parts made in KL,assembled in SITIAWAN

“i’m from SITIAWAN,Perak”

that’s what i answer whenever people in college ask me about where i was from.did you know i was born in KL? fact,i only moved to sitiawan when i was roughly 3 years old.i thought that the fact that i was born in KL does not make me an original Sitiawan product,but i feel that this small,humble town made me into what i am today.

naval base

this is what got me into sitiawan in the first place:the naval base.haha.i can’t offer any pictures beyond the gate.very mafan .you need to leave your IC and particulars at the gate.then as you exit they will check what’s inside your car boot.gosh.very troublesome.anyway,my dad got transferred to the navall base in lumut.that’s why we moved and settled down in sitiawan.


yeah.this is my first house.i got a shock when i came to take a photograph of is not like when i lived in it.there used to be a lawn,a place where i could play all day,and pots of flowers which my mum made me water every,it looks like a joint for drug addicts.gosh.what was left of that beautiful  home is the white house.


i can’t find any full frontal pictures of my you can see,it was much more beautiful last time.


i still can’t make the same face since this photo was taken.hahahaha.yeah.i had the furniture since damn troublesome to keep.DON’T buy these types of’ll regret it and your children will hate you for buying them!


this is my first birthday party in sitiawan! 7th birthday.merdeka you know my previous birthdays were held at my grandma’s house in hulu langat,kl?!it means that whenever its time for my birthday,we had to drive all the way to KL in my ancient taufu-lou honda accord just to throw a party.hahaha.mum got fed up and organised it in sitiawan on my 7th birthday.


i OWNED this stretch of road!haha.i remembered riding my blue bicycle as fast as i can.hahaha.there used to be lots of first fall on my bike was under a tree  but i can’t remember where as most of the big trees were chopped off.hmmm


i bought peanut butter biscuits (my favourite at that time…tak tahu pun oreos existed) at this shop.hahaha.i had my first siu mai,lou ma kai,fishballs,charsiew pau and stuff you find at coffeeshops in a silver steam cabinet.not here la but at the coffeeshop next is where i spent whatever coins i could find at numerous tikam machines.hahaha.and and and the owner of the shop has a pretty niece who taught me at kuok ming school.hahaha.i went there in the afternoons to study chinese.hahaha.i used to be able to read and write chinese but now i’m hopeless.yeah.back to the niece.i always looked forward to her lessons.she taught me moral during my first year and maths during my second year.yeah.mondays,wednesdays,fridays.those were the days she would teach my class.once i hitched a ride home with her,i  was silent the whole trip.ahahaha.and she asked me why i was quiet.muahahahaha.kuok ming school.yeah.i broke some furniture that belong to this man who actually has a house in the school compound.and as what true boys do at that age,i ran!he didn’t claim for the damages but he did glared at me whenever i’m nearby.gosh.sorry old man!


a basketball court RIGHT in front of my house.if only i stayed there till now,i might grow taller or become better in basketball.hmmmmmm.sadly,that’s not the case.i moved  into my current sitiawan house when i was forward 11 years,i now have a japanese neighbour,a hairdressing neighbour and some vietname neighbours!hahaha.there’s so many movement in and out of the house every night.hahahahahahaha.some of them are sexy you know.


this small building played a huge role in my life……


tadika linden!!!hahaha.did you know most of my friends went here for kindergarten?yeah.i have a tendency to remember all my firsts.i was cheated by my mum to go to kindergarten.i thought that my mum bought me a cool new red shirt and white shorts to wear for outings and such.then she told me to wear it and took me to tadika and left me on my own after 2 soon as i reached home i cried.i hated it so much.hahaha.i wonder if miss chan and mrs jeba are still there teaching young brats like me?hmmmmmm.


yes people,this is my primary school.we all fit into that building;standard one to standard six.hahahahaha.this is my school’s hall.KECERMELANGAN MATLAMAT KAMI!what a catchy slogan.


my primary school is located just beside my secondary school,separated by a wire fence.on saturdays,the hall will be filled by taikwondo students.ahhahaha.teacher’s day celebrations are held here and so does the many episodes in which tuantynn avoids tizebin.hahaha.did you know that tizebin has a crush on tuantynn?and tuantynn would avoid him when he crosses her line of sight?gosh.epic man.hahahaha


they said the hall is can hear the piano playing by itself at nights,they claim.i haven’t heard it so far.


that is the scariest classroom ever.just going up the stairs gives me the chill.gosh.i don’t even know what’s those who went in,let me know ya.


this is where the japanese prisoners dig their own grave.and we were running around the field every single day.gosh.this is another rumour someone told me.hahaha.


the looks disgusting.frankly,which school toilet doesn’t?however………….


it looks damn decent for a school toilet.


the basketball court actually served as a tapak perhimpunan.and as prefects,our weekly spot check during assembly was to see if students wash their shoes or got nothing else better to do.actually,i was a librarian for 2 years before becoming a huh.hahaha.special shoutout to ramanan here!he was my first friend in primary school.hahaha.i also had my first discipline case in primary school.i “extorted” money from tizebin.hahahaha.we had a bet about whether ultraman would air later in the day during a tuition class.i was thinking “gosh,easy rm1 for me”.so the next day when i went and claimed my prize,he reported to the rm1 i got a discipline case.hahahaha.small kids those days…sigh.


small kids these days!!!hahaha.they have no shame at all.if you can see clearly,there’s a taikwondo student peeing behind the bush.hahahaha.he’s so unlucky i was there to take photos.ahahahahaha.


the owner of this shop is one of mankind’s greatest contributors:his greatest contribution to the world is none other than IVY har,you are one good man that shall be remembered by me!hehehe.his 2nd greatest contribution to the world is the fact that he sold me a selling the PC,he gave me access to the internet.thus the birth of my blog.if it wasn’t for him,you wouldn’t be reading this post at all.


home curry house!if there’s a restaurant i would frequent for every meal for a whole month or two,it’s got to be this kick-ass joint.ok,maybe the food is not that great but its definitely convenient.i used to walk under the scorching heat with ang on days our mums got too lazy to we drive as we are too lazy.hahaha.super gay since last time.


this is the place to get both NST and the star after 11am.during school holidays when there was no newspaper from school,i used to cycle all the way to this joint.hahahaha.why 11am?that’s because i usually wake up at then its way too late to get english newspapers at stands near my,what has to be done must be done.i have to get them newspapers!


capri.hahahaha.this is my most favourite place to eat.fine,maybe fullpann has better food.fine,fullpann has air con.fine,fullpann has no moaquitoes.but i really really like capri.maybe its the atmosphere.hmmmm.i should stop thinking about it.i’m already drooling.


hehe.sitiawan’s local’s kinda an amazing building if you had witness it transform from a rundown building to one of sitiawan’s money-milkers.yeah.this building has a rich history.countless tamil movies have been screened here,countless (actually there weren’t many)chairs thrown within the screening halls and countless pink tickets sold by the old chinese ladies at the counter.yeah.i wonder what happened to the old aunty.


i give you sitiawan’s main shopping hub:THE STORE!!!hahaha.yeah.sorry about the poor picture.its kinda dangerous to take a picture while driving.bolehlah,the picture is kinda decent.anyway,here is where samuel gets most of its clothes (this line is referred to his friends who were/still studying with him at the UK).hehe.yogurt here is very fresh,unlike what some people claim.anyway,its still going strong despite competition from billion,ceria,econsave and giant.that might soon change with jusco being proposed to open a branch just opposite to giant.hehe.finally,a well known branch of deparmental store since parkson.hohoho.


this is where you find a lot of people on a thursday afternoon:the thursday market.i used to think that the thursday market was on a grand scale until i came to KL and witness connaught night market.if thursday market is a proton then connaught pasar malam is a mercedes.hahahaha.i opt to describe connaught pasar malam as a mercedes as i’ve heard there’s a bigger pasar malam somewhere in KL.hehe.anyway,this place evokes many memories.the most significant one was when i went there on ang’s motorbike without a helmet and was caught by my a result,my license classes were DELAYED.i was furious and so was she.hahahaha.the worst part is she sent an sms to ian’s phone informing me that she was going to delay my license embarassing was that!!!apa mau buat?i didn’t own a handphone at that time.and when i thought i owned one during post PMR,it was stolen at Lost World of Tambun.damn!!!!


this is what could be a specialists center in the future.the doctors that might run this place is daryl yeak,ian goh,ling j-cyn,samuel ding and maybe a few dentists.hahaha.manjung parade!!sitiawan’s most tak laku punya once housed lookinggood,a was not a nice place to shop.i only remembered it as there was an A&W outlet.if there’s one reason to force me to lookinggood its A&W.then it was institut tech,a tuition center where the air-con was freaking cold.there was a store selling pokemon cards too there.there was also a gym.that is until the building housed a snooker center.hehehe.


C&E beauty house.I STRONGLY URGE YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE TO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS WITH YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING!!!!!hahaha.its dangerous and your photos don’t come out that good.anyway,i now have to start looking for a facial shop nearby my house here in KL as i don’t think i will go there for facials in the future.i will really miss the relaxing face massages and the countless advice to drink more water from the aunties.hahahaha.

tucky light at the traffic light.its ok to take a shot.if there’s a notion to eat chicken rice then i would gladly drive all the way to restoran tucky.hahaha.


this is by far the most important building in sitiawan:SMK Methodist (ACS),EST 1903 does not mean there are 1903 students who got an A1 in English for Science and Technology (EST).in fact,we did so badly for EST until the school opt not to offer the subject anymore.EST in this case means basically my school is 106 years old this huh?


this is my class block from form 1 to form used to be in white but it has now transformed into a butter/balai polis/mr bean school.why yellow dr ashleigh?haha.i used to walk slowly along this road after school so that two girls will shout “BYE BYE SACHIN!” if they are still there.well,i only wanted to hear it from ONE of the girls.the other one just kacau!hehe.but after 2 weeks they got bored of saying bye-bye to me.sigh.anyway,my class would be at the front end of the block except in form 1 where i was in 1A3.hahaha.the class was so much fun.


the canteen:where we escape to after hours of studying (more like daydreaming,sleeping,reading newspaper,buat bissing,gossiping).i will always remember fear factor uncle who has left school after the class of 2007.mingsern used to be his usual customer until 2005 or sometime then.i think he did not like his ‘happy meal’.in fact,many didnt like the free gifts that came with his ‘happy meal’.they went and lodged numerous complaints because they found cockroaches,flies,lizard’s tail (nice wat the cintan mee,sup ekor wert).once,ang found a rubber band in his fried sotong.WTF.hahaha.i would always go for indian nasi lemak.then i will tambah fried egg,chicken,sambal telur (the sambal of the sambal telur way way way better than the normal sambal).at times i will get sirap cincau to drink.hahaha.if i were to drink it on a daily basis sure i’ll get diabetes.anyway,the quality of the sambal has deteriorated since i left.the highly addictive chicken nuggets there are now sold by mr burong’s wife:5 for rm2.damn.last time the chinese aunty sold 3 for rm1.maybe yihan got discount or something because he’s always seen hitting on taliking to the aunty.hmmm.maybe yihan got discount from the indian stall instead since he’ll go for his customary 2nd round of kueyteow with cucur smothered in sambal.hahahahahaha.i will also remember air suam kurang manis and teh tarik kurang manis tambah susu.WTF again.


the forbidden are not allowed to touch the shown pole.its contaminated with chiaching’s booger!


basketball court.recently it has been resurfaced and the backboard was replaced.i had many memories at this court.i joined the closed competition first with NUMB (hahaha…we were easily distinguished with our football jersey tops) and then with CDMC Avengers!hahaha.we were the worst team ever.we lost all 7 of our matches.i did end up as the team’s top scorer.oh ya,i broke a flower pot in frustation as well.hahaha.sachin the vandal!!!!


our school has a tennis huh?


library.guess which one of them is my sister.hahahaha.


guys’ toilet.only open whenever the janitor feels like is the newer one.


guys’ common toilet.always can find cigarette boxes in the flush tanks.once during a spot check,i found poop in the it got there remains a disgusting’s so high on earth did that guy pull off an upper decker?


ladies’ smells worse than the guys’ toilet.i kid you not.


this is my form 2 class photo.somehow my face is scratched off.aiyo.haha.i had misplaced my form 1 class photo.


form 3 of mums’ worst nightmares:their sakai sons in white pants! mum had a super hard time cleaning my pants as they get dirty way too easily.hahahaha.


form 4 class would have been so much better if there are a few people from 4Sc2 were to be in 4Sc1 and melissa would just vanish from the face of the earth.i had a torrid time in form 4 being teased.aiyo!


form 5 class ever!hahaha.


this is where i sit:at the side of a’s seriously an ideal place to sit because……..


i can actually see more of the class used to be in white.its so much darker now.if my class was pink 2 years ago surely i cannot really see *ehem*….i’ll stop guys must not know what and who i always see in class.hahahaha.


the arrow points to where clarence and another fella will flirt with kuanpeihuang.hahaha.samuel,please don’t leave nasty comments about her or her sister later ok? can seriously look at the pretty girls who pass by.hahaha.

did you know i have 49 crushes in school?hahaha.i kept score ok but mostly they are mini crushes.full crushes are rare and few in between.and only a few of those full crushes actually developed into something more (i mean my feelings,not our relationships).hahaha.out of 49,2 of them are 1 year younger;3 are 1 year elder,5 are 2 years elder,4 are 3 years elder,and the rest are all of the same age.however,of the few that i will certainly remember for the rest of my life………


i will always remember ling yiwen.she was my FIRST high school crush.ahahahahaha.chiaching,alan must be going wtf wtf what.i had a crush on her until i knew of changyung’s existence.hahaha.its really a sad way to know somebody exist because he got through to your crush’s heart.hahaha.its ok next (full) crush was way hotter than her.ahahahahahahaha.

i will remember the crap we talked and did in school.hahaha.there will always be a poll created by snow whitetigress about who is the most handsome in class,or who is the manliest in class.i never got the highest rating before (which is 1) from anybody in class.hahaha.then samuel who clearly is incensed because he didn’t get the highest rating would condemn the act,saying that chianwoon and the girls are wuliao.hahaha.i’ll be singing along with him because i’m also a tad bit disappointed because i didn’t get no really serves as an ego-booster if you get a very high rating.muahahahahahahaha.

i will always remember the scout camps in school and what fun can the presence of a few motorcycles can bring.romp-it outings were memorable especially during ang’s birthday.hahaha.just so that i won’t forget,i was the director of pillion riders.i have no idea what the positions are for.all i know i was riding pillion.favoured destined rider will always be ian goh,director of safe riding.i’m almost certain my life is at great hands whenever i ride pillion on his blue lagenda.hahaha.i also remember the time when chiaching took jacob’s motorbike and rode with the others for makan.then he met an accident at the crystal hotel traffic light.the first thing he did after he got up is to see whether his tapau-ed milo was spilled or not instead of inspecting the damage done on jacob’s motor.jacob never let anyone borrow his bike again…………

the reason i’m writing this post is that i’m leaving for india for the next 2 the time i’m back i won’t return to sitiawan as my mum finally shifts to is a very disheartening situation you know.i grew up in a small humble town and watch it develop alongside me.there was no 7-11 before i took my there are 4 outlets.people from sitiawan would eat mcdonald’s whenever they travel they eat something else because they got sien of eating mcdonalds since there’s a mcd outlet here.i use to pity those lala mui-s of simpang tiga who dress up nicely to go shop at econsave but soon they can dress up to go to jusco in another few years time.

i’ll miss you gave me kongpiang,late night nasi lemak,fresh seafood.but most importantly,you gave me the best memories and the time of my life.


this was the most recent outing:my farewell is the most gut-wrenching outing so far.hahaha.justin got me this batman lantern.this is the best lantern ever.when i was forced to make a speech before i cut my cake,i almost cried and winnie was recording would be so not macho if i did cry.anyway,i got hanshin to feed me the cake.hahahaha.

the memories are there because of you people are pieces of a puzzle.if a few pieces are missing then the puzzle would not be complete and you will not see the full picture as the pieces could not be are pieces that i would like to keep forever.sounds familiar right yvonne?i copied and edited your guys mean the world to me.i will miss you guys a lot.i’ll miss HER more though.ahahahahaha.

i started blogging because it was a trend back then but now i trully realised what the purpose of blogging is for:it serves to a be a reminder of the joys and treasured memories you’ve accumulated throughout the years and the happiness is shared to those who mean the most to you.i will update my blog more when i get there so you guys would know what is going on there.someday,i will return to sitiawan.the only problem is i have no place to stay.ang budget hotel and recreation centre:your favourite customer will be a place for me will ya!


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  1. You just had to post the forbidden pole,hadnt you?
    It was a great memory for a lot of people. Can we like go back to the classroom with our uniforms for a day? Haha!

  2. tracking back – parts made in KL,assembled in SITIAWAN… tracking back – parts made in KL,assembled in SITIAWAN…

  3. Posted by tuan tynn on September 24, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Looking at the Form 2 & Form 3 photos make me geram….. i coudlnt make it for BOTH the photo sessions!!
    Anyways, nostalgic post! Sitiawan looks so…dry, dirty & dead these days. Things used to be much livelier (and cleaner too) back then… havent gone back there since.. a few months ago…
    Ah, very very wordy post. i dont know bout the others, but i didnt read every single word you typed. rushing for time here.

  4. Posted by yvonnehar on September 24, 2009 at 9:41 am

    – i LOVE the 4th picture!! both of u look soooo cute!
    – on behalf of pusat komputer ming, i would like to thank u for the publicity!! wahahahahahahaha
    – and it is not good to say mean things about melissa!! =.=
    – “here is where samuel gets most of ITS clothes..” ???? ITS ? lol
    – the most important building in sitiawan:SMK Methodist (ACS) Sitiawan – i cant agree more!!!!
    – our class used to be in light blue!! not white!! =)
    i told u right u can stay in my house if u dont mind.haha..
    we will miss u too!!!!!!!

    chia ching – nice if we can go back even just for ONE day..!!!

  5. Posted by cynsheng on September 24, 2009 at 10:11 am

    That grocery shop is in Kampong Cina rite??? and dat char siew pau and wateva u ate were from my granduncle’s shop if i’m not mistaken…LOL…u went to kuok ming school before??? how come i have no idea of dat…hahahhaa…and the most important thing, i found out dat u have the tendency of liking older girls….heheheheh….dat’s cool 😛

  6. Posted by J-Cyn on September 24, 2009 at 10:48 am

    Memories and memories!! Your post almost brought me to tears! I always wonder why do every good things in life will not last long, why do we only start treasure things when we lose it? Sitiawan, although it is not a big city, we did have great time here. ACS, let’s just go back in our uniforms one day like what cc said. Sachin, wait for me in India though I know it is very hard to meet each other. Lol. I’ll miss you, Sachin, you and your ways which just amazed me. It is so hard to find another friend like you. Nobody is as open as you and it is just so bored. I lost my sifu:( Take care and all the best!!

  7. Posted by dagreat on September 24, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    dude..i think u n me need to find other hotels in 2 to 3 years time..coz my mum juz mentioned dat my family might move back to penang once my sis finish her form 5 juz now during dinner..damn potong stim lar..then i’ll need to post a blog bout s’wan d dat time..haha!!

  8. made me miss sitiawan..

  9. Posted by cynsheng on September 24, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    ang, will be waiting for dat dude…i wanna see wat do u have to say about sitiawan….i think u’ll mention alot about HER rite??? hehehe….btw i seriously miss the time we had in Uniten lah…u all still got kacau ppl dating anot??? LOL…hahahaha 😛

  10. Posted by elvin chee on September 24, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    great post!! i miss sitiawan a lot a lot now!! haha… whenever ppl ask me where r u from, most of the time i would say Sitiawan,Malaysia or Malaysia, Sitiawan.. where’s perak? perak?? kena snatched by zammm-bree la…mau sebut pun sikit malu…. 😛
    anyway,good to hear that another doctor comes from 5Sc1..yuki just told me this evening that u r leaving for india soon when we went out..congrats anyway!!
    oh ya..if got no place to stay..i can offer u my place 😛 my room is always empty if i m in melbourne…hehe!!
    hope to see u soon when i go back sitiawan…
    To ang n sachin….Sitiawan is the place to be!!
    take care and all the best guys!! =)

    ps: didnt realise we were in same class for four-long yearS!! haha….paiseh…but i certainly remember form 4 n form 5 time when we were classmates.. Sachin & Melissa Tyndall Mohan!!..hope i spell her name correctly!

  11. Posted by michyu on September 24, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    why no form1 photo??!!!
    that was the year “ah beng” and “golok” came about..haha!
    form1 days were just….awesome man!haha…

  12. Posted by Samuel on September 24, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    i am trying not to swear here.
    i get my clothes from anywhere but sitiawan malls okay.kaka.
    u emo bugger,still,shizzle.this is a good post!
    gg sachin.will miss you much,too bad couldnt come for the goodbye.
    cause i was in u know where.ohwell~

  13. This MichYu always comes out with something not following the crowd. Form4 and 5 were the best and she came out with Form1!!


  14. Posted by Alan on September 25, 2009 at 3:27 am

    haha…u can stay in my place…
    the good times..aih

  15. Posted by cynsheng on September 25, 2009 at 4:23 am

    she’s trying to be unique….LOL…hahahaha

  16. Posted by yvonnehar on September 25, 2009 at 8:12 am

    HAHA!!! i remember golok!!!

  17. Posted by elvin chee on September 25, 2009 at 11:07 am

    oh yeah…golok!! 1A3 has a memorable stuff.. i remember CC kena slapped by wen jing during our form 1 days!! and of coz our fren here,sachin was involved also..haha!!!

  18. Posted by yvonnehar on September 25, 2009 at 11:17 am

    haha!!! chee how come u remember all thouse naughty naughty and stupid stuffs one?haha..

  19. Posted by ~DeNNi$~ on September 26, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    Pic 4- Damn man, i tot u were wearing a baju melayu and songkok… haha..!!
    oh well, mayb some1 can create a time machine so that we can go back instead of emo-ing
    Yup, those were the days, my fren..!!

  20. Posted by dagreat on September 26, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    coz notti notti n stupid stuffs r meant to be remembered..rite??

  21. Posted by elvin chee on September 28, 2009 at 12:50 am


  22. EH BASKET…………….. bloody hell, why didn’t you tell me that you’re going off so soon? -.-
    sorry can’t see you before you left…. * an awkward gay moment*
    take care man and study hard! don’t disappoint yourself and your parents!

    p.s., you have just sold your soul… make it worth it man..

    see ya when i see ya… C=

  23. even now I’m wearing uniform 2 class..
    but it would be damn nice if i could juz wear the nostalgic white pants and shirt + tie n go bek 2 class juz for ONE day..sigh..but i guess we’ll juz turn the class upside down again if we r bek.haha..
    and i was such a glutton during recess.haha..
    anyways if thr is problem bout accommodation when u guys r bek in sitiawan feel free 2 gimme a cal..
    if im bek as well thr shouldn’t b a problem 4 u guys 2 stay few days at my house..
    Sigh..missing those secondary skul days damn much..
    al the best in india sachin.til d next time we meet my old friend..

  24. Hello. I’ve been following your blog for some time but didn’t always feel compelled to leave you a comment, until now. This post is in a league of its own. Never again will I look at Sitiawan the same way. I came from a small town as well, and now it has developed so much that there are no small-town charms left. I think you have a pretty amazing memory — your schooldays must have been so much fun! Fear Factor canteen — that’s simply hilarious! I wish you all the best in India. Keep on being a Batman fan!

  25. Posted by yiwen on October 2, 2009 at 3:43 am

    ohmygosh. i didnt read this until chee said my picture was up.

    why didnt u confess?! ahahahaha!

  26. yiwen – if he confess would u say yes?haha…sry sry..juz being a kpo here.. XD
    btw,sachin alredi left 4 india tis morn.. 3rd Oct 2009 @ 0945 flight..gonna miss him..

  27. Posted by Samuel on October 14, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    i’ll miss HER more though.ahahahahaha.
    lol sounds like the her is yvonne.kaka

  28. Posted by MichYu on October 16, 2009 at 2:39 am

    see…form 1 stuff was great XD
    frm golok to slapping to…sophia n wen jing fighting in class…
    took up the chair n the darn chocolate teacher went “jangan….sabar..sabar” funny la those days!

  29. Posted by cynsheng on October 16, 2009 at 3:14 am

    haiyo sam….u sound so despo….lol…hahahaha

  30. Posted by Samuel on October 18, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    i dont comment and “like” everything someone does on facebook unlike you.

  31. Posted by cynsheng on October 23, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    who is that someone??? LOL….be specific lah…hahaha

  32. Posted by Samuel on October 25, 2009 at 5:27 am

    are you that slow so not to get who the someone is?haha.think.although it might like be very difficult for you.

  33. wut a post mann.. p/s i got form 1 pic.. but 1a1 la..

  34. Posted by cynsheng on October 28, 2009 at 8:31 pm

    really dunno lah….too many d…hahaha

  35. Posted by Ramanan on November 21, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    damn good post man!!!! missing sitiawan like crazy now….

  36. thanks for the publicity for Pusat Komputer Ming.. hahah! and, greatest contribution is me? errr… ahem!!

    the Fear Factor Uncle, hahah.. funny stuff! I wonder is he still working in ACS canteen?? his prawn mee was awesome tho..

    how could u rmb where u had ur first siu mai, lou mai kai and stuff??? u have good memory huh..

    and maybe one day, u should list out all the names of ur 40+ crushes. hahha..

    u drove around sitiawan just to take pictures for all the places huh.. bravo bravo for ur effort.

    great post!

  37. Posted by jj on August 6, 2012 at 2:46 am

    such wonderful pictures!!.. can I use your school pictures for my presentation? it’s for introducing Malaysia to japanese students and I would like to show them about malaysian schools.. can I have the permission to use your pictures?

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