK-ing in the toilet.wait.TFK?how come?turns out kahjun found an insoluble white goo in the toilet.he assumes that it was semen and accused me of doing it as i went home early.lousy fellow.maybe he did it and tried to frame someone.


he has perkier nipples than glenn.perky nipples usually belong to super horny people.

st francis church

we went to melaka town that night.we passed the st.francis church.

christ church

church of christ at the background.


someone decided that we walked to the eye on malaysia.he/she did not know it was damn far.


so close yet so far.


yes.we finally made it.



it was a giant ferris wheel.the view was horrendous.


hehehe.tania keeps complaining my photo-taking skills are horrible.she said that her face could not fit into the frame.


hahahaha.stupid kahjun.kept taunting me.


hahahaha.ok la.maybe i’m a bit mean.


i had a bad hair day.so i used her handbag to cover my hair.


something stinks.maybe someone let off gas.i hope it was not from one of the girls.

i'm loving it

i loved it when girls touch or stroke my hair.serious.


the guy on the right is not squatting down to poop,mind you.

then we went back to  our villa.along the drive,something happened and i lost my cool,AGAIN!thank god there’s Lite FM.its very relaxing.it keeps my road rage in check.

3rd day

we now head towards port dickson.hahaha.



we reached the dilipidated bungalow around noon.ok.it looks dilipidated only.it was actually a decent bungalow.


but don’t you agree it looks like it was abandoned?the other houses nearby have no residents you know.it’s  kind of scary.


well,its scarier than what she intended this photo to be.


dai dee was the most played game there.guangshi always cheat in this game.she would persuade others (mainly me!!!she knows i would give in) into putting cards in her favour.although she cheats,she rarely wins.ahahahahaha.

after dinner,we went to the beach


we made this with the intention of tagging people on facebook by their slippers.it turns out we forgot which was whose.ahahahaha.


HAH!mum!i have a mole on my left nostril!you just noticed it a few moths ago.aiyo.


we had a good time at the beach (despite my dislike of beaches).engkha lost a slipper though.kesian.

4th day

i woke up early as usual.the rest slept in after a long night.i had to prepare breakfast for myself.so………



normal burger patty on a bun.usually,people would add chilli sauce or ketchuo or mayo.but for me…….


hahahaha.the inevitable


hahahahaha.unfortuantely,it does not end there.


ah.it seems normal.egg with cheese bits in it.


no.what the hell are you doing sachin………..


hahahaha.peanut butter and jam burger.


i ate it.it was a satisfying and gratifying breakfast.one of my best food combo i’ve created.it was sweet and meaty.hahahaha.i’m not done yet.no


what in the world????


i desperately need to hit the gym.before the trip,i hadn’t been at the gym for 3 weeks.that’s why got tummy.hahahaha.lazy to do sit up-s at home.anyway,those are eggs whipped (into shape…heheh) with nescafe.


gosh.it looks gross,isn’t it?


it does not taste as bad as it seems.it’s just that i added too much coffee.hahahaha.i didn’t lau sai by the way.


hahaha.too bad i dint get a shot with chunhou


we took this photo before we left.we then went to seremban to send yingjuin and chunhou home.then we went back to Plaza KJ.


my favourite photo of the whole trip.i’m not sure why.hahahahaha.anyway.my college mates are planning another trip.we’ll see how it goes.for now,all that we have are just precious memories.woot


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