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my 19th birthday wishes

did you know that on the 6th of August 19 years ago,a fusion of an indian and shinese baby was born and the baby looked like a thai/malay/burmese kid?


BABY KIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha.yvonne said i look very much indian in this picture.however,she’s the only one who thinks like that.presening the EVOLUTION!!!!!!!!


me being 12.hahaha.i lost the photo that i took when i was 6 or something.anyway,i look like a typical malay boy in this picture.what you guys didn’t know is that i lost a considerable amount of weight before i took this photo.i was a very plump boy when i was 10 and 11.


me at you can see i have a serious acne problem.i do have acne now but it has improved tremendously since this picture was taken.all thanks to aunty carmen and eva.hahahaha


haha.scout photo when i was 16.i used this photo the most so far.i do have a better photo now……..

DSC_0007 now!!!the first thing i noticed after i took this photo was my hair!!!hahahaha.wait till my mum sees this.she’s gonna apprehend me on my hair AGAIN.sigh.


this is a present for my 6th led to………….




i forgot how many hot wheels cars i own.hahahaha.


this is a present from my mum and aunty for my 10th birthday.i remembered cycling to the newspaper stand near winnie’s house to buy papers during the was the only stand that sells both the star and NST past 11am.


my present last you can see,it’s very needs a wash.JUEANNE!!!!its time to train your non-existent housekeeping can start by washing my shoes.hahahahaha.



one of my 3 birthday cakes!this was during a gathering on the 5th which i partly organised without the intention of  making my birthday the main event.i wanted to belanja them cake but they belanja-ed me instead.

ang,jiayi and siew lyn were there to celebrate with my friends.hahahaha.did you know that UNITEN had confirmed cases of H1N1 (A)?it means that if ang got it,my friends will get it too with me being the 1st victim!!!ahahaha.anyway,for ang to drive all the way to my house,thanks a lot!!

received many funny well wishes from my friends.most special is from yuki,she sent an sms all the way from australia.hahaha.even more special than the one from HER.hehehe.j-cyn said i must keep my smooth gay hands.let me know when you want to feel them.ahahahaha.yuanwen called and we talked nonsense till 1am,then she sent a message before midnight,reminding me that my birthday would be over.i’m not cinderella ok!ish.because of that i’m announcing that my birthday has a grace period for 7days made effective this year!yeah.hahaha.winnie wished that i’ll have a continous supply of yogurt and oreos.hahaha.thanks WINN!hahaha.i’m calling you that from now on!WINN HAR.hahahaha.funny la.special shoutout to my ‘siamese’ sister,laychooi…thank you!and to those who wished me,thank  you!


my friends got me this outfit for my birthday.thanks guys and girls.hahahaha.really appreciate it although you guys shouldn’t have paid for the cake.and i got an envelope enclosed by kisses from yeehua,paulynn and tania.BEST CARD EVER!

yeah.its now time for the list of my birthday wishes!!!!

1. i wish i can pass my a-levels with flying colours (very unlikely)

2. i want an Optimus Prime figurine Leader class!! 


3. i want an N86,my phone has dropped one time too many      


             i wonder how am i going to convince my parents i need such a phone.

4.i wish my limbs would extend so i can be TALLER!!!!it’s not really a good thing standing beside siew lyn

5. i wish arsenal could win a trophy this season…ronaldo has left man u..surely things are easier this time….let’s go fabregas and co

6. i want a batmobile!!!!i still can’t get myself one despite wishing for it for 3 years running!!!          batmobile[1]

7.  i wish i could spent a week with sienna miller…watch the video…i now find her more attractive than scarlett johansson….


ok.maybe she’s not that hot compared to scarlett johansson.however……..


yeah,baby you can definitely drive my car.she was,as jueanne had put it, captivating in this matter what i’m doing whenever this advertisement is aired on TV,i will drop whatever i’m doing and watch it wihout fail each time.she’s exactly the type of girl i would fall for.above average looking but a fantastic attitude.don’t worry scarlett johansson,i’m not dumping you.that’s because we were never together in the first’ll still be featured in my future posts,i hard feelings ok?

8.  i wish deborah priya henry and stephanie chai to wish me happy birthday,as always.


from left:elaine daly,unknown girl,stephanie chai and deborah henry.aren’t they hot???

9. i want french archer,woops,fries!!!!!


serious.french fires!!!

10. i wish i have sylar’s powers…stupid ending for volume 4!!!!wtf.


11. i wish i could hike gunung kinabalu before my 20th birthday.arronan!!!!!

12.i want everyone to stop telling me i’m greedy because i have a lot of are allowed to be greedy!!hahahaha.

13.i wish that local TV stations air all of yasmin ahmad’s movies and far,i haven’t watched muallaf and talentime.if TV stations can show excessive amounts of tribute to michael jackson they can do the same for yasmin.why the double standards?


14. i want to gain weight but lose my flab.gosh i’m so flabby

15.i wish i could model for would be so cool to see the look on shiang june’s face when she sees me flipping my hair on tv.ahahahahahaha

16. i wish that my family and friends would live a happy,healthy guys mean so much to me.i’m saying it just in case if i die suddenly.hahahaha.i heart you guys.

17. i wish that more people on my blogroll would update their blogs.lazy people.

18. i want certain people to think before they speak.words can inflict more damage on a person than you think.stupid people.change for the better lah.serves you right for not getting what you want.its karma!

19. i want people to STOP mentioning about melissa mohan.let me live in peace ok!i ran out of descriptions for her.hahahahaha.i actually want to be a better person by forgetting about insultng her but time and time again you guys bring her up.

 i’m looking forward to my last year as a teenager.hope 19 is a good age to gain valuable experience in various fields.thank you once again for the birthday wishes.i really appreciate it.