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parts made in KL,assembled in SITIAWAN

“i’m from SITIAWAN,Perak”

that’s what i answer whenever people in college ask me about where i was from.did you know i was born in KL? fact,i only moved to sitiawan when i was roughly 3 years old.i thought that the fact that i was born in KL does not make me an original Sitiawan product,but i feel that this small,humble town made me into what i am today.

naval base

this is what got me into sitiawan in the first place:the naval base.haha.i can’t offer any pictures beyond the gate.very mafan .you need to leave your IC and particulars at the gate.then as you exit they will check what’s inside your car boot.gosh.very troublesome.anyway,my dad got transferred to the navall base in lumut.that’s why we moved and settled down in sitiawan.


yeah.this is my first house.i got a shock when i came to take a photograph of is not like when i lived in it.there used to be a lawn,a place where i could play all day,and pots of flowers which my mum made me water every,it looks like a joint for drug addicts.gosh.what was left of that beautiful  home is the white house.


i can’t find any full frontal pictures of my you can see,it was much more beautiful last time.


i still can’t make the same face since this photo was taken.hahahaha.yeah.i had the furniture since damn troublesome to keep.DON’T buy these types of’ll regret it and your children will hate you for buying them!


this is my first birthday party in sitiawan! 7th birthday.merdeka you know my previous birthdays were held at my grandma’s house in hulu langat,kl?!it means that whenever its time for my birthday,we had to drive all the way to KL in my ancient taufu-lou honda accord just to throw a party.hahaha.mum got fed up and organised it in sitiawan on my 7th birthday.


i OWNED this stretch of road!haha.i remembered riding my blue bicycle as fast as i can.hahaha.there used to be lots of first fall on my bike was under a tree  but i can’t remember where as most of the big trees were chopped off.hmmm


i bought peanut butter biscuits (my favourite at that time…tak tahu pun oreos existed) at this shop.hahaha.i had my first siu mai,lou ma kai,fishballs,charsiew pau and stuff you find at coffeeshops in a silver steam cabinet.not here la but at the coffeeshop next is where i spent whatever coins i could find at numerous tikam machines.hahaha.and and and the owner of the shop has a pretty niece who taught me at kuok ming school.hahaha.i went there in the afternoons to study chinese.hahaha.i used to be able to read and write chinese but now i’m hopeless.yeah.back to the niece.i always looked forward to her lessons.she taught me moral during my first year and maths during my second year.yeah.mondays,wednesdays,fridays.those were the days she would teach my class.once i hitched a ride home with her,i  was silent the whole trip.ahahaha.and she asked me why i was quiet.muahahahaha.kuok ming school.yeah.i broke some furniture that belong to this man who actually has a house in the school compound.and as what true boys do at that age,i ran!he didn’t claim for the damages but he did glared at me whenever i’m nearby.gosh.sorry old man!


a basketball court RIGHT in front of my house.if only i stayed there till now,i might grow taller or become better in basketball.hmmmmmm.sadly,that’s not the case.i moved  into my current sitiawan house when i was forward 11 years,i now have a japanese neighbour,a hairdressing neighbour and some vietname neighbours!hahaha.there’s so many movement in and out of the house every night.hahahahahahaha.some of them are sexy you know.


this small building played a huge role in my life……


tadika linden!!!hahaha.did you know most of my friends went here for kindergarten?yeah.i have a tendency to remember all my firsts.i was cheated by my mum to go to kindergarten.i thought that my mum bought me a cool new red shirt and white shorts to wear for outings and such.then she told me to wear it and took me to tadika and left me on my own after 2 soon as i reached home i cried.i hated it so much.hahaha.i wonder if miss chan and mrs jeba are still there teaching young brats like me?hmmmmmm.


yes people,this is my primary school.we all fit into that building;standard one to standard six.hahahahaha.this is my school’s hall.KECERMELANGAN MATLAMAT KAMI!what a catchy slogan.


my primary school is located just beside my secondary school,separated by a wire fence.on saturdays,the hall will be filled by taikwondo students.ahhahaha.teacher’s day celebrations are held here and so does the many episodes in which tuantynn avoids tizebin.hahaha.did you know that tizebin has a crush on tuantynn?and tuantynn would avoid him when he crosses her line of sight?gosh.epic man.hahahaha


they said the hall is can hear the piano playing by itself at nights,they claim.i haven’t heard it so far.


that is the scariest classroom ever.just going up the stairs gives me the chill.gosh.i don’t even know what’s those who went in,let me know ya.


this is where the japanese prisoners dig their own grave.and we were running around the field every single day.gosh.this is another rumour someone told me.hahaha.


the looks disgusting.frankly,which school toilet doesn’t?however………….


it looks damn decent for a school toilet.


the basketball court actually served as a tapak perhimpunan.and as prefects,our weekly spot check during assembly was to see if students wash their shoes or got nothing else better to do.actually,i was a librarian for 2 years before becoming a huh.hahaha.special shoutout to ramanan here!he was my first friend in primary school.hahaha.i also had my first discipline case in primary school.i “extorted” money from tizebin.hahahaha.we had a bet about whether ultraman would air later in the day during a tuition class.i was thinking “gosh,easy rm1 for me”.so the next day when i went and claimed my prize,he reported to the rm1 i got a discipline case.hahahaha.small kids those days…sigh.


small kids these days!!!hahaha.they have no shame at all.if you can see clearly,there’s a taikwondo student peeing behind the bush.hahahaha.he’s so unlucky i was there to take photos.ahahahahaha.


the owner of this shop is one of mankind’s greatest contributors:his greatest contribution to the world is none other than IVY har,you are one good man that shall be remembered by me!hehehe.his 2nd greatest contribution to the world is the fact that he sold me a selling the PC,he gave me access to the internet.thus the birth of my blog.if it wasn’t for him,you wouldn’t be reading this post at all.


home curry house!if there’s a restaurant i would frequent for every meal for a whole month or two,it’s got to be this kick-ass joint.ok,maybe the food is not that great but its definitely convenient.i used to walk under the scorching heat with ang on days our mums got too lazy to we drive as we are too lazy.hahaha.super gay since last time.


this is the place to get both NST and the star after 11am.during school holidays when there was no newspaper from school,i used to cycle all the way to this joint.hahahaha.why 11am?that’s because i usually wake up at then its way too late to get english newspapers at stands near my,what has to be done must be done.i have to get them newspapers!


capri.hahahaha.this is my most favourite place to eat.fine,maybe fullpann has better food.fine,fullpann has air con.fine,fullpann has no moaquitoes.but i really really like capri.maybe its the atmosphere.hmmmm.i should stop thinking about it.i’m already drooling.


hehe.sitiawan’s local’s kinda an amazing building if you had witness it transform from a rundown building to one of sitiawan’s money-milkers.yeah.this building has a rich history.countless tamil movies have been screened here,countless (actually there weren’t many)chairs thrown within the screening halls and countless pink tickets sold by the old chinese ladies at the counter.yeah.i wonder what happened to the old aunty.


i give you sitiawan’s main shopping hub:THE STORE!!!hahaha.yeah.sorry about the poor picture.its kinda dangerous to take a picture while driving.bolehlah,the picture is kinda decent.anyway,here is where samuel gets most of its clothes (this line is referred to his friends who were/still studying with him at the UK).hehe.yogurt here is very fresh,unlike what some people claim.anyway,its still going strong despite competition from billion,ceria,econsave and giant.that might soon change with jusco being proposed to open a branch just opposite to giant.hehe.finally,a well known branch of deparmental store since parkson.hohoho.


this is where you find a lot of people on a thursday afternoon:the thursday market.i used to think that the thursday market was on a grand scale until i came to KL and witness connaught night market.if thursday market is a proton then connaught pasar malam is a mercedes.hahahaha.i opt to describe connaught pasar malam as a mercedes as i’ve heard there’s a bigger pasar malam somewhere in KL.hehe.anyway,this place evokes many memories.the most significant one was when i went there on ang’s motorbike without a helmet and was caught by my a result,my license classes were DELAYED.i was furious and so was she.hahahaha.the worst part is she sent an sms to ian’s phone informing me that she was going to delay my license embarassing was that!!!apa mau buat?i didn’t own a handphone at that time.and when i thought i owned one during post PMR,it was stolen at Lost World of Tambun.damn!!!!


this is what could be a specialists center in the future.the doctors that might run this place is daryl yeak,ian goh,ling j-cyn,samuel ding and maybe a few dentists.hahaha.manjung parade!!sitiawan’s most tak laku punya once housed lookinggood,a was not a nice place to shop.i only remembered it as there was an A&W outlet.if there’s one reason to force me to lookinggood its A&W.then it was institut tech,a tuition center where the air-con was freaking cold.there was a store selling pokemon cards too there.there was also a gym.that is until the building housed a snooker center.hehehe.


C&E beauty house.I STRONGLY URGE YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE TO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS WITH YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING!!!!!hahaha.its dangerous and your photos don’t come out that good.anyway,i now have to start looking for a facial shop nearby my house here in KL as i don’t think i will go there for facials in the future.i will really miss the relaxing face massages and the countless advice to drink more water from the aunties.hahahaha.

tucky light at the traffic light.its ok to take a shot.if there’s a notion to eat chicken rice then i would gladly drive all the way to restoran tucky.hahaha.


this is by far the most important building in sitiawan:SMK Methodist (ACS),EST 1903 does not mean there are 1903 students who got an A1 in English for Science and Technology (EST).in fact,we did so badly for EST until the school opt not to offer the subject anymore.EST in this case means basically my school is 106 years old this huh?


this is my class block from form 1 to form used to be in white but it has now transformed into a butter/balai polis/mr bean school.why yellow dr ashleigh?haha.i used to walk slowly along this road after school so that two girls will shout “BYE BYE SACHIN!” if they are still there.well,i only wanted to hear it from ONE of the girls.the other one just kacau!hehe.but after 2 weeks they got bored of saying bye-bye to me.sigh.anyway,my class would be at the front end of the block except in form 1 where i was in 1A3.hahaha.the class was so much fun.


the canteen:where we escape to after hours of studying (more like daydreaming,sleeping,reading newspaper,buat bissing,gossiping).i will always remember fear factor uncle who has left school after the class of 2007.mingsern used to be his usual customer until 2005 or sometime then.i think he did not like his ‘happy meal’.in fact,many didnt like the free gifts that came with his ‘happy meal’.they went and lodged numerous complaints because they found cockroaches,flies,lizard’s tail (nice wat the cintan mee,sup ekor wert).once,ang found a rubber band in his fried sotong.WTF.hahaha.i would always go for indian nasi lemak.then i will tambah fried egg,chicken,sambal telur (the sambal of the sambal telur way way way better than the normal sambal).at times i will get sirap cincau to drink.hahaha.if i were to drink it on a daily basis sure i’ll get diabetes.anyway,the quality of the sambal has deteriorated since i left.the highly addictive chicken nuggets there are now sold by mr burong’s wife:5 for rm2.damn.last time the chinese aunty sold 3 for rm1.maybe yihan got discount or something because he’s always seen hitting on taliking to the aunty.hmmm.maybe yihan got discount from the indian stall instead since he’ll go for his customary 2nd round of kueyteow with cucur smothered in sambal.hahahahahaha.i will also remember air suam kurang manis and teh tarik kurang manis tambah susu.WTF again.


the forbidden are not allowed to touch the shown pole.its contaminated with chiaching’s booger!


basketball court.recently it has been resurfaced and the backboard was replaced.i had many memories at this court.i joined the closed competition first with NUMB (hahaha…we were easily distinguished with our football jersey tops) and then with CDMC Avengers!hahaha.we were the worst team ever.we lost all 7 of our matches.i did end up as the team’s top scorer.oh ya,i broke a flower pot in frustation as well.hahaha.sachin the vandal!!!!


our school has a tennis huh?


library.guess which one of them is my sister.hahahaha.


guys’ toilet.only open whenever the janitor feels like is the newer one.


guys’ common toilet.always can find cigarette boxes in the flush tanks.once during a spot check,i found poop in the it got there remains a disgusting’s so high on earth did that guy pull off an upper decker?


ladies’ smells worse than the guys’ toilet.i kid you not.


this is my form 2 class photo.somehow my face is scratched off.aiyo.haha.i had misplaced my form 1 class photo.


form 3 of mums’ worst nightmares:their sakai sons in white pants! mum had a super hard time cleaning my pants as they get dirty way too easily.hahahaha.


form 4 class would have been so much better if there are a few people from 4Sc2 were to be in 4Sc1 and melissa would just vanish from the face of the earth.i had a torrid time in form 4 being teased.aiyo!


form 5 class ever!hahaha.


this is where i sit:at the side of a’s seriously an ideal place to sit because……..


i can actually see more of the class used to be in white.its so much darker now.if my class was pink 2 years ago surely i cannot really see *ehem*….i’ll stop guys must not know what and who i always see in class.hahahaha.


the arrow points to where clarence and another fella will flirt with kuanpeihuang.hahaha.samuel,please don’t leave nasty comments about her or her sister later ok? can seriously look at the pretty girls who pass by.hahaha.

did you know i have 49 crushes in school?hahaha.i kept score ok but mostly they are mini crushes.full crushes are rare and few in between.and only a few of those full crushes actually developed into something more (i mean my feelings,not our relationships).hahaha.out of 49,2 of them are 1 year younger;3 are 1 year elder,5 are 2 years elder,4 are 3 years elder,and the rest are all of the same age.however,of the few that i will certainly remember for the rest of my life………


i will always remember ling yiwen.she was my FIRST high school crush.ahahahahaha.chiaching,alan must be going wtf wtf what.i had a crush on her until i knew of changyung’s existence.hahaha.its really a sad way to know somebody exist because he got through to your crush’s heart.hahaha.its ok next (full) crush was way hotter than her.ahahahahahahaha.

i will remember the crap we talked and did in school.hahaha.there will always be a poll created by snow whitetigress about who is the most handsome in class,or who is the manliest in class.i never got the highest rating before (which is 1) from anybody in class.hahaha.then samuel who clearly is incensed because he didn’t get the highest rating would condemn the act,saying that chianwoon and the girls are wuliao.hahaha.i’ll be singing along with him because i’m also a tad bit disappointed because i didn’t get no really serves as an ego-booster if you get a very high rating.muahahahahahahaha.

i will always remember the scout camps in school and what fun can the presence of a few motorcycles can bring.romp-it outings were memorable especially during ang’s birthday.hahaha.just so that i won’t forget,i was the director of pillion riders.i have no idea what the positions are for.all i know i was riding pillion.favoured destined rider will always be ian goh,director of safe riding.i’m almost certain my life is at great hands whenever i ride pillion on his blue lagenda.hahaha.i also remember the time when chiaching took jacob’s motorbike and rode with the others for makan.then he met an accident at the crystal hotel traffic light.the first thing he did after he got up is to see whether his tapau-ed milo was spilled or not instead of inspecting the damage done on jacob’s motor.jacob never let anyone borrow his bike again…………

the reason i’m writing this post is that i’m leaving for india for the next 2 the time i’m back i won’t return to sitiawan as my mum finally shifts to is a very disheartening situation you know.i grew up in a small humble town and watch it develop alongside me.there was no 7-11 before i took my there are 4 outlets.people from sitiawan would eat mcdonald’s whenever they travel they eat something else because they got sien of eating mcdonalds since there’s a mcd outlet here.i use to pity those lala mui-s of simpang tiga who dress up nicely to go shop at econsave but soon they can dress up to go to jusco in another few years time.

i’ll miss you gave me kongpiang,late night nasi lemak,fresh seafood.but most importantly,you gave me the best memories and the time of my life.


this was the most recent outing:my farewell is the most gut-wrenching outing so far.hahaha.justin got me this batman lantern.this is the best lantern ever.when i was forced to make a speech before i cut my cake,i almost cried and winnie was recording would be so not macho if i did cry.anyway,i got hanshin to feed me the cake.hahahaha.

the memories are there because of you people are pieces of a puzzle.if a few pieces are missing then the puzzle would not be complete and you will not see the full picture as the pieces could not be are pieces that i would like to keep forever.sounds familiar right yvonne?i copied and edited your guys mean the world to me.i will miss you guys a lot.i’ll miss HER more though.ahahahahaha.

i started blogging because it was a trend back then but now i trully realised what the purpose of blogging is for:it serves to a be a reminder of the joys and treasured memories you’ve accumulated throughout the years and the happiness is shared to those who mean the most to you.i will update my blog more when i get there so you guys would know what is going on there.someday,i will return to sitiawan.the only problem is i have no place to stay.ang budget hotel and recreation centre:your favourite customer will be a place for me will ya!


who’s gonna drive you home tonight?

i’m not sure why but it’s customary for a trip to be organised as soon as a major examination had come to an,WE WENT TO MELAKA>PD>SEREMBAN>BACK TO KL for my college happened almost a month ago and my friends are wondering whether i’ve lost my blogging touch.

1st day

i woke up at 7am to get ready for my trip.i had packed 4 days of clothes with extras (just in case…normal of me).in my car there’s a FIRE EXTINGUISHER,TORCHLIGHT (with whistle),ROPE (not for bondage sessions,mind you),PLASTIC BAGS (mainly for dirty laundry).before the trip,my car had extensive work done on it.

it all started when an idiot rammed his honda accord against my back bumper.IT WAS NOT MY FAULT.fortunately,the guy was willing to pay (DUH,his fault wert).so,i had a new bumper with new reverse sensors!


the b;ack dots are the reverse first he was unhappy with the cost of the bumper (he said it was expensive) but he told me to SETTLE MYSELF,THEN HE i didn’t bother to haggle over the price of the bumper.the new bumper was the catalyst for new……..

seat belt

front seatbelts!!! first i thought of installing the rear seatbelts at the front.unfortunately,seatbelt singh (datuk suret singh…he’s the guy you always see in the newspaper or the news talking about road safety or seatbelts) had implemented the rule of th eusage of rear i waited for almost a year to change the seatbelts.hahahaha.


seatbelt singh everybody.


i had my wheel allignment done as well.2 days before the trip,i had the clutch plate cost of repairs= >RM1000.aiyo.

anyway,i went to our base of operations:PLAZA KJ


hahaha.the guy is not arronan.i don’t know why my mum made such a mistake.

anyway,we had lunch at oldtown before car slated to go first with kahjun


in my car was calvin (front seat),paulynn,yeemun and yiwen.when you have three girls in the backseat of your car,this happens………


and when your camera is accessible to paulynn tan,this happens………


there’s more


ada banyak lagi…they took quite a number of photos.

after one and a half hours,we finally reached our first destination: a’famosa!


kahjun was so happy when we reached our destination.i was relieved instead.there were at least 3 accidents along the way.phew.


all of them went for a swim in the swimming pool outside our villa except for 5 people…..


4 of the dry ones are in the villa playing risk…….

risk took us 20 minutes to set up,40 minutes of play and then yiwen (who is the 5th dry one) came and told us to clear the table for our dinner.WTF.


i was controlling the yellow army as always.


we had steamboat for dinner.however,i somehow didn’t bring my dowl and cutlery.hahahaha.i was not alone.weexian and kishen also shared the same we called engkha who was on his way from his house to take extra bowls and took him a very long time and i went super make things worse,stupid,inconsiderate kenneth came and showed off food in his bowl.damn you.


this happen when you leave your camera fact,i found weird pictures that i didn’t take with my camera.for instance…………….


toilet bowl?????




gay photo!!!!!!!gosh


camwhoring guys.they look so gay


gay guys looking macho…by wearing girls’ sunglasses.”macho” betul.

2nd day

i woke up the earliest to take my bath.yeah.i’m always the earliest to take a bath.why?well,its simple actually.bathing when others are sleeping means that there are no inteference when you are taking your shower time is a private and essential part of my routine.why its essential is of no concern to you readers.sorry.hoho.


they are preparing burgers for breakfast.


lazy people.girls are supposed to help out in the kitchen!

anyway,a group of 8 inclluding me decided to cash in the breakfast coupons.however,we ended up at the wrong we had to go to the designated place and eat with 10 minutes left.luckily the staff undestood that we made a wrong turn and let us enjoy our breakfast in peace.


we went to the water park.hahahaha.there were not many people as it was a weekday.i had fun until i went to the loo.when i came back,my friends left me.i waited for half an hour before i snapped.i went home early and because of that i was accused of TFK-ing in the toilet.wait.TFK?how come?turns out kahjun found an insoluble white goo in the toilet.he assumes that it was semen and accused me of doing it as i went home early.lousy fellow.maybe he did it and tried to frame someone.


he has perkier nipples than glenn.perky nipples usually belong to super horny people.

st francis church

we went to melaka town that night.we passed the st.francis church.

christ church

church of christ at the background.


someone decided that we walked to the eye on malaysia.he/she did not know it was damn far.


so close yet so far.


yes.we finally made it.



it was a giant ferris wheel.the view was horrendous.


hehehe.tania keeps complaining my photo-taking skills are horrible.she said that her face could not fit into the frame.


hahahaha.stupid kahjun.kept taunting me.


hahahaha.ok la.maybe i’m a bit mean.


i had a bad hair i used her handbag to cover my hair.


something stinks.maybe someone let off gas.i hope it was not from one of the girls.

i'm loving it

i loved it when girls touch or stroke my hair.serious.


the guy on the right is not squatting down to poop,mind you.

then we went back to  our villa.along the drive,something happened and i lost my cool,AGAIN!thank god there’s Lite FM.its very keeps my road rage in check.

3rd day

we now head towards port dickson.hahaha.



we reached the dilipidated bungalow around looks dilipidated was actually a decent bungalow.


but don’t you agree it looks like it was abandoned?the other houses nearby have no residents you’s  kind of scary.


well,its scarier than what she intended this photo to be.


dai dee was the most played game there.guangshi always cheat in this game.she would persuade others (mainly me!!!she knows i would give in) into putting cards in her favour.although she cheats,she rarely wins.ahahahahaha.

after dinner,we went to the beach


we made this with the intention of tagging people on facebook by their turns out we forgot which was whose.ahahahaha.


HAH!mum!i have a mole on my left nostril!you just noticed it a few moths ago.aiyo.


we had a good time at the beach (despite my dislike of beaches).engkha lost a slipper though.kesian.

4th day

i woke up early as usual.the rest slept in after a long night.i had to prepare breakfast for………



normal burger patty on a bun.usually,people would add chilli sauce or ketchuo or mayo.but for me…….


hahahaha.the inevitable


hahahahaha.unfortuantely,it does not end there.

egg seems normal.egg with cheese bits in it.


no.what the hell are you doing sachin………..


hahahaha.peanut butter and jam burger.


i ate was a satisfying and gratifying of my best food combo i’ve was sweet and meaty.hahahaha.i’m not done


what in the world????


i desperately need to hit the gym.before the trip,i hadn’t been at the gym for 3 weeks.that’s why got tummy.hahahaha.lazy to do sit up-s at home.anyway,those are eggs whipped (into shape…heheh) with nescafe.

telurnescafe looks gross,isn’t it?


it does not taste as bad as it’s just that i added too much coffee.hahahaha.i didn’t lau sai by the way.


hahaha.too bad i dint get a shot with chunhou


we took this photo before we left.we then went to seremban to send yingjuin and chunhou home.then we went back to Plaza KJ.


my favourite photo of the whole trip.i’m not sure college mates are planning another trip.we’ll see how it goes.for now,all that we have are just precious memories.woot

the boy who is able to celebrate a huge festivity due to one half of his cultural upbringing

to those who bugged me about not updating my blog,i said i was returning after chinese new year!!if you are smart enough,you would know that there are 15 days before chinese new year officially ends.technically,i’m only 3 days late.

anyway,i celeberated chinese new year in sitiawan this year.i did not get the expensive tickets back to my mum’s hometown which is located at East Malaysia and accessible only by aircrafts (although a ferry would do but it is NOT a sensible choice).here are the things i did during chinese new year

chinese new year eve

i had reunion dinner at home.haha.its very weird when my family actually sat down at the dining area and eat.usually,i’ll eat and finish first followed by other family members.i guess that’s what reunion dinners are for.later,i went over to chianwoon’s house at 10pm.i fetched arronan with about 10.30pm,ang proposed a notion to meet with azizi TNB.haha.i haven’t seen him in a year so i decided to pay him a visit.but as we made our move,yvonne scolded us in chinese.i couldn’t get what she was saying but i certainly can feel her displeasure from the tone of her voice.anyway,spent a good 20 minutes at his house before sending arronan home.reached home around 11.15pm.yes,i went home early to hit the sack so that i could have sufficient energy for the ipoh trip my mum suggested the next day.however…….

first day of chinese new year

…THE TRIP WAS CANCELLED!!!!!wah.i was so pissed when i found out the next morning.i was really really really REALLY looking forward to the ipoh was so unfair.i went home early,i slept early,i woke up early but i didn’t get to go to ipoh.mum knew about my displeasure (i think it was etched on my face) so she made up for it by bringing me to fullpann for dinner.hahaha.i prefer capri though but hey,beggars can’t be choosers.there i met joanne ho,my tadika girlfriend (sort of…hehehe) and her family of course.haha.she was my best friend in tadika.even my dad remembers her name!!haha.when my dad remembers one of my friends,he/she must have made quite an far,he could only remember ang,justin,arronan,ramanan,glenn,chiaching,yihan and erm,the list ends there.haha.sadly,joanne and i grew further apart (guess its my fault).anyway,my mum’s treat of redemption doesn’t end there….

second day of chinese new year

i started off the sunny,beautiful day with……


 A NEW PAIR OF SANDALS!!!woot.haha.yeah yeah amazing pair of footwear that was bought when the day was still young.i forgot what was the model of the sandals was something like weatherwalker 4 or something.haha.who cares.i’ll just rename it as magic sandals 3 in line with my other magical first pair of sandals lasted me a good 2 years before succumbing to the harsh wear and tear inflicted by my big second pair which costs rm10 more outdid itself by lasting 3 years!even the longest serving magic shoes i have is in its third year (its because i barely wear them).since my new sandals cost me more than double the price of the previous pair,i hope it will last more than double the time,which is more than 6years.


isn’t it a beauty???turns out that daryl and supposedly kennyhar has the exact same pair!!great minds think alike!

with a brand new pair of sandals,i made my way to jiayo’s was surprising that her dad knew me.that’s because i’m sure that i have never met him prior to her daughter’s invitation to the organised gathering.he even served me tea.j-cyn wore a skirt that day.really surprising.when i asked whether the skirt was her mum’s,she gave me her stern (albeit not that intimidating) look and said “ITS MINE!!!”.haha.sorry???

anyway,after a quick lunch,we went to hanshin’s house.yeah.i had a mini crush on her but that was a long time was so cosy that you can practically sleep there.the weather was sleep-inducing was raining heavily.i notice daryl dozing off for a few minutes.that was before……BLACK JACK!!!


hehe.daryl looking to win big.he was at first.hoesiang was the unfortunate one to be the banker.he was giving out money like an ATM


haha.chiaching getting all hyped up.i got a small gain from gambling there.with a rm3,i made a profit of rm5.woot.but the biggest winner of was hoesiang.he made a profit of rm150++.the reason for his big win?aunties who bet big!


haha.valentine’s day is this saturday alan!!!go for it!!!

then we went over to yuanwen’s house.she has a nice backyard.


we continued blackjack.i quit when i lost the rm5 that i have won.hehe.gambling was so stressful.


that’s why its best to have your own OSIM human masseuse!haha.she has great hands you know.its sad how she could not massage me harder.

later that night,i went over to chooiping’s turns out we were gonna celebrate her birthday that night.had cake and played with firecrackers.


gosh.i’m fatter.need to shed the fats A.S.A.P.hahaha,we didn’t get to set off the rocket because chooiping’s dad said it was dangerous.hahaha.we had fun especially yuanwen.she never played firecrackers before.hahaha.somehow hanshin looks very attractive when playing with firecrackers.hmmmmm

third night of chinese new year

we went over to weijian’s house.


weijian is a very generous man.he gave me rm5 after 4 rounds of gambling.woot.i stopped after winning rm5.i don’t gamble much.hehehe.anyway,i decided to play “slap dai dee” with chiaching,daryl and yvonne.its “cho dai dee” with a twist really.the winner gets to slap the loser.2 cards=1 slap.”dai dee” was never my a result,i got 3 slaps from chiaching,1 tender-loving pat on the cheek by yvonne,and 7 heavy ones from slaps received=14! total slaps given=4.haha.not bad.i won and got the chance to slap daryl. “slap him hard…don’t give face…you’ll regret!!” chiaching told me that it would be a mistake for not slapping daryl full force.i was overcome with guilt when i slapped daryl.when he slapped me,i know why i shouldn’t have held back.7 heavy,monstrous blows.they were like punches.serious.his hands were big.chiaching’s slaps were not as painful as daryl’s,but they lingered on for a very long time.guess it’s because of his long,thin fingers.i wondered how my slaps feel.hmmm.anyway,we covered our ears when we received the’s to ensure that we don’t damage our eardrums and go deaf.think twice before slapping someone.

the night was still young as we entered the……

fourth day of chinese new year

i followed chiaching’s car to was the most hillarious car ride i’ve sat on.its amazing how alcohol really affects the brain.alan was saying stuff that only a drunk alan can cay.its too explicit to be written down here.if you wanna know what he said,just get him drunk and most probably you’ll get the same thing i got.

chicken prosperity burger was not bad,but not good either,rm16++ for a combo is really expensive but when i got twister fries,i ain’t,we went to titi panjang to play snooker.well,they played snooker.alan,chiaching and i went to sing karaoke.rm1.50 for a was not a bad price.after paying for 7 songs,we went into the room only to be joined by ian,ang and eventually the rest of the gang minutes into our first song, mambo no 5.i now know why people sing was a stress reliever.we had so much fun singing songs like YMCA,mamma mia,you give love a bad name,country road among others.then we paid for more songs.we even sang songs from weijian’s favourite band,the backsidestreet boys.hahaha,truth to be told,every boy dreamt about being a backstreet boy when they were younger.that is until they reach their teens where their taste evolved into something more like coldplay,foo fighters,kanye west,alicia keys,john legend just to name a was fun being a backstreet boy!!!anyway,i just let my friends know that i’m a terrible singer.frankly,i knew this day would come and i don’t care!!!

the day (night actually) was not over yet.i reached home at 3-ish.slept and woke up at 3.40-ish to gastric painful.i couldn’t sleep and i finally gave in to the pain,seeking help from mum to send me to a 24 hour clinic.i was charged rm 65 for a bottle of milk of magnesia (rm2 at megan kong’s mum’s pharmacy),9 orange tablets (rm2 for 12 tablets at a local pharmacy),5 white tablets (price unknown) and a jab at my right cheek (waist down).the jab was more painful that a shot in the arm.time i slept=7am.

then i woke up at 11am.took my bath and breakfast and went for an avatar-and-dexter-receiving,ego-boosting trip over to yuanwen’s.we talked for a short while before i’m off to home.i then hit the sack again.

woke up in time to go to yuki’s place for CNY gathering.she was having a barbeque.i only had fried meehoon because i’m supposed to avoid oily and spicy food.we then played electric current.yvonne tried to get the boys to play “slap dai dee” but no one was willing.she was trying to convince people to play.i’m not sure but it seems like she likes to see men in pain.S&M fan maybe???ouch.haha.then i found out that another person knew who stole the cookie from the cookie jar.since she knows,i’m assuming that her friend knows as number of people who knows who stole the cookie from the cookie jar=6-ish (it could be 7 depending whether the 7th one is sure or not).too many people know who stole the cookies.guess i have to erase them one by one starting with a certain yellow bear who wears a tight red shirt.just kidding.frankly,it does not really matter if everyone knows who stole the cookie from the cookie jar.on that note,it is still inappropriate for those who know to spread the news.if word leaks out,i’m coming for your head yellow bear!

chinese new year celebration in KL

haha.i only went to two houses to celebrate.


jueanne’s birthday was on the 2nd of february.her mum invited us for her surprise party.i made her a birthday you can see,my artwork is atrocious.haha.we played cards and had a slice of suchan cake.the cake was fantastic.a few days later went over to yiwen’s house.haha.more gambling ensued and i lost rm15!!!that was my modal.lost it completely.haha.on a plus point,a girl taught me how to view upskirts.i’m so not kidding you!!!!

hahahaha.CNY to me,is just another event to bring friends and family together.many youngsters today care about the drinking,the gambling,the girls in sexy clothes and not to forget the red packets.they have lost sight on what’s really important about

most chinese (and indians) drink during CNY.get a designated driver.please…..


don’t drink and drive!

the boy who went to another town only to find out that there is a school which its canteen serves up dim sum

i’ve been in sitiawan for a week now and i’m proud to say that i have not done anything daily routine consists of sleeping,eating,watching tv,playing my ps (with a spoilt controller),watching tv, and going out with justin and ang.occasionally,j-cyn and other girls will join here is very quiet mostly due to the fact that i don’t have to babysit the little devil.

i missed my old takes better pictures than my new one.

giraffe yang paling bengis di atas permukaan offense, giraffe.i think winnie might find it cute.

i’m not sure but when your car tyre is like my hand: super smooth with a few lines;it would be dangerous if driven on roads,right??anyway,i like rolling with justin.haha.

jiayi celebrated her birthday last saturday at yummy house.unfortunately,i gotta go early to run errands.

jiayi’s cake

jiayi got a present from kahwai.i wonder what she got???a ring???ehehehe

j-cyn is the one of only two girls that can talk twisted stuff with me.the other girl’s identity shall be withheld (definitely not the big fat b*tch MELISSA) to protect her from unwanted attention (she has had enough of it.hehee).anyway,she later organised a trip to ipoh!!!

she got teeth already,ang.ahahah.i used to laugh at her because she does not have her two front teeth for a very long mum fetches her to school every day.

she asked me to wait here.i waited since 7.10am.jiayi was the last to arrive.we then took a red bus to ipoh.

the government should improve the state of public transport for a more comfortable journey

i was very hungry (no thanks to j-cyn!!!!) so we hit the food court as soon as we reached jusco.

if i was still 12, i might terrorise the playground.ehehe

someone suggested that we should catch a movie there.however we ended up in capcom station where i played air hockey with samuel (lost a game and won 1).he’s the first guy to defeat me in air hockey. then i played another dumb game which got me sweating.

i took part in a 1100m race.

i succeeded in not becoming last from the start only for me to ‘pancit’ with 600m left.samuel was telling me i’m useless la,no energy la,low stamina la.why don’t u try,samuel??its either u break the horse or u fall flat after 100m.

we went to ipoh parade by taxi costs us rm9 for a taxi.the increase of price is due to the rise of petrol prices.however,the taxi driver thinks he’s playing need for speed.even justin was afraid.go figure.

i was told that sam tet is just across the street/a stone’s throw away/10 minute walk from ipoh parade.i gave yvonne a call only for me to hear “sorry,please try later”.jiayi told me that they finish school at 3pm.oh my on earth can u stay in school uniform till 3pm???aiyo.i later found out that the school canteen of sam tet serves dim’s what i call a canteen.sigh,acs sitiawan ended up with fear factor uncle while they get dim unfair. i accompanied justin to parkson to get his formal wear.he’s coming with ang and jiayi to UNITEN.

that shirt can barely cover justin’s HUGE bum and jiayi can wear the shirt to sleep as pyjamas.that’s how small she is.i wonder how will j-cyn look like if she put on the shirt.hmmmm.

justin’s a picky guy.i left him and went straight to the toys department.

this is Hot Rod,an autobot. he later lead the autobots as Rodimus Prime after getting the Matrix of Leadership from Optimus Prime who died (for the second time).in the movie (cartoon), Ultra Magnus was chosen by Optimus to be his successor but the Matrix chose Hot Rod instead (that’s because Hot Rod touched it first).the Quintessons brought Optimus back to life twice.ahahah.i watched it again on Astro Ceria.3.30pm,monday to thursday.

the batmobile!!!but i don’t want this one

batman twin blasters!!! it appeared when batman tried to stop superman (who is under control…dumb guy,just lace something with kryptonite and there goes the man with bright red undies).

its batman’s batmobile in costs a whopping rm500++.i can easily get TWO batmobiles (one tank version which is used in the movies,another classic one which is the longer type) with that kind of money.

then,we visited cold storage.there are lots of stuff that i have never seen before.cherry coke,thai coke,jack daniels chocolates,just to name a few.but……

batman toothpaste and cologne for come they don’t sell it in sitiawan???it’s so unfair!!!!oh ya, i had a haircut winnie.its not my fault.i was forced into it.don’t harm me or my family.i will grow it sounds like she’s gonna torture me or something.aoife prefers it short.ish

batman shampoo!!!!!


batman gel!!!!

The Dark Knight.17th July it!!! i wonder why superman does not have a sequel yet to the sucky “superman returns”???hmmmm.ahahaha

Omo:always white always bright!!!

he brushes his teeth with Omo!!!!

we watched “get smart” which stars steve carell (40yr old virgin).its way better than superstupidhero movie.after the movie we decided to go window shopping.

a futuristic massage chair.soon,the japanese will install wheels on it and you”ll get to see them on highways.

one of my kryptonites:CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!

liquer chocolates.

it contains alcohol.hehe

jams for the diabetic.

it’s a phone.

i don’t know what’s on j-cyn’s forehead but i know who’s the culprit…..

tuai tau samuel!!!he likes to bully girls now.i’m not sure why.he has lost all sense of gentleman-ness.hehe

sorry yvonne.i disturbed you during tuition class.i didn’t know you were in one until i noticed you were whispering to me.haha