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i thought i have wings…only for them to be torn apart

this is one of the worst weeks of my life. it all started last sunday when arsenal was beaten 4-0 by manchester united. to rub salt on the wound, they were held by Milan at the emirates last thursday. i didn’t actually watched the game. received a text message that said we were held.

i was actually looking forward to my trip home to sitiawan this week. i had to attend a course so that i can achieve something higher in scouting. the whole king scout batch was there except for chiaching (welcome back from JS my friend!!). my mum booked a taxi to come fetch me at 12 noon. so, i left class 30 minutes earlier, took my lunch and proceeded to McDonald’s for desert. it was 12.10pm. curious on why he was late, i called the taxi driver.“you wait a…i have to go to the airport..i’m on my way…i’ll call you…” ok, fine. i waited till 2.30pm. i am blessed with a lot of patience so i didn’t lash out at the taxi driver. there were two indian ladies who are old enough to be my grandmother in the taxi. they can’t speak english. wow, a silent ride all the way to sitiawan. this would test me.

i managed to stay un-hyperactive throughout the whole journey. when i came out of the taxi and paid him, i cursed him. dah la fetched me 2 and a half freaking hours later than he was supposed to, he actually had the nerve to stop and makan wa tan hor at a coffeeshop. to make things worse, he never exceeded 80km/h throughout the whole journey. i had to stay patient and hypoactive for 5 FREAKING HOURS! he was the first taxi driver that i didn’t thank. thank god he drove a comfortable Mercedes.


pati.jpgpity pati. bored until she slept

reached sitiawan only for ian to tell me there’s an outing. he even asked Ivy out!! so i called her to confirm. as expected, she could not make it. sigh. i was disappointed. 0/2 in asking her out. never mind,said ian. fetch me he will. so i played my PS2 while waiting. guess what, my controller which was bought in december was broken. i freaked out at my sister until she cried. all these while i paid for every single thing from parts to maintenence and she can’t even take care of it. i was pissed. then my instinct told me, “every time you were fetched by ian, something bad will happen.” . i was bracing myself for the worst until i saw ping sin!

“ok..this shouldn’t be bad” i thought to myself. i was right, it wasn’t bad at all. it was downright HORRIBLE!! arguably the most charismatic and the gentleman of all gentlemen in sitiawan (and slowly spreading his charm in college too), i was silent throughout the whole ordeal. i froze/choked/paralysed. i can always talk to girls that i like but somehow that is not to be that come someone who always delivers fell short on that fateful night? my reputation of being able to talk with any girl (except melissa the big fat b*itch…i choose not to talk to her…not melissa khoo..don’t be mistaken) seemed like a BIG FAT LIE! sachin in silent mode. that’s what alan described it. my unflappable confidence left me. i felt like james bond’s martini; shaken. the plan i have of “introducing” myself to the girls from the other class was shelved. i am a disgrace to myself.

headline.jpg guess i’m in the ‘not’ category after the poor showing

after the humiliating experience, comes the showdown with mum.

mum: what the hell were you thinking? didn’t you know about the time? you have a course tomorrow.where you got the cake from?

me: got it from ping sin.

mum: who? zhong yee’s sister? how come you know her?

me (wants to end showdown as quickly as possible) : you don’t know your son is a playboy? i even have girls waiting for me from as far as ayer tawar. (avoiding the complete breakdown on how i know pingsin and endless questions that follow. she once asked me and i spent 1 hour explaining to her. i don’t want to do the same again. she clearly forgot who pingsin was)

mum: hey!! she’s someone daughter. you will get beaten if you kacau her…bla bla bla till i slept at 1am.

someday when a girl comes up and says i’m her unborn child’s father, i’ll be married to her by then. that was what i wanted to say to my mum but if that happened, i won’t be able to sleep as the showdown will definitely last the whole night. guess what? my mum apprehended me on my hair, AGAIN. and again we fought over my hair. they don’t have prefects in college so i want to keep my hair long. thank god justin came early and fetched me over to yihan’s place. due to unforseen circumstances, justin and i missed breakfast. walau, we cannot jalan if we don’t have food. thank you very much yihan. you and my mum had just spoiled my morning.

we went out at night with yuki. 0/3 for asking ivy out. sigh, disappointed again. then yvonne asked me ,”OMG… sound like a pervert la…” she gave me a warning to stay away as far as possible (albeit the chance of winning the lottery is bigger) from becoming her brother-in-law. i also know i don’t have a chance la. better listen to yvonne. in another three months she can shoot me with ease (thanks to NS) with a M16. yvonne, when you’re there, put lots and lots of sunscreen to minimise your “tanning” session a.k.a under the scorching sun. also, stay away from perverts as they might harm you. come home safely.

then, my phone rang. “where the hell are you?”. that’s my cue to go home. i waved goodbye. “why so early?” winnie asked. it’s not that nice to say that my mum freaked out. my ego is bruised way enough. “because your sister is not here…that’s why i wanna go home…” . “winnie, don’t talk to him..he became a pervert since he went to KL.” BANG!!! she shot me straight at my heart. you have hurt me, yvonne. when i reached home, another showdown occured with my mum. crap!!!

i’m twisted cause one side of me is telling me that i need to move on;

on the other side i wanna break down and cry…ooohhh

i’m twisted cause one side of me is telling me that i need to move on;

on the other side i wanna break down and cry…

this got to stop. move on, sissy!! i’m not going to let this stop me from enjoying the course. after a hearty breakfast at home curry house, i’m set to take on the day. slowly but surely my bruised ego and confidence is starting to recover from the heavy beating it suffered during the past 7 days. guess what happened when i met arronan? “ u won 5-1..arsenal draw! what happened?!!” .BANG!! what the heck. give me a break.

i had some fun at the course. mainly because of my friends. we joked a lot. thank you Tn Amir. your lectures were the best. teletubbies, power rangers and transformers have a new meaning now.


hehe. girls kill for hot guys in uniform especially the three guys above.

luckily i don’t have a girlfriend that says she wants to have a break from me. that will probably be the last straw. you will see me in a black plastic bag the next day if it happened this week. a shout out to daryl and chee. i’m blessed that you are in australia now. my incident with pingsin would be of great pleasure for your G9 and chee will haunt me on arsenal’s recent poor form. chia ching, i know you are not planning to take king scout this year. if you do change your mind, it’s on the 27th of march. would the showdown with mum about my internet usage stop, please!!!


the chosen ones

hehe. you got your post,aoife. here are the unlucky chosen ones to be my classmates for the next 1 and a half years.


from left: felicia, mei yun, yee hua and azlan

hehe. felicia was my first friend here. she has joined a company of few priveleged ones (first friends from tadika till now : jeremy from linden, don’t know where is he now; ramanan in primary school and still a friend; don’t have any first friend in secondary school, they’re all brought forward from primary school). she’s currently doing her diploma in ballet.

mei yun is felicia’s neighbour here. they walk to college every day. and you’ve already met azlan. my only basketball, ponteng kelas and makan “kaki” here.hehe.

yee hua is the leader of my malaysian studies (sejarah in english) group assignment. she’s from a highly renowned school in KL (tak pernah dengar pun her school punya name in sitiawan. hehe). the three girls are very close.

guygroup.jpgfrom left: ‘eng dao’ lai, zhi han, choon hou and dao xiang.

‘engdao’ lai’s real name is very hard to pronounce. so felicia and i decided to call him ‘engdao’ (hokkien for handsome). his name means handsome too in mandarin. zhi han is kinda smart. he’s the glenn foo of our classs but he has a girlfriend (glenn masih tak ada…). he looks like dicky cheung with hair (the guy who acts as the monkey king in journey to the west). choon hou is the gay-est most metrosexual guy in class. he wears size-7’s. although he has small feet, he has a girlfriend in seremban. dao xiang looks a bit like tize bin. he likes a girl in our class.

dxnmeiyun.jpghe took a photo with mei yun because felicia does not want to pose with him.hehe

girlgroup.jpgfrom left: emily,mariam,fook yi,sook mei and shi teng.

hehe. never talked much to emily except when i wanted to take her photo (explain my intentions). don’t know much about fook yi except she has the coolest shoes in our class. sook mei’s a nice person. she helped me pick up my ruler once and guide a lost sheep (me!!!) back to the kandang (classroom). shi teng’s from Miri (near Sibu). sadly she’s not going home for CNY this year.

paulineandco.jpgfrom left: pau lynn, lee mei,yee mun, tse chin and yi wen 

this is pau lynn’s group. ahahaha. never talked with them before until when i wanted their photo.hehe. yi wen is the only one that talked to me. she’s close to jue anne (no picture of her…maybe she’ll appear in another post). hehe. they went to the same tuition before in secondary school. jue anne is one of the weirdest girls i’ve met. if you think winnie was tomboy-ish, jue anne is ahead of her by many miles. although she looks girly, she watches wrestling (a wrestling chick…woohoo…she loves john cena) and works out. she wanna be like beth phoenix. 

nigerian-classmates.jpgfrom left: henry, mariam and elizabeth.

all of them are from nigeria. the nigerians here is the second largest population of students here. they even have their own food stall. ate there before. the food was nice but it burned a hole in my pocket.

iranian-dudes.jpgaly and mohsen

these dudes from iran are the nicest people you’ve ever met. aly is the calm and composed one whereas mohsen is the jolly one. hehe. mohsen cracks a lot of jokes and really is a funny guy. winnie would love his company.


she’s the only malay girl studying a-levels for january 2008 batch. she’s quite a smart girl.

i don’t know about this class. they are all so serious during the first and second week. come the third week, they finally show their true colours. here are some pictures.

three-girls.jpgduring the first week. very serious.

aishah.jpgshao mei is beside aishah.

chemistry.jpgchemistry class. 1st week.

sleepingbeast.jpgchemistry after the third week

three-chinese-dudes.jpgthey start to camwhore already.

promotion.jpgazlan in chemistry class.

things happen in chemistry class. my lecturer’s like ling kee cheong: talks super slow but full of information. most students have difficulty paying attention/staying awake after the 2nd hour.hehe. the other students who are not featured are abdul rahman (sudan), jude (unknown), another dude (unknown), shao mei (she does not want her photo to be taken..she’s very shy…reminds me of jae rene) and jue anne (no picture). tests are coming after CNY. may God have mercy on my soul.